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SWELL - Pump & Focus Pre Workout Reviews

By: NooWave Supplement Co.

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to NooWave Supplement Co. for sending it out!
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  December 2, 2016

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Time for one of my favorite pre workout reviews to do, non stimulant! Just about any supplement company can pour stimulants into a product and give you an instant kick. It takes more for a company to deliver a non stimulant pre workout that works and works well. Thank you to NooWave Supplement Co. for putting their product Swell up for review through the TROOPS.

Ingredient Profile

When I think of a non stimulant pre workout I want certain things checked off

-Transparent and clinical dosing
-Deliver the pump and mind muscle connection

Simple right? Well not always but NooWave makes it seem easy. Let me do a quick run down of what they have stacked with Swell.

-3g L-Citrulline, sure could be more but the 3g with the other additives worked
-2g Hydramax
-1g Agmatine
Seriously probably the first trifecta of pump ingrediants I've ever seen stacked, and theres GLPC and Norvaline.

They also hit the mind muscle connection with Noopept and Alpha GPC both at great doses.


I had the lemonade favor and even though it was a bit tart for my taste I was liking it with water in the 16-20oz range, just my personal need. Dosing I did 1 scoop 20 minutes pre workout. I tried 2 scoops once and it was overkill and not needed nor recommend. It did seem to take a little more shaking then most pre workouts to get the powder completely dissolved.



I can't stress enough how amazing this product is with delivering the pump. The ingredients they provide alone work well, together it's like a key that unlocked a door to a whole new world. Just this morning I did my last workout with Swell and it had to be arm day. I incorperate high rep, low rep and most of all squeezing the muscle to increase blood flow. The pump was awesome and Swell delivers on it's name for sure. I always see crazy "skin ripping pump" on products and never get them. Not the case with Swell.

The mind muscle connection delivered with the pump is what sets this product above the rest for me. Without the focus you won't get the workout you desire. With Swell I was tuned in like a deer in headlights. Sure there was no energy from the lack of caffeine or stimulants but it's not needed with how NooWave built this product. I will admit I snuck in 200mg caffeine a few times to try it out and liked it better without the caffeine. I mentioned I tried 2 scoops and it was overkill. I had the whole beta alanine tingle side effect which I found odd since obviously it's not in here! It's from the pump products I'm sure. But stick to one scoop it's all you need!


So this is where NooWave and Swell gets hit just a little. NooWave only has Swell available direct and it comes to around $50 including shipping. While a bit high its understandable being they're a new supplement company. And being they offer the best pump pre workout I've ever tried it's only a matter of time before we see this in retailers with a more competitive price tag.


I always enjoy trying out a new company, and I'm happy I took the chance with NooWave. Swell delivers as hands down the best non stimulant pump pre workout I've ever tried. Didn't matter the diet, workout or any distracting surroundings I was focused and had an intense workout. NooWave has a winner on their hands and if it's an indication to what else they'll do I'm excited to try other products by them.


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    December 2, 2016

    Hey trey-carmine, thanks so much for the thorough and well written review! We're stoked to hear the product served you well and you enjoyed it! Long live the #pumpchasers of the world :)

    As a side note, we actually just recently got SWELL as well as our stim based pre - POWR - listed on Amazon. So for those that may prefer shopping on that platform, there is that option :)

    SWELL at Amazon:

    POWR at Amazon:

    Thanks again for taking the time to try and report back on your experience, much appreciated!

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