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Flax Oil Reviews


Flax Oil is an Essential Fatty Acid manufactured by NOW. It contains fats that must be obtained through diet. They serve a wide array of critical roles including cardiovascular, mental and joint health.
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  April 19, 2018

  • Better Skin
  • Joint Support
  • No Burps Or Aftertaste
  • Immune Health
  • Helps With Fat Loss
  • Good Value


    A special thanks to Clippy and for providing this product to the SR TROOPs. Today, I discuss my experience with Now Sport Flax Oil capsules. Omega-3 fatty acids are a staple in many users supplement regimen. Fish oil is the most common, commercially available source of supplemental omega-3. However, there are users who would rather steer clear from fish derived omega-3 sources due to dietary practices, allergies, or GI issues fish oil may cause for some. Me personally, I have no problem whatsoever with fish and have made fish oil a prime staple in my regimen. Nonetheless, I like to reach for a plant based source from time to time to help reduce the occasional fish burps I get.

    Ingredient Profile

    3 capsules provide a total of 3g of fat derived mostly from mono and polyunsaturated sources. There is also a calorie count of 25.

    Each serving provides 3g of organic flax seed oil, which is produced via cold pressed, unrefined processes.

    The benefits of omega-3 include support of cardio, brain, and skin health. They can also aid in joint lubrication support, possess anti-inflammatory effects, support ocular health, and can even aid in the goal of fat loss. Needless to say, omega-3 fatty acids have a host of benefits.

    A unique characteristic of plant-based omega-3 sources like flax seed is the quantity of a particular omega-3 known as Alpha linoleic Acid or ALA. In addition to the general benefits I already mentioned, ALA may also help improve kidney function, support GI health, and has been suggested in some studies to aid in certain disorders such as respiratory infections and stomach ulcers.

    To me, I find no significant advantage between either fish oil or plant sources when it comes to getting my omega-3s. Which one a user chooses, usually comes down to other circumstances such as dietary practices and fish allergies.


    Dosing is very simple:

    Take a three cap serving 1-2 times a day with a meal. I stuck to only using one serving since I would also get additional omega-3s from fish, eggs, and chia seeds as part of my diet.


    I mentioned in a past review that I use omega-3 supplementation to help mainly with skin health, fat loss, immune system improvement, and joint support. Thankfully, I have no heart conditions, but having a product that can help improve cardio health is never a bad thing to ensure it stays that way.

    While taking flaxseed oil from NOW, my skin had a better tone and appearance to it. It felt more moisturized and appeared less inflamed from past acne flares. Speaking of which, I also saw a decrease incidence in acne as well. I don't get acne often anymore, but of course I'd like to keep it that way and prevent any breakouts from occurring.

    In terms of my joints, the minor occasional aches and pains were far less frequent even after intensive heavy weight movement training sessions.

    I am currently on a recomp phase and while taking flaxseed oil, I noticed that I was leaning out a little more. I also had slightly better definition in some areas.

    I never got sick or contracted any kind of illness while on flaxseed oil, so it's safe to assume it did help my immunity improve. This is good because when you work in healthcare caring for the sick, the last thing to want is to be sick yourself.

    Lastly, I never got any GI issues, burps, or aftertastes with this product.


    NOW Sports Flaxseed Oil caps in 100 and 250 caps bottles. I found a 100 cap bottle for as low as 6.37 at vitacost. Personally, I think the 250 cap bottle is a better value as I was able to find that for as low as 11.99 at vitamin shoppe. Interesting to note that NOW Sports also has a liquid version that comes in 12 and 24oz bottles, ranging to about 7-14 dollars depending on size.

    Since I am reviewing the caps, I would say that the 250 cap bottle is the better value in this case.

    Side Effects



    If you're someone who prefers plant based omega-3 fatty acid sources, NOW Sports Flaxseed Oil caps are a great choice. It will provide all the benefits of omega-3 without the worry of fish allergies, burps, or GI issues some may experience. Be sure your diet is also supplementing these essential fatty acids.


    GO BRUINS!!!

    COMMENTS (3)

    • Clipper83
      Rep: +4,424
      April 20, 2018

      ALA has to convert to EPA and DHA, of which only 5% actually does. Worth looking into.

    • Wis3guy
      Rep: +3,099
      April 20, 2018

      Nice job, I would like the no fishy burps part......

    • bctuthill
      Rep: +2,134
      April 20, 2018

      Go Bruins!

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