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This product has been reported as discontinued.

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Supp-D is a Pre-Workout manufactured by NLA Performance. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

This product has been reported as discontinued.

See all 239 products in:
Pre-Workout > Stimulant


Welcome to

The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +3,464
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 73
  October 28, 2013

I wanted to give a big thank you to NLA for throwing this product and T-Blast my way for a log.

I will try to keep this review concise and to the point.

Supp-D claims are the following as advertised on their website:

Increased Explosion and Strength Gains
Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber Activation
Maximal Vasodialation
Enhanced CNS Activation

So it is only fair that I rate this product based on the claims they make, and how they worked for me in particular.

INGREDIENTS: WarMachine did a fantastic job on the ingredient list so I will not go into the details. Please visit his fantastic review for them.

TASTE: 7/10 - I have read other reviews and people say this thing tastes terrible. I got the Raspberry Lemon rage. Here is the thing with this taste. The more water you added the better it tasted. It had a tart like sour flavor, which I actually enjoyed very much. The problem with most preworkouts is that they are overly sweet, and it was quite refreshing to find this product to have a sour taste. The problems with this as you got to the bottom of the container it became more and more sour, but it was nothing that you could not gulp down in one try. I actually enjoyed this flavor more then a ton of other pre workouts out on the market.

DOSAGE: 6/10 - So here is the dosage problems. It says on the directions to keep this between 1-2 scoops. I felt almost no energy on this at 1 scoop, when I upped it to 2 scoops, thats when it started to kick in, but at 2.5 scoops it was the sweet spot for me.

EFFECTIVENESS: 8/10 - This did a solid for me as a preworkout giving me the energy I needed to get through a workout.

ENERGY: 10/10 - The energy was FANTASTIC. It was clean and kept me going for a good 2+ hours. With most pre workouts the energy levels decrease as you get more and more towards the bottom of the tub (meaning you begin to grow a tolerance to this), but it was not the case for me. I had the same energy from the beginning to the end of the tub.

PUMPS: 0/10 - Pumps? What Pumps? Absolutely non-existent. I mean if seeing my face turn absolutely red is considered a pump, then I guess... no.. no pumps, sorry.

FOCUS: 7/10 - The focus was spot on. It gave me tunnel vision more than anything else, but I like it that way, keeps me more focused on the tasks at hand.

VALUE: 5/10 This goes online for like $35, and maybe you can find it some places a lot cheaper. The problem is you won't stay at one scoop, you will def increase this to 2-3 per workout, and this tub will disappear fast. It should be a lot cheaper for what you are really getting.

OVERALL: 8/10 - I would have to give this product an 8 out of 10. This is a solid Pre workout, that will help you achieve your desired Beast Mode in the gym. The only problem is that it will go by too quick, and you will be sad when you get to the bottom of the tub and there is nothing left.
  • Increased Energy
  • Great Focus
  • Good Sour Taste
  • No Crack-ish Feeling(if You Like That)
  • Value
Rep: +5,435
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 70
  October 25, 2013

First off, a big time thanks to GymJunkie and all the boys at NLA performance for sending me a tub of Supp-d, along with T-Blast which I have not used just yet, to try out. Now, as some may be aware of, has had some heat with NLA performance in the past. However, I believe those storms have pretty much passed for the time being. Safe to say, the company has built a better relationship with SR over the year.

Supp-d is a pre-workout developed by NLA Performance designed to increase energy, aggression, focus, CNS stimulation, and pumps. Based on my experience, the product does deliver in some areas, but lacks in others in comparison to other pre-workouts that I've used. Still, supp-d did have its benefits during my use with it.

Taste (2): A two War? It couldn't have been that bad....well gentlemen let me say this: Supp-d appears to be available in two flavors including cherry lime aid and raspberry lemon rage. I was given the raspberry lemon rage and it was by far the worst tasting pre-workout flavor I had ever had. The overall aroma of the flavor was very strong and chemical like. GymJunkie reassured in his log that it is a flavor that takes getting used to. Needless to say, after developing a way to simply chug it as fast as I can to avoid the prolonged flavor and aftertaste I did become accustomed to tolerating it. What's even more daunting is that NLA performance advertises supp-d as a "delicious flavored powder". Maybe the cherry lime aid is better, but whoever coins the raspberry lemon rage as delicious needs to be punched in the face. I've advocated several times that taste is not a critical factor when it comes to products of this nature, but I thought I'd share this as my own two cents on the flavor. On a side note, the mixability of the product was fine.


Supp-D Supplement Facts
Serving Size: scoop (7g / 0.25oz)
Servings per Container: 40

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 10
Total Fat 0 g 0%
Total Carbohydrates 2 g 1%*
Sugars 0 g
Niacin (Niacinamide) 12 mg 60%
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 1.8 mg 30%
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl) 1.5 mg 75%
Muscle Building Compounds: 4,800 mg **
Norcoline, Beta Alanine, L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AKG), Agmatine Sulfate, Glycine, BCAAs (L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, L-Leucine), Carnitine Complex, L-Phenylalanine, L-Lysine, L-Theonine

Energy Simulating Compounds: **
Norcoline, Beta-Phenylethanolamine HCI, Glucose Polymers, Caffeine Anhydrous, Schizandrol, Inositol, PAPA (Para-Amino Benzoic Acid, L-Tyrosine Alpha Keto Glutarate, N-Acetyl-Tyrosine, Choline Bitartrate

Noo-Tropic Brain and Body Potentiators: **
Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate (DMAE), L-Histidine, Vinpocetine (Vinca minor, lesser Periwinkle extract) (whole plant)

Supp-D Flavoring:
Citric Acid

The almost all of the ingredient profile contains ingredients that we are all pretty much very familiar with or at least have an idea on what they influence based on reviews on other products that members including myself have detailed. Therefore, in the interest of time, I am not going to go into any unnecessary in-depth analysis mainly because there really isn't anything overly unique in the profile.

I personally think the only ingredients that may need a little description are the DMAE and periwinkle extract.

DMAE is said to be a precursor to acetylcholine which a neurotransmitter that plays numerous roles in muscular activity. Having increased levels of it results in more efficient muscular action potential.

Periwinkle extract is demonstrated to support healthy brain activity resulting in improved cognitive functions. Clearly, this helps in several areas when in engaging in heavy resistance activity.

Effectiveness: Rather than give this a straight up score here, even though I gave it a "7" in the intro score heading, I am going to detail the extent of the benefits based on my experience.

Focus (10): Supp-d definitely improved overall focus. My concentration on lifts was very much improved and I found myself feeling more confident with every lift. In short, focus is an area where supp-d truly gets points.

Aggression (8): While I think this can be more attributed to the ingredients in Osta rx, my aggression with supp-d was increased. I felt increased intensity particularly in my supersets and heavy compound movements which did translate into extra reps and sets overtime.

Energy (7): In the first week and a half, the energy with two scoops was very good, clean, and consistent. However, as the weeks progressed the energy influence began to gradually fade. In the last few days I tried three scoops, but found no significant increase in the energy benefactor. Some decent energy was still prevalent but not to the extent to which I find favorable.

Vascularity (9): Again, I believe a good majority of this can be attributed to osta rx, but I still beleive that supp-d did have its benefits here. My vascularity was noticeably improved throughout my use with supp-d and I had a good amount of pertrusion from my veins mainly in my arms and shoulders.

Pump (4): While the vascularity was a big plus, the "pump feel" from supp-d was minimal at best. I didn't really feel a subsequent amount pump in my trained muscles different from what I would usually experience from my high volume sets. Many users have reported the opposite and claimed the pumps were incredible. I guess I was a non-responder to this factor. Perhaps if I added some testogen xr the pumps would have been great since testogen xr gave me some of the best pumps ever when I combined it with a pre-workout.

Endurance (8): While using supp-d I found myself having more complimentary aerobic stamina when coupled with osta rx's endurance increasing benefits. I was running faster and longer and had more stamina on my heavy compound lift supersets.

In summary, supp-d did have its strengths mainly in vascularity, aggression, focus, and endurance. Energy overtime and pump on the other hand could use improvement.

Value (8): Factoring in the benefits I experienced from supp-d along with all of my complimenting supplements I would say that for a price range of 26-35 dollars, supp-d is reasonably priced. Although, if you find yourself using three scoops, the cost could add up as the product would only last you two weeks at this dosage. Still, supp-d is one of the more affordable pre-workouts I've seen on today's market.

Overall (7.5): In comparison to other pre-workouts that I've used such as Speed X3, Supp-d is worth a try but not something I would recommend over others like speed x3 or even Razor8 (which I've also used in the past). Still, it did get the job in the more basic areas done and I'd say for the benefits, a 7.5 is fair. In closing, give supp-d a try and if you are a more stim-tolerant individual, don't hesitate to go for more than one scoop. After a brief off period I am going to try BSN's Hyperfx next.

One last thanks to NLA Performance and GymJunkie for hooking me up!!!

  • Good Value
  • Amino Acids
  • Great Focus
  • Felt Lifted
  • Mood Elevation
  • Increased Vascularity
  • Increased Endurance
  • Lack Of Pump
  • Energy Benefits May Fade Overtime
  • Assess Tolerance
  • Not Widely Available
  • Excessive Dyes
  • Raspberry Lime Rage Is Nasty
Rep: +6
Trust: 0%
  October 15, 2012

Hey guys, I have been looking at reviews in this website for years now. I finally decided to participate and start posting reviews. any ways, this would be my first and hopefully I will be posting more reviews in the future.
a little bit about myself. I have been working out for about 10 years now and believe me I have tried sooo many supplements from all categories. so I know a thing or two about supplements. not to say that everyone's body is different and what works for some ppl might not work for others
ok, lets get to the meat of this review and let me start with effectiveness since to me this is the most important part when it comes to supplements.
- Effectiveness(8.5/10):
I am not really sure if I should say that this is the best pre- workout I 've tried but, I can say it did give me a clean nice energy rush at the gym. this product gave me a nice full pump specially in my arms day. It definitely had no weird crashes which I hate the most when it comes to pre-workouts. I also had this great focus at the gym and afterwards when I had to get things done. Its interesting that I get into this "good mood" feeling when I take this stuff for some reason which I dont mind. I have previously tried jacked, 1mr, craze, ... and I think this could be as good as these products but I dont think it is better.

- mix-ability (10/10) :
I did not have any problems mixing this product with water. it totally dissolved with no problems in seconds so I dont think thats an issue if you care about mixability.

- taste (7/10)
Not that I really care about taste but guys, I dont know if its just me but I thought the taste was bad. the taste was very strong like if I was taking a shot or something. it could be because I dont add a lot of water to my pre-workout powders but, I have not had this problem with most pre-workouts I have tried previously. all in all, I think its drinkable

- overall(8/10):
I think the product is good in general. it does what it suppose to do in terms of energy, pump, no crash,...I think if you have not tried it you should give it a try. you might love it, and you might not. as I said everyone's body is different!

  • No Comedown
  • Increased Energy
  • Great Focus
    Rep: +3
    Trust: 0%
      October 14, 2012

    Preface: This is my first review, only been a member for a few months now. Been using the site to guide my purchases for yrs, just now decided to give back. If anyone takes this for a "fake" review, please contact me offline.
    (I'm "borrowing" this format - Thanks Alex)

    I first heard of NLA in early Sept (2012). I saw the crazy awesome reviews by Expert Reviewers, so I figured I'd give it a try. Unfortunately, there was none to be had (atm). I checked the site and communicated with Kevin, and found out that a new batch would be available in less than a month. Below is my take on how it compared with my previous experiences:


    The energy was definitely clean and constant, but never gets me where I expected to get with a supplement rated 9.8 when I made my order. However, one of the great benefits was a lack of crash. After the "more effective" preworkout powders/drinks, I lift hard, but get low blood pressure (almost like a mini-depression).


    The taste was not bad, kinda like sour/really sweet. Like eye-squinting sour/sweet. Better that some others, but taste/mix does not mean anything to me.

    I shake the my powders like a paint can shaker. It looked like it was very water soluble and I never felt any sediment/precipitates.

    VALUE- 4.0

    $30 for 40 scoops, and I use 1.5-2 scoops per serving which equals out right at ~$1 per serving. Kinda expensive for me, (especially with the effectiveness so low)

    OVERALL- 4.0

    It was a decent product, but the cost and effectiveness really drowned the score. I've had much better through Jack3d, No-Xplode, Gaspari Products, and the like.

    I knew that the recipe was changing, but still had high hopes for the 2nd batch. I did not find what I was looking for. Good luck!

    Disclaimer: I have a weird metabolism and digestive track, and adjust to some supps much faster than others. I've used a supp (Friction) and pumped for two hrs 3 days 1st wk, and the 2nd wk; it gives me nothing. If you have similiar experiences, you may want to get a serving from a buddy before you invest the $
    • No Comedown
    • Great Taste
    • Amino Acids
    • No Crack-ish Feeling(if You Like That)
    • No Beta Alanine Feeling!
    • Where Is The Itch?
    Rep: +58
    Trust: 94%
      September 25, 2012

    So I finally gave in to the hype of Supp-D, even after reading about all of the bunk reviews. Got what I expected. Im not going to list the intredient profile it takes about two seconds to find.

    Taste: 7/10
    Taste for a PWO to me is completely irrelevant, but this wasnt horrible. I got the nitro punch flavor, and it did somewhat taste like fruit punch haha. Overall not bad but not great.

    Energy: 7/10
    I have taken a lot of PWO's so my tolerance to stims is a little higher than it should be, but nevertheless this was still somewhat effective. The energy was not like that of Dark Rage or Ravage but it was more of a sustained energy. The energy was sustained through the workout and I did not have a heavy crash, but i could definatly feel it wearing off towards the end. It is safe to compare this energy to the energy i got from ACG3.

    Value: 7/10
    Some people say that this is hard to find...Not at all. I went on the NLA performance website and got it for around 40 bucks after shipping. Comes with 40 servings.. but they reccomend using 1-3 scoops so you really are getting around 20 days worth for 40 bucks after shipping. Not a horrible deal, but I have definately gotten better deals.

    Overall: 7/10
    I would not reccomend this to someone who has a high tolerance to stimulants like I do. Aside from that it is not a horrible deal price wise like I mentioned above but it could be better. The thing that i did like is it had amino acids in it. The energy was alright, but nothing spectacular. I would buy ACG3 over this.
    • No Comedown
    • Increased Energy
    • Amino Acids
    • Felt Lifted
    • One Flavor
    • Excessive Dyes
    • Awkward Scoop
    • No Crack-ish Feeling(if You Like That)
    • No Beta Alanine Feeling!
    Rep: +1,081
    Trust: 100%
      September 20, 2012

    I'm not sure if you guys have heard of NLA Performance.....

    Just kidding. Not only has everyone heard of them, most of you dislike them due to the recent flood of fake/lousy reviews on this product in particular. Kevin hooked up the ER crew with a full tub and this is my review of it. Read it.

    SUPP-D is a SOLID product my friends.


    Most of the time you don't get a solid pump and great energy from just one product. This gave me the cleanest and most potent energy of any preworkout I've tried. I didn't get jittery, I didn't crash, no heart racing, etc. Everybody always comments on focus, and I feel it's somewhat cliche, but I honestly felt more focused when using this as well. Really focused.

    I was really surprised by the pump also. I've tried agmatine before, but this was much more effective than agmatine alone. Usually only a nitrate product can deliver these results for me.

    I can't really say a whole lot besides I really enjoyed using this product. It's also very consistent. I also felt it put me in a better mood? I'm aware that sounds strange but I just felt great with the energy from this.


    It's the generic tasting fruit punch. It does a good job of masking the bitter taste of the ingredients, and it's not overly sweet. I would prefer more flavors to be available.

    It mixes good, with very litte sediment left over after spoon stirring it in a cup. I will complain as others have done though about the red dye. It's quite strong, leaving a red tint in my cup or shaker mug. Not a huge deal though.

    VALUE- 6.0

    $30 for 40 scoops, and I use 1.5 scoops per serving which equals out right at $1 per serving. Not a bad deal. But not a great deal. There are cheaper products, but in this scenario you get what you pay for.

    OVERALL- 8

    If this were one of the first preworkouts I'd taken you would see straight 10's. However, being the supplement junkie that I am, I've tried IT ALL. So when you see me rating this as an 8 you better believe it's legit. It gave me fantastic energy and focus, solid pumps, and it worked everytime.

    Also I feel the ingredient list, although a prop blend, was quite thorough. It has almost everything I like to see in it. A nitrate addition would be nice though.

    Maybe I'm crazy, but I feel NLA has a great product here, and despite all the controversy surrounding them I really think this product deserves some attention from the members.
    • Clean Potent Energy
    • Laser Sharp Focus
    • Mood Enhancer
    • Solid Pump
    • One Flavor
    • Average Value
    • Strong Dye
    Rep: +19
    Trust: 0%
      September 13, 2012

    What's going on This here is QuackAttack and I am new to this site. I'm coming from Anaheim, CA. Go Ducks!

    Anyways, I am here to review the pre-workout SUPP-D by NLA Performance.

    I have been looking at some other reviews on the website so here mine goes.

    I purchased the SUPP-D Nitro Punch (Kool-Aid copy) for $29.99. Off SUPP-D is about $37 with shipping, handling, and tax. SUPP-D has 45 servings. One scoop per servings at 5.8 g a scoop. I took anywhere between 1 and 2 scoops per serving.

    Here is what composes that 5.8 g scoop:

    Muscle Building Compounds: 3, 785 g
    -Amino Acid Blend (Tryptophan, Valine, Threonin, Isoleucine, Lysine, Phenylalanin): Helps with Muscle Function, performance, endurance, recovery
    -Glycine Propionyl L Carnitine(GPLC): Helps boost athletic performance and to burn body fat
    - Arginine AKG:Nitric Oxide production and vasodilator
    -Agmatine Sulfate: Nitric Oxide production and vasodilator
    -Carnosyn Beta Alanine: Improve athletic performance.

    Energy Stimulating Compounds 1,215 mg:
    -L Tyrosine AKG- Energy
    -Vitamin Blend (Choline Inositol, Paba)
    -Caffeine Anhydrous-Energy
    -Geranium Stem (1,3 Dimethylamylamine)- energy booster, mood enhancer, and fat burner
    -Schizandrol A- Energy booster

    NooTropic Brain and Body Potentiators 750 mg:
    -Histidine AKG

    NooTropics help to improve brain function and to heal your body after workouts.

    I was extremely intrigued by SUPP-Ds ingredients and it looked impressive compared to various competing products.

    Energy and Focus (9/10): SUPP-D gave me consistent clean energy and focus. I did not feel jittery. I did not get a super beta alanine skin itch or a caffeine/high stimulant clowdyness and headache. I still remember the first time taking SUPP-D I felt absolutely wild and energized throughout my entire powerlifting workout which are usually 2-2.5 hours. The tunnel vision I got on SUPP-D is great. I have never been more focused working out in my life than on SUPP-D.

    Pumps and Muscular Performance (10/10): I am a powerlifter so most of my workouts are low reps, heavy weight, and long breaks in between sets. I usually do 30 minutes of support work after powerlifting routines to stay aesthetic and keep my cuts. First off the BCAA blend, the NooTropics, and the Arginine/Agmatine mix gave my muscles so much strength and endurance it was crazy! I found myself consistently pumping attempting heavier weight week after week. The pumps combined with the tunnel vision and extreme focus allowed me to improve my form, build muscle, and get stronger than ever before. While doing my support workouts which for example may be tricep pulldowns, extensions, hammer curls, and incline dumbbell press after a heavy powerlifting bench routine, I noticed my veins were exploding from my skin and I was more pumped than I have been in years. SUPP-D kills it in the athletic performance category.

    Taste, Mixibility, and Overall experience 9/10: SUPP-D is a great value for a very powerful product. As mentioned before the Nitro Punch flavor tastes great which is an added bonus to this great product. The mixibility/solubility of the powder is a tad clumpy. Clumps annoy me but don't stop me. I loved the energy and pumps and was constantly stronger in the gym. My focus throughout workouts was way better and this helped me concentrate on better form which in turn means heavier weights. My work ethic was boosted from SUPP-D and I love training on this pre-workout hands down!

    • Strength Increase
    • No Comedown
    • Insane Pumps
    • Great Taste
    • Builds Muscle
    • Amino Acids
    • Great Focus
    • Poor Solubility
    Rep: +4,721
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 59

      August 16, 2012

    What's up brothers of the SR, today I want to drop another review on a product from a controversial company as of late, Supp-D from NLA performance. I want to thank Kevin from NLA for allowing me the honor of trying his product and give the company an honest review. I have become a Pre-workout guru using many and have been chosen to run quiet a few for different companies as well. NLA has been getting black balled in a way for the little letter the customer receives in their order, I wish the people took more time to write the review but it is drawing more traffic to our site and family at SR all and all A great idea and win for Tommy making his site more visible for the public. Let's jump into this review on yet another pre-workout.


    *this category has no bearing on overall review since taste means nothing! **

    Supp-D seems to only have one flavor right now and it seems to be the most common and easiest to formulate. The flavor I received was fruit punch and it was a little too sweet for my liking but not horrible. It did have something I do happen to like and that is a medical after taste which to me means (maybe Bro-science) but it has quality products in it. Again having it be a PWO that you consume with only 6-8oz in a pretty short amount of time.

    ------------------------Dose/Timing 9.9/10---
    Very simple folks start with 1 scoop to access your tolerance 20-15minutes before a workout. After that experiment with the scoops that best performs for you again 20-15minutes pre-workout. For me I used between 2 and 3scoops depending on how I felt since I work out in the wee hours of the morning.

    ---------------Effectiveness/Focus 8/10------

    This product worked well from start to finish it was good quality clean energy and solid focus for my whole workout with little to no crash. I would be ready willing to pound out solid 2hr workouts that would consist of heavy weights, monster sets, and little rest. I'm going to say this will make you lift a 1200lb bench press like the thread started, but it will help you plow through station to station and set to set with out letting you down.

    The Focus I had on this was great. I had a significant increase in tunnel vision. Tunnel vision for me is a mind set I get into which allows me to tune out 90% of my surroundings and allows a deep focus on a task. Every time I picked up the weights I already pictured it in my head from start of lift to completion of lift, it was almost like I imagined doing it and I was there before.

    ------Content profile 6.8/10-----------------

    I HATE BLENDS!!!! This product has big numbers of proven ingredients but they are all part of a large blend this concerns me because blends are tough to know what is what and how much of the proven ingredients you're getting or how much is filler. I will also say that this product works very well so I can only ASSUME that a greater portion of the blend is tried and proven ingredients. There are three blends all together which equal about 90% of the 5.8g serving the other 10% is vitamin filler. I wish all companies that use a blend stop and just list the damn ingredients I mean it must take more time to create this blend concoction over just saying 300mg of caffeine,2grams of beta-alanine and so on. Wish I could give it a higher score but there were just too many chemicals with out a proper indication of what you're taking in.

    -----------------Value 6.5/10----------------

    This product does work well and it delivered every time I used. Is there cheaper out there, yes is this a newer product from a newer company, yes does this tend to make the product a bit more expensive the answer is yes and I will explain why. Since NLA is not available at most retailers they don't have a wholesale price set up just yet and as of right now NLA is a small company with a small retail operation so they need to support there overhead before they hit the mass market. I may be off base, but since I'm in a marketing type job I'm pretty sure I nailed it on the head. As for value at 30.00 dollars for a tub that says 45 servings which would equal 1 scoop this would be perfect for a stim sensitive person but for a more serious lifter who is used to stims and they would need 2-3scoops this does raise the cost per serving quiet a bit. Again cost is not value cost is cost and as a value I don't like to pay 1.66 per serving since there are products cheaper that can do the same thing. I feel if this product reaches the main stream the price will become more inline but until then this is a bit steep for a product that is mainly a blend.

    Overall this was a better then average product that delivered the goods before every workout. No this product will not allow you to become super human just by using it, but it will help you achieve better focus and give you a good boost of needed energy for your tough workouts. I would not be opposed to using this product again but they do need to get into the mass market so they can adjust the price a little bit. For me this product is priced slightly higher then I would like to see it but I do think if your looking for a better then average PWO from a company that really stands behind there product and is easy to get in contact with that also has great customer skills then give NLA a try. I will give NLA a hulk's seal of approval and a half seal of approval for Supp-D. as soon as the price comes down few buck's to 24.95 or less it will get a full seal and a ton more tubs sold.

    • Great Taste
    • No Comedown
    • Increased Energy
    • Great Focus
    • One Flavor
    • Excessive Dyes
    • Not Widely Available
    • Not The Best Value
    Rep: +5,596
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 78

      August 13, 2012

    Ok first off I want to thanks Thank the ER program and The guys from NLA, Specifically Kevin. He emailed me and very easy to talk to and work with and sent me this and frat pack.

    Now I wll say this is not in anyway a unfair review, I received no mention of free supps for a good review. NO thats out of the way lets carry on.

    OK I think we all love these PWO. But when we find one that works it really makes it that much better. I have to say I was a little sceptic at first, but after one scoop I knew how strong it was. So lets get into the review.

    Taste 8
    I really didnt like or hate the taste. I just think It was not that good by itself, I dont really know why I didnt like though, Just was not what I liked. I will say that once I mixed it with my formula x and amino energy it was a really great blast of flavor!.

    Ingredient. 8
    Ok Yes it has a amino acid blend which I do like and I honestly think this is one of the main reasons it works so well. BUT its a prop blend and I cant stand that. I understand why they do this, but I really like to know what makes one tick.
    The one thing I did notice is the brain and body potentiators . Now I will say that this is something I have not noticed on others, and I dont know what it does for sure. BUT I can say after taking this its like " the calm before the storm " feeling. Im so calm and focused its really like nothing I have ever felt.

    Effectiveness 9
    Ok here is the good you want to know. Like I just mentioned this stuff is crazy strong and give tremendous focus and calmness. ( at least for me ) Im not jittery not nervous, just ready to dial my focus on my IRON. Also I will say that When I did get the chance to take 2 scoops the entire gym had to move out of the way. Complete focused on my motives!. Im glad I worked out alone on those days, If someone had been with me They would have gotten in the way!.

    The one thing That I did not like (and HOnestly the only thing I didnt like) Was that when I worked out at 6 pm I could only use about 1/2 a scoop and at most 1 scoop. WHY?
    Well I like to have some late night action and when I took this I could pretty much forget about it or a good night sleep.

    Now Like I said I was not nervous or jittery, just awake and wanting to do anything but sleep. And I guess it was the caffeine that was doing the other trouble.

    OVERALL 9.5
    Not perfect but as close as any has come. If I find one that does all that this one does and has no (peter ) issue's I will be in love. lol
    A few things I dont like but not a huge issue.
    Its hard to find other than on the NLA site. This stuff would be huge if they sold at major stores.
    Has a weird scoop, Not really a issue just not used to those.
    NO CREATINE. THis is good , But some do like creatine in it. I think making that optional would be great.

    The goods.
    Great energy and focus. I just dont know how I can stress that any more.
    It works EVRYTIME!. This is something I found frustating with some others.

    I really think this is some great stuff!. Thanks again to NLA for the product.
    • No Comedown
    • Amino Acids
    • Increased Happiness
    • Great Focus
    • One Flavor
    • Not Widely Available
    • Awkward Scoop
    • No Late Night Action On This!
    Rep: +1,465
    Trust: 100%
      August 7, 2012

    In the pantheon of extremely late reviews, the day has finally come for me to review me some Supp-D! First and foremost, I'd like to thank FlashSunday for the chance to give this product a run. He was able to get it initially from the folks at NLA through the expert reviewer group but couldn't take the product so he generously made an offer I couldn't refuse!

    Some quick background: NLA got off to a sketchy start on SR due to some reviews that were believed to be spam, but the quality level of their products has saved their reputation. This can be said for Supp-D, which is yet another company's take on a concentrated, Jack3d-esq type of preworkout. It's not loaded with stims and it has a pretty comprehensive mix of pump, endurance, energy, etc. ingredients. Here's the full breakdown.

    Servings Per Container: 45, 6.161 g per scoop
    Various Vitamins (Mostly B Vitamins)
    Muscle Building Compounds: 4.425 g
    Amino Blend, GPLC, Arginine AKG, Agmatine Sulphate, Carnosyn, Creatine Ethyl Ester
    Energy Stimulating Compounds: 925 mg
    L Tyrosine AKG, Vitamin Blend, Caffeine, 1,3-Dimethylamylamine, Schizandrol A
    NO-Tropic Brain + Body Potentiators: 750 mg
    Phosphatidylcholine, Histidine AKG, DMAE

    First thing's first, I took 2 scoops each usage so double all of the values. Also you'll notice there's prop blends, a big pet peeve of mine. Even at 2 scoops I have no clue if any of the ingredients will hit the clinical dosage mark. For example, the GPLC clinical dose is 4.5 g. If the entire prop blend for 2 scoops would be 8.8 g, this would mean that over half of that prop blend would have to be GPLC to have an effect, which I HIGLY doubt.

    Another note about the GPLC in this product: I noticed that there was no mention of the patented version of the ingredient in here. I've done the research and have found that GPLC, much like CreaPure and Carnosyn Beta Alanine, are patented ingredients. General recommendation is to be wary when you don't see the "TM" over the ingredient due to the chance that it's bunk. I will say I got better than average pumps with the Supp-D, so the GPLC is probably legit. It's just a weird thing I can't be sure about.

    Profile: 8

    Overall, I'll give the profile an 8. It was a solid attempt by NLA to incorporate pump, strength, endurance, energy, and focus ingredients. But with the prop blends you just never know how much your getting. And don't think they snuck that goddamn Arginine by me without noticing lol HATE IT!

    Value: 8

    For value, Supp-D also grabs an 8. Apparently there is a special going on the NLA website, which is one of the only places I can find this stuff for sale. But with a sale price of $30, and at 2 scoops per workout, this will last you about 22 days and cost about $1.36 per workout. For how the product works and tastes, this is a competitive value. Nothing outrageous, but even at the normal $40 cost, it's not like the $1.81 per workout is breaking the bank.

    Taste/Dosing: 9

    I mentioned taste earlier, and this is where Supp-D shines. If you remember from my log (ages ago) I remember describing to you guys that the taste grew on me from about day 3 on. This stuff is flat out delicious. The Nitro Punch is a mix between fruit punch and red kool aid with a nice lemon-lime finish. Very strange, I know, but once you get used to it you crave it. The only drawback I can find that would be taste-related would be the mixability would sometimes be a bit troubling and the powder mixes RED. Like lava red, and it sticks to the shaker and your teeth a bit. Nothing extra water can't fix, but I can't help but shuttering at all of the fillers that must be in there to make it act that way.

    As far as dosing goes, 2 scoops with water right before you lift. Standard pre stuff, no drawbacks.

    Effectiveness: 8

    Supp-D had an interesting mix of effects on me through the course of the 3+ weeks. It's not stim heavy at all, and even at 2 scoops it was relatively mild in the stim department. But also remember I'm a stim junkie lol. This can be a pro for some because they don't want to feel like a crack addict while they lift. Understandable, and I have to admit I don't like that feeling 6 times a week either but I would like to see some more energy out of this stuff.

    Any lack of energy was made up for in the focus department. Along with a good pump, the focus was there every workout without fail. Not sure if it's from the Schizandrol A or a goodie in the focus prop blend, but it did the trick for me. Not "tunnel vision" that everyone craves, but it's definitely just you and the weights. Add in some good metal music and the weight room becomes your personal sanctuary.

    Speaking of the pump, AGAIN because of the prop blend I can't pinpoint what did the trick. Agmatine? GPLC? I know I respond to both very well on their own, so combined (even at a lower dose) they worked well. Not as intense as a nitrate pump but it could be felt after the warmup set every time and didn't leave until well after I was out of the gym.

    The strength and endurance from the Supp-D was average or slightly above. It does have Carnosyn in it but the tingles were never consistent, and that's basically an indicator of the BA working in your body. And with the CEE at the back end of the prop blend, there can't be much, even in a 2 scoop serving. But I don't necessarily take pre's for an endurance boost, even though that's a plus for sure. I look for a pump, focus, and an increase in explosiveness. Supp-D supplies the first two but lacks in the explosiveness dept. a bit.

    Overall: 8

    The final verdict on the Supp-D, all these days later: go for it. I liked it because I like pre's that give a pump, and this fits the bill. If you're a stim junkie, there are better options out there. But I also like that even though there are prop blends, you can add other things to this without a problem. By that I mean you can add your own creatine on top of the CEE in the prop blend because it's a trace amount to begin with and won't cause any negative sides. Same can be said for beta alanine, aminos, even stims. Also, if you're looking for a unique taste that you'll actually look forward to drinking, give Supp-D a whirl. Solid 8's across the board.

    Well, that only took me 4 months too long!
    • Great Taste
    • No Comedown
    • Great Focus
    • Good Pumps
    • Excessive Dyes
    • Not Widely Available
    • No Crack-ish Feeling(if You Like That)
    • No Beta Alanine Feeling!

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