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Neurella - Nutritiona Fuel For you Brain Reviews

By: Neurella Labs, INC.

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Neurella Labs, INC. for sending it out!
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  March 12, 2018

  • Focus
  • Mental Clarity
  • No Sides
  • No Dependence
  • Great For The Workplace
  • Great For Gym
    Good evening SR community, today I will be posting up a review for Neurella Labs Founders Edition, a natural nootropic product and probably the most interesting product I've reviewed this year, and one that I was excited to get my hands on. A big thank you to Neurella Labs for sending this product out through the TROOPs program and for being approachable throughout the logging process. I have not used a nootropic product for quite a while, so I was excited to give something new a go, and with something based on natural, patented ingredients, I had high expectations of Neurella. Let's get down to it.


    I wont even begin to describe the individual ingredients in Neurella, because they have done without a doubt the best job I have ever seen a supp company do of doing this themselves on their website. I highly recommend you click on the below link if you are interested in this product to get a very good understanding of the ingredients contained within:

    So I didn't just read through their ingredient list and leave it at that, I did a bit more digging to see what the recommended doses of these ingredients were, which isn't easy to do when you're talking about obscure ingredients compounded together into a product. Based on what I could find online (and some of the 'recommended EDs' varied wildly) Neurella has done a great job throwing together a well-dosed profile. I was really happy to see Huperzine-A, N-acetyl Cysteine and a patented form of Ashwagandha root+leaf (Sensoril) in the profile. Not to mention there's a heap of other patented ingredients in there, I cant really fault anything in this profile by reading the label, their website and doing some research on dosages. All that's left now is to see if it actually worked.


    As this is a pill product, taste and mixability aren't really a consideration, apart from any ill-effects like burps and burning after ingesting the pills. Neurella didn't give me any of these, I am glad to report. In terms of dosing, I dosed the entire container as per the directions on the label, which was 2 pills with breakfast and my multivitamin and another about an hour before my gym workout in the afternoons. I took 2 weeks after I finished the container to write the report to assess any post-supplement effects, and can report nothing out of the ordinary coming off Neurella, another tick for the product.


    Alright, so this is where it all comes together. How did Neurella go effectiveness-wise. Well straight up, I found an increase in my alert-ness in the mornings, once I got to work I felt I was able to prioritize and organise my activities for the day with more clarity. It was not a full-bore semi cracked-out feeling some nootropics and/or stims have in the past, but just a smooth, calm feeling like 'ok I need to do this this and this and this is the order im going to do them and this is how im going to get them done' and as a person who has anxiety and always has that 'what if' feeling in the back of my mind slowing me down, I found this really positive. At first I thought OK yeah sure, this is what the product is supposed to do, so am I just getting a placebo effect? After this continuing for a few weeks and not wearing off, I was more convinced the product itself was doing its job really well. The defining factor was finishing Neurella and giving myself 2 weeks to assess its effectiveness, at which point I began to see the signs of my thought-process slowing down a little and going back towards 'normal'. Honestly, I was very impressed with the cognitive 'enhancement' Neurella provided me in the workplace.

    The other place where I wanted to see Neurella perform was in the gym. I can sometimes get distracted in the gym, thinking too far ahead, or looking at the clock thinking I gotta get home and slam some chicken, or whatever (I don't bring my phone in with me as it would be a distraction too). Pre-workouts go one of 2 ways for me, they either focus me into tunnel-vision crazy, or they crack me out and I sit there sweating my pants off with the shakes. Neurella was really effective at focusing me and getting me back on track to what I am there to do, without any of the negative sides like excessive sweating, jitters or nausea feelings. Now, it was not a crazy focus like DMAA will give you, but as it was not a short-term dosed product like a pre-workout, I found the focus to be more consistent workout to workout and not something I would get used to over time. I was very impressed with the focus Neurella gave me in the gym and I found it to be an excellent combo when combined with a low-stim or stim-free pre.

    VALUE - 8/10

    High quality, patented ingredients dosed at effective level don't come cheap. Either direct from Neurella or on Amazon this is setting you back $50 for a months supply. That's not bad value for something that works as good as Neurella does, with the every day positive cognitive effects Neurella gave me, combined with the focus in the gym, I am happy to give a high value rating for Neurella. If you think about how much you'd be dishing out per month for a nootropic + a low stim pre, you'd probably end up somewhere around $50/month anyway, and you may/may not get the same effectiveness as Neurella gives.

    SIDE EFFECTS - 10/10

    Nothing to report here guys. No issues whilst taking the product, no issues coming off the product, no dependence or anything. Really big tick here as you cant say the same for a lot of other nootropics.

    CONCLUSION - 8.8/10

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time using Neurella and was pleasantly surprised with the positive cognitive effects during every day working life, as well as the positives in the gym. Neurella could be used simply as an every day mood and cognitive enhancer for your work, as well as in the gym. The slogan on the label 'nutritional food for your brain' is pretty spot on in my opinion. Would I buy this product again with my own money? Yes. Would I recommend this product to others? Definitely, for a range of people, not just people in the gym. Thanks once again to Neurella for giving me the opportunity to log their product, it's been a blast.

    COMMENTS (1)

    • drhelp
      Rep: 0
      March 16, 2018

      as a psychiatrist who has recommended this product to dozens of patients, I can attest that this is quality product that does what it says. I see it as a broad spectrum, properly dosed, scientifically validated (through countless independent studies on the component ingredients) mix of potent, medicinal herbals/vitamins/cofactors etc. This is a difficult regimen to get patients to follow daily when purchased separately. It would cost too much and people won't comply with opening 10 or more bottles daily; believe me, I know b/c I've tried it for years. So I'm really happy to see this all-in-one solution. It doesn't have EVERYTHING i would suggest (such as Vit. D, omega 3,) and nothing works for everyone, but I've seen it work for about 90% of the people I know who take it regularly. And there is a BIG difference taking 4/day vs. taking 2 caps/day. Nothing's perfect, but Neurella is a VERY good place to start addressing mental, psychological, cognitive well-being

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