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L-Arginine is an Amino Acid Product manufactured by NOW. It is an amino acid based product that doesn't fall directly into the other categories. The use can vary depending on the specific product.

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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

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  September 7, 2016

What's up SR! When I saw the category for L-Arginine on this site I had to take a look; the two reviews although they are from 2011 did not shine the light on L-Arginine as I think it deserves. I've been taking this since 2011 and have had nothing but great things to say.

----Ingredient Profile----
The two previous reviews posted about a powder form but if you look at the section of where to buy and the picture this on the site it is for capsule form. I have not tried the powder form before. Initially I have taken the 500mg tablets and am now taking 1000mg tablets. The ingredients are simple, the tablet or capsule just contains the amino acid L-Arginine. I like the fact that there are no fillers or hidden ingredients in these free form products. This review is for the NOW version 1000mg tablets but I have also tried the Nature's Bounty, and Spring Valley companies all at either 500mg tablet/capsules or 1000mg tablet/capsules. All three contain the same ingredient profile and are equal in every way except for the labeling.

Taste and Mixability are not applicable due to the pill form.

Dosing: from what I've read L-Arginine can be taken orally from 6 to 30 grams daily for a variety of conditions; anything more than that and it starts to become a math and chemistry lesson.

The dosing for the 500mg bottle states take 2, 1 to 3 times daily and the dosing on the 1000mg bottle states take 1, 1 to 3 times daily. So 1 to 3 grams daily, the recommended amount is enough for me. I take 2, 1000mg tablets about 30min prior to my workout and 1, 1000mg tablet mid-day. This dosing for me is regardless of how much Arginine is in any other supplement I am currently taking for example pre-workout or BCAA's. It's my recommendation for people who are new to Arginine to start with the 500mg tablets and work your way up seeing how your body reacts to it. For people who have taken this supplement or are taking this supplement then I recommend to take it in at minimum 2 grams and work your way up if needed depending on your body weight. I will explain the benefits of my dosing amount in the effectiveness section.

In the title of my review I mentioned L-Arginine to have seemingly endless benefits; this is true I could go on and on but the point of this review is more to benefit in the gym rather than all out body health. That being said I wanted to throughout some suggested dosing ranges and their benefits:

6 to 20 grams per day for conditions of congestive heart failure
3 to 6 grams per day for conditions relating in coronary artery disease
2,400 mg per day to prevent the loss of the effectiveness of nitroglycerin in relieving pain
5 grams per day to prevent erectile dysfunction

Taking 2 grams about 30 minutes prior to my workout has worked the best for me. During a weight workout the onset of pump for me is about my second or third set depending on what I am working out. I don't know if it is the L-Arginine or the pump but I feel POWERFUL. It's motivating, it drives me to want more; I haven't read that there were any mood related properties but I could be wrong and wouldn't be surprised. I can tell that there is a drastic difference between days I take this and days I forget or neglect to take this.

I can see a significant difference in my cardio and VO2 level when supplementing this. I can breathe easier in increased and tenuous workouts for example while running, sprinting, rowing or doing a HIIT I am able to control my breathing at an easier rate. I think this has to do with the increased blood flow being able to deliver more nutrients and oxygen.

I started taking L-Arginine after seeing it in other supplements and doing some additional research; when I tore my ACL and Meniscus my doctor mentioned this (in a larger amount) to increase my recovery time. I also have a friend who has heart issues and takes this in very large amounts and he has seen improvements in his health.

As I stated in the ingredients portion I have tried the companies NOW, Spring Valley and Nature's Bounty they all have an average price of below $15.00 for about 120 count if not cheaper. So this product is well worth the price and is very easy to find.

----Side Effects----
From what I have read there are no side effects until you hit the range of 21 to 30 grams daily. In 2004 the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry did a study that examined the biochemical effects of daily arginine dosing. At ranges of 21 grams and 30 grams adverse effects of diarrhea were common. The American Journal of Physiology gave subjects 30 grams per day that resulted in heartburn in some. This isn't meant as a medical lesson nor should this be taken on my word as treatment for anything, I am merely passing along information that I have read about this product.

In conclusion the purpose of this review was for its benefits in the gym relating to the pump and increased blood flow but I wanted to include some other important benefits. I hope this info has helped and changed the opinion of anyone that had a bad experience was unsure of its abilities. Again thanks to SR for having me.
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      August 5, 2011

    L-Arginine can taste really horrible for most people. But I have figured out the reason it tastes so bad and the solution to get rid of the horrible taste for good. The reason it tastes so bad is most people are not letting it dissolve completely before drinking it. You can't simply add two level teaspoons, stir, and drink immediately.

    I've found that L-Arginine takes some time to dissolve completely into the cold liquid you are using. The secret to getting rid of the horrible taste is this: After you pour your cold liquid into the glass of arginine, stir it up. The liquid will become very cloudy. Let it set until the liquid becomes clear again. You will notice that some of the powder will end up on the bottom of the glass. This is because it still hasn't dissolved completely. Briskly, stir the solution again and wait until the liquid becomes clear again. You will notice that a smaller amount of the powder is on the bottom of the glass now. Repeat the previous steps a third time. By now, the solution should be pretty much completely dissolved and ready to drink.

    At this time, when you drink it, you will notice that the solution becomes quite tolerable almost to the point where you could even sip on it to drink it all, instead of slamming it all in one drink just to get it down.

    I like to mix it with Lipton's Diet Green Tea with Citrus, but I've found that by using this method, it doesn't taste bad no matter what you mix it with. The doctor on YouTube that talks about Arginine suggests that we should stay away from liquids that are high in sugar or contain sugar substitutes. This can limit the effectiveness of the product. She suggests drinking with kiwi slices because the kiwi helps digest it properly so it doesn't all end up as waste in your intestines. I've tried this but noticed little or no improvement from what I use. I would, however, stay away from OJ and Gatorade as well as other high sugar juices. Regular green tea with citrus might work as good because it has very little sugar in it and no sugar substitutes.

    As far as effectiveness, my BP has dropped 10 points and I have been able to gain 5 lbs. per week in my benches. I've gained considerable improvement in my pumps. I also used to have problems with my right foot feeling like it was trying to fall asleep (which is annoying as hell) and this subsided completely after just a week of using this product.

    Just follow the steps I've outlined. It only takes about 3-5 minutes total. You will definitely notice a significant improvement in the taste that will be incredibly easy to tolerate and get used to. I mean, this stuff used to make me gag before and tasted and smelled slightly like bleach. It was really nasty. But now that I take the time to let it dissolve, it doesn't bother me in the least bit. Good luck and keep pumpin' iron!
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    • Taste Isn't Bad When Dissolved
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        February 15, 2011

      this is the first time ive used l-arginine pure. I got the powder form so i can mix it with a PWO i was making. I was a little dissapointed cause the pump i got was ok at best.

      price=8 i got this for 21bucks. the pills were a little cheaper but again i needed it for a mix. (i should have just uncapped the pills like i did the beta aliane)

      taste=7 the whole mix tasted bad so i cant say it was just this product.

      this was my first "NOW" product and it looks legit.i got the 500grams amount which was ok. i would recommend this only if your not used to taking arginine. for the more experienced supplement user i would get arginine akg which is absorbed better. but i was unsure and tried this. again this was ok but find a stonger form of arginine.
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