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Bacopa monnieri Reviews

By: Natures Answer

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Bacopa monnieri is an Herbal Product manufactured by Natures Answer. It is a naturally occuring substance that is derived from natural elements/plants in nature.

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  November 21, 2015

  • Cheap If It Works For You
  • Not Effective


So I had a chance to pick this up from a sale table for super cheap. I'm really not into herbs, or Ayurvedic medicine or anything like that but my interest lay in the fact that this is a common ingredient I see in pre workouts. It's usually put in them to boost cognitive function and focus. As a result, it's an ingredient I have done some research on in the past. In addition to supposedly helping cognition, in larger more sustained dosages it's also said to be good for improving memory and anxiety. Again, I was interested because I am a generally high strung and anxious person AND I have a terrible memory to boot.

Thanks to ( I found there are some decent studies and evidence to support claims of increased memory and attention, but they were done on elderly people with cognitive decline. Factual evidence for the other claims of reduced anxiety, cognitive function, and focus are less concrete but still exist. When dosing, anecdotally, anti anxiety effects can be acute but the cognitive effects take time and sustained use over the course of months. That doesn't really bode as an ingredient that would make a difference in a pre workout.

From everything I could find Natures Answer seems like a reliable brand so I had high hopes, but low expectation as always.

Ingredient Profile

Just one ingredient, Bacopa Monnieri. Each capsule contains 100mg of a 20% extract and 400mg of whole leaf powder. It's nice to try products with a singular ingredient because you know for sure what they are or aren't doing!


These are capsules. They do have a little bit of an 'herbally" taste to them, but nothing terrible. I took 2 pills once per day. It did recommend to split the capsules up into two doses, but in my experience that usually doesn't make a big enough difference to notice. I wasn't taking pills twice a day at this time and I wasn't going to remember to take that second dose, which is why I did it all at once. I was constitent about getting in the one dose every day though.


Normally I like to break things down a bit, but I'm going to make this short and sweet to not waste your time. I didn't notice any positive effects in any of the areas Bacopa is supposed to help. As far as I could tell from the research I did online I was getting an effective dose. Some of the studies showed it took up to 8 weeks to see results, but I feel like I should have noticed something after almost 6 weeks on it. If anything I think it has the opposite effect. I seemed to get stupider and couldn't remember things even worse than normal. My wife even noticed and asked if I was okay! Perhaps this effect is similar to the way an ADHD person takes stimulants to calm down, I don't know. So it had negative effectivness, hence the especially low score.


Probably the only bright spot about this product is that it's cheap. You can find a months supply at many retailer for under $10. Unfortunately, something that doesn't work has no value no matter how cheap it is.

Side Effects

I did not have any side effects. It did mention that upset stomach could occur and recommend that it be taken with food. I did so and didn't have any issues.


I'm really glad I tried this. It has totally busted it as a pre workout ingredient for me. No longer will that be a selling point of any pre workout that contains it. Also, the doses I have seen in pre workouts would fall massively short of effective anyways. I know everyone reacts differently so your results may vary, but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone and certainly I wouldn't have any high hopes for a pre workout that relies on it for focus.

Thanks for reading!

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