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Isopure Reviews

By: Natures Best


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Isopure is a Whey Protein Powder manufactured by Natures Best. It is a dairy based protein that supports lean muscle gain by suppling additional protein to recovering muscles, which can also improve fat loss.

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  June 8, 2010

  • Builds Muscle
  • Quality Protein Source
  • Good For Clean Diets
  • Low Fat/sugar
  • Expensive
  • Taste Is Not Great
As an introduction, let me say this is an amazing product. It is a very high quality protein source, low carbs and sugar and such. If you like to stick with high amounts of quality protein post workout, take this.

Taste - The taste is pretty bad to be honest. In milk it isn't so bad but considering you bought a low carb protein, you are probably mixing it in water. Taste is not undrinkable so if the results are the only thing important to you (should be) then you can down this. The mixability is very good, it dissolves almost clear. The texture is very thin so look on the bright side that it doesn't taste bad AND is as thick as goop.

Results - I got good results from this, no fat gain from it, good muscle maintenance, no side effects. The profile is very good and made of quality protein sources.

Price - It is very expensive, but it IS worth it. You get what you pay for and in this case you are getting a product that is worth the big bucks you will drop on it. If you are trying it for the first time, get the small container for about 40 bucks, if you are a diehard fan after you try it, then I'd recommend buying the big drums of it for 85. I bought the big drum of it and didn't regret a cent.

Recommended for - People who watch their diets or are on cuts. For people like me who watch every nanogram of their macro/micro nutrients, this protein is PERFECT. Especially the zero carb version. Pure Protein essentially. The only downside is the sodium content is just as high as any other supplement around. If it were sodium free, I would buy tubs of this by the truckload.

Side effects - None. You may get an upset stomach if you take 2 servings too close to each other due to the high concentration of protein going into your system in a short time. Don't do this.

Conclusion - I'd recommend everybody try this product. It is a great protein for anybody who is diet-conscious. It is right up there with ON's proteins and MyoFusion.

  July 27, 2009

My roomate swears by this stuff... never mind the fact that he's almost 200 pounds (marshmallow fluff) and can barely do 20 pushups without a almost having a stroke. He normally gets the strawberries 'n creme, but one time he decided to try the alpine punch. He found the flavor to be too nasty so he gave the tub to me.
At first I was like "Score! This stuff is expensive as hell. Must be awesome."
Overall, not that much more impressive than most protiens. Sure, one serving has 50 grams of protien, but wait, a single serving is two scoops, so it doesn't have any more protein than your standard whey (you're body can only use about 20g at a time anyways, from what I am told). If you're trying to lose weight, I suppose the zero carbs thing works out alright, but if you're trying to gain it, like myself, you need carbs.
Flavor was weird and unsettling, texture was chalky. Despite claims, stayed chunky despite mixing it for several minutes in a shaker cup.
Overall, not a terrible product, but excessive for a supplement of it type, in my opinion. Whey protein, the staple of supplements, is pretty simple by nature. Seeing as how supplements are so expensive to begin with, this is one of the few categories you can really skimp on. Most of us use it simply to add more dietary protein. The differences between this and your basic $10 jug of Wal-Mart designer protein are for the most part superficial.
Then again, I'm not a registered dietitian, so maybe the fat that it's purer/dissovles clear/no carb/makes your teeth whiter/comes with chrome spinners/forged in the fires of Mt. Doom makes it superior in some way, but I have yet to tell.

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