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The High Performer II Reviews

By: NooWave Supplement Co.

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  January 24, 2018

  • Better Mood
  • Increased Energy
  • Tastes Good
  • No Crash
  • Versatile


    Well i finally got myself some free time today and I am spending it wisely by catching up on my reviews. Quiet time doesn't come too often in my life anymore, so I'll take it. This time I'll be sharing my experience with The High Performer II by NooWave Supplements. The slogan for this one is "Get Zoned," and I liked the sound of that. I am always looking for a product like this to replace my morning coffee with. Thank you NooWave Supplements and for the opportunity.

    Ingredient Profile

    I'm a big fan of this profile along with the fully transparent label. Here are a couple of the highlights for me: L-Tyrosine comes in at 2500mg. Yeah buddy. This is a pretty common ingredient that enhances cognitive function. It supposedly supports dopamine and adrenaline, although there is not a ton of supporting evidence out there at this time. Either way, 2500mg is a very nice dose. Alpha GPC 50% is dosed at 600mg which is on the high end of the clinical dose. This is another cognitive enhancing supplement. Apparently it is actually used by elderly people who are seeing a decline in their cognitive functions, so there is some evidence behind this one. Each scoop contains 200mg of caffeine, which for a supplement like this, I find to be perfect. Not going to be enough for the jitters (at least for most people), but enough to really feel that energy increase. Glucuronolactone comes in at a whopping 400mg. I say whopping because this is something used in many energy drinks, but at a dose of around 80mg. Maybe this is the big secret ingredient in The High Performer II. Overall, I think the profile is simplistically excellent.


    I'm not usually a big fan of creamy orange flavors, but I actually found the Orange Cream flavor to be pretty refreshing when mixed with some cold water. The sweetness was on point and it was not thick. Mixability was near perfect. As I said in the intro, I liked using this as a replacement for my morning cup of coffee. However, I did use it at random times as well, when I was looking for a quick kick in the junk type of energy boost. No matter the time I took it, it always delivered. On occasion I added a little more than once scoop, but never enough to really notice anything. One scoop definitely seemed to be the sweet spot.


    After my one scoop upon waking in the morning, I was ready to rock and roll within 20 minutes. It was pretty awesome. I just felt ready to tackle the day and get stuff done. This is a big improvement for me compared to my general feeling upon waking, which tends to be a little slower to get going. My favorite part about The High Performer II was that the energy would taper off so slowly that you wouldn't even notice it. It was like a prefect transition into that time of day where you just feel "normal." On the random times I took this in the late afternoon before going out to dinner or something like that, the energy rush didn't hit quite as hard, but it was definitely there. I found myself talking a lot and getting that good old "sense of well being" that we have all experienced before with other supplements. Or at least a lot of us have. I am pretty tolerant to caffeine and energy supplements, so for a supplement like this with only 200mg of caffeine to effect me as well as this one did, I think NooWave did something right.


    $39.99 for 30 servings. If you buy it off their site you might be able to get 5% off your initial order. As I scored it above, I think this is a great value and I don't mind paying this much for what you get. It is such a versatile product that you can just take whenever you want that boost in energy and feeling.

    Side Effects

    Another positive comment about The High Performer II, no negative side effects. No jitters, no crazy heartbeats. Nothing at all.


    I really enjoyed this one, and I think most of you all reading this would too. You really could use it for anything. $39.99 can replace your morning coffee for 30 days if you need a way to justify it and spend money on coffee. And its calorie free with a very minor crash. I'm looking forward to trying this again in the future and definitely want to try some more products from NooWave in the near future. Thanks a lot for reading!
    • Orange Cream: 8/10

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