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Dextrose Reviews


  July 3, 2012

  • Awesome Taste
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • No Scoop
I just got off of my cutting phase and was looking to add more carbs into my shakes during the day and since it is hard for me to gain weight, I was looking for something powder wise rather than more food on my bulk. I came across this supplement and ordered a 10 lb tub and I am so glad I did.

Value: 10
First of off, this was the best part about it. I got 10 lbs of this for $24 at and for the amount, it was a great deal.

Effectiveness: 9
I have noticed more energy post workout as I do not crash as hard as the carbs allow me to function better afterwards and have noticed a better and lean bulk gain. For the price I paid and the purpose I use it for, this is an excellent product to supplement with.

I take about 46 grams postworkout with around 50 grams of protein to help me bulk better and increase muscle gains.

Taste: 10
All I could taste it that my shakes tasted sweeter but that was it. I added more water to my shakes as it got too sweet with the amount I put in but that is about the only downfall is that it can be too sweet i large amounts.

A great product and even better price, I recommend this to anyone who is on a bulk or has trouble gaining weight to put on some lean pounds of muscle.

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