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Lean Pro Matrix is a Blended Protein Powder manufactured by Next Level Nutrition. It contains a blend of different types of protein and will promote lean muscle mass and fat loss.

See all 54 products in:
Protein > Blended Protein


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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +1,339
Trust: 100%
  January 1, 2012

I have gone through a small tub of the Banana Cream flavor of the old formula and a 5lb pound tub of the new formula in Chocolate.

Taste: 9
Went into my local nutrition zone looking for a new protein, with a good blend and flavor. The store owner recommended this and I am really glad he did. The Banana was great, TASTED REAL!!!! Compared to similar things like muscle milk where it tastes like chemicals. Finished the banana and picked up the chocolate. The Chocolate was fantastic, typing this makes me crave some now actually. Loved the fact that all flavors were aspartame free.

Mixability: 9
Considering the serving size of one scoop, each product mixed very well. No clumping or anything getting stuck inside the shaker ball.

Profile: 10
When I first picked up this product it was Whey isolate with Casein. The second time they changed the formula it was Whey isolate, Milk, egg, and Casein. Very comparable to Pro Complex. Provided plenty of aminos in both formulas as well

Effects. 10
Took the first formula as a nighttime shake only. Felt fuller right away on account of the fast acting whey being used with the slower casein. Woke up each morning feeling full and less sore compared as to when I was not taking a bedtime protein. The Second I had the same results and also used it as a postworkout shake which I really enjoyed having and felt it was beneficial.

Value: 9
This product can be a little pricey, mine was like 60$ for a 5 lb tub but considering that each scoop was 34 grams of protein and had an excellent profile I feel this product is worth it.

Overall: 9
Great taste, decent price, outstanding profile. Al I can say is that this is an highly underrated protein blend. If there is a nutrition zone near you, GIVE IT A TRY!!!!! The only thing bad I can say about this product is that the first time I used it, the tub didn't come with a scoop.
  • Outstanding Taste
  • Outstanding Profile
  • Builds Muscle
  • A Little Pricey
Rep: +10
Trust: 0%
  December 26, 2011

I've used multiple tubs of this protein and have tried many flavors (chocolate, mint chocolate, strawberry banana, vanilla, cookies n cream). This is one of the best proteins on the market hands down and deserves way more hype than it gets.

Another positive note that I'd like to point out is that the protein is made in a cGMP certified factory (means that it has many checks before it is completed and the factory follows good manufacturing practices) and unlike almost ALL other supplement companies, this protein is FDA certified which means that everything that is claimed to be in it on the label has actually been tested and proved to be in it. Definitely a positive!

Taste: 10
All flavors are incredible! You can't go wrong with any one of them. Some of the best taste I've ever had from a protein from any company.

Mixability: 10
Mixes easily in minimal water or milk. No clumps, no residue.

Value: 8
Costs $55 for a 5lb tub. A little pricey, but considering the price of protein these days it isn't bad at all. Optimum gold standard sells for about the same price these days so it really isn't bad comparatively to all the other proteins on the market. Protein prices just suck in general.

Ingredient Profile: 9.5
The ingredients used are of exceptional quality with the first two sources of protein being high quality whey isolates (ion exchange whey isolate and cross flow microfiltration isolate). It also includes a high quality concentrate, calcium and potassium caseinate, egg albumen, collagen and colostrum, giving you a constant flow of amino acids to your muscles. In addition it contains a healthy amount of digestive enzymes to help absorption as well as a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals at fairly high dosages. There is quite a bit of glutamine and free form amino acids with nearly 4g of leucine per scoop to provide a leucine spike and anabolic trigger to stimulate protein synthesis.
A last key point is that each 40g scoop contains 34g of protein providing 85% protein by weight in each scoop. When you consider the additional things added to this protein (glutamine, digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals, etc) it really does prove that there are no additional fillers in this blend. Finally, there is only 2g of carbs 0g sugar and 1g fat per scoop. Very impressive numbers especially considering the outstanding taste.
The only reason I gave it a 9.5 and not a 10 for the profile is that it uses calcium and potassium caseinates and not micellar casein which is a higher quality casein protein. Other than that everything else is perfect.

Effect: 10
Personally I use this protein for my "during the day" protein. I use Iso-100 by Dymatize post workout with additional TAG glutamine and a little casein added in because iso-100 is 100% hydrolyzed whey isolate. However having this protein on hand during the day is really beneficial because I know that I can take it and know I will get a steady flow of aminos to my bloodstream throughout the day.
You definitely could take it post workout though since the first 2 sources of protein are isolates. It would still be highly effective and an excellent post workout.

Overall Lean Pro Matrix is a phenomenal protein which most people don't know about. It is the best protein blend I have ever seen and its worth its price.
  • Outstanding Taste
  • Outstanding Profile
  • Builds Muscle
    Rep: +4,254
    Trust: 100%
      February 19, 2011

    Lean Pro Matrix is one of the many excellent products that is little known on the market. It is a Nutrition Zone exclusive as it is from their house brand, Next Level Nutrition.

    Taste: 9.5/10
    This is one area that truly shines for Lean Pro Matrix. I have always been and still am a Pro Complex guy, but the taste of Lean Pro Matrix is one area that has been unsurpassed for me when it comes to blended proteins. Personally, I've had the Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Vanilla, and the Strawberry Banana and they are all outstanding.

    Mixability/Texture: 9.6/10
    Once again, this product is outstanding in this category. It mixes easily with the recommended amount of water with little to no clumping. For a product that contains casein, it is surprisingly smooth without that characteristic 'gritty' texture associated with some of the other blends that have the casein in it.

    Ingredient Profile: 9.6/10
    The one thing that Lean Pro Matrix has that Pro Complex doesn't is the inclusion of casein. I was also very impressed that they certainly didn't cut any corners in quality with the main source of protein being cross-filtered whey protein isolates and also including casein, egg proteins as well as colostrum. With added natural digestive enzymes and 34g of protein per scoop, I'd say they have a winner here.

    Effectiveness: 9.0/10
    This, just like many other proteins is a hard area to judge since its something that you don't necessarily 'feel'. However, with this product (like many others that I have reviewed), I have tried it on bulking, cutting, as well as maintenance phases to gauge its performance. I was pleased with no digestive issues, and no muscle loss on the cutting phases. This would be a protein blend suitable for either between meals or post workout.

    Price: 8.8/10
    This is the only drawback for me when it comes to this protein. While it is a pricey protein (just like other outstanding blends like Pro Complex), I feel that the outstanding ingredient profile does well to justify the price.

    Overall: 9.5/10
    This is a great protein that I would encourage everyone to try. You can get it from either their online website or from your local Nutrition Zone. This is a great protein with an excellent overall profile. Next Level Nutrition has a great product here and Nutrition Zone made a wise choice to use this as their 'house' protein.

    • Outstanding Taste
    • Outstanding Profile
    • Builds Muscle
    • A Little Pricey

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