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  February 11, 2012

  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • No Scoop
  • Non Reasealable Bag.
this review will be short due to im not 100% certain on how to review this other than how i feel it did for me. i used it during a bulking phase. i used a ON whey scooper which is said to be about 50g carbohydrates, in conjunction with ON hydrobuilder. now i was eating alot during this time, but i was not using far to many supplements. i cant attest to how much muscle i gained while using this but during my phase i went from 195-198lbs to 212-215 (weird scale) in 4 months while only gaining about 2-3% bodyfat. believe it or not thats up to you but im going by measurements.

effectiveness-10: now this is something that helps spike insulin. im sure it did that being its so high on the glycemic scale so i cant help but rate it for doing exactly what its supposed to do. i was rarely sore during my bulk and if i was it didnt last to long. i cant say this directly contributed to that but knowing its main function im sure it did.

taste-6: i thought this would make my shake sweet as candy. instead it gave it a slight cornmeal flavor. and made my shake almost taste as if it was bit stale. not unbearable but i was disappointed.

cost-10: dirt cheap no reason to complain. and it lasted a while so cant beat that

my only complaints is that it came in a bag, that wasnt resealable so i had to find a container for it. thats nothing tho so i dont hold it against it. also the no scoop kinda is a pain but as i said i used an ON whey scoop and i keep the used scoops so it was also not to much a problem.

i believe used with hydrolized whey you have a post workout dream in a cup for your muscles.

i will definitely be using it again on my next bulk cycle and i will be using more of it in that time.


  • NoCielings
    Rep: +317
    February 11, 2012

    Nice Review bro. I think 25 grams of this would be perfect for a slight insulin spike during a cut.

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