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IGF-1 is a Nighttime Sleep Formula manufactured by NOW. It is designed to be used before bed time. It promotes restful sleep, increases REM sleep and helps the body attain an optimal state for muscle recovery and growth.

  April 5, 2013

  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Better Sleep
  • Increased Energy
  • Ehanced Recovery
    I was hearing a lot of buzz about deer antler velvet products and decided to give this product a try because it was very inexpensive and I have had good results with NOW products in the past.

    Stack- I took this product with Tribulus from bodystong, ZMA by NOW, and Triazole by Driven Sports for one month.

    Training Routine/Diet-I lifted 5 times a week for about an hour. Chest, triceps, and biceps twice a week, lower body twice a week,shoulders and back once a week, and abs and lower back training 3 times a week. I ate very clean when I was using this and tried to eat a gram of protein per body weight and stick away from processed foods, with three large meals a day and 2 or 3 smaller meals as well.

    Value-10. I purchased this for about 12 bucks from all-star health with 5.95 for S&H so the total was around 18 bucks for a months worth.

    Recovery-9. This was by far the best aspect of this product. I could workout harder and longer and noticed that I didn't feel as sore the next day. I also felt a lot more energy and rejuvenated while on this product. I also noticed minor injuries that I would get while I was using I-gf1 seemed to heal a lot faster I don't if I just imagined this but since I've been off this product and before I took this minor injuries that I get from training and playing contact sports took longer to heal so I believe that this also help healing.

    Sleep Cycle-9. I need less sleep than I usually do while I was on this and still felt more energized and well rested. This made it a lot easier for me to get a good nights sleep while I was taking this. I also had more energy throughout the day and in the gym. Although the ZMA I was taking probably assisted with this I noticed the effects were magnified compared to when I was just taking ZMA by itself.

    Strength Gain-I broke PRs for all my lifts when I was on this product my bench increased by about 15 pounds, by deadlift jumped by about 40 pounds, and my squats went up by around 25 pounds. The Tribulus probably was responsible for this as well because I usually have good results with Tribulus and I hadn't taken Tribulus in about 2 months but I believe that the IGF-1 also helped too. I didn't have any weight gain or weight loss while I was taking this stack but I noticed that I appeared to be more defined and vascular.

    Side Effects-10. I didn't noticed any sides while taking this product even seemed to be more confident and cheerful.

    Taste/Dosing/Pill Size-10. The dosing was easy I just took 1 a day an hour before I went to sleep. The pills were small and had a pleasant taste.

    Conclusion- This is a great product for people looking for enhanced recovery and better sleep. IGF-1 is a good addition to any stack and I will definitely include this in my future stacks. It is very affordable and seemed to boost the effect of some products such as ZMA and Tribulus.


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