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SleepBoost Reviews

By: Nature Restore

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Nature Restore for sending it out!
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  February 14, 2018

  • All Natural
  • Relaxation
  • Flexible Dosing
  • Affordable
  • Prop Blend
  • High Melatonin Level
Before I get into my review for Sleep Boost, I would like to thank Nature Restore for giving me the opportunity to log their product through the TROOPS program. I would also like to thank them for sending it so quickly to me so I could get right on it, so a promptly posted review is only fair from me.

OK, so I love sleep aids, and I've tried everything from single herbs like Valerian Root and 5HTP all the way up to the most hardcore stuff on the market dosed to the balls with Phenibut and GABA. For the most part, I respond better to the pharma chemicals as opposed to the natural herbs. While Sleep Boost is in the 'natural/herb' side of sleep supplements, I was still keen to give it a go as I would like to find something that works for me that isn't dosed up hard on Phenibut. Let's get into it.


So Nature Restore have put together a multi-pronged ingredient profile, with some listed amounts of ingredients and a prop blend that is composed mostly of herbal ingredients. I have never used Magnesium Glycinate before, and it is well-dosed at 300mg, so I was keen to see its effects on me. L-Theanine at 50mg is a decent dosage, as other reviewers have mentioned below. I have used L-Theanine before, but only in conjunction with other, more powerful ingredients, so I felt its influence would be better tested in Sleep Boost without those other ingredients. Now here is where I start to have issues with Sleep Boost. Melatonin is listed at 6mg for a 3 pill serving. Studies show that as little as 2mg is enough to feel an effect. 6mg is therefore a lot. The biggest issue I have with the formulation is that the instructions say don't have more than 12 (!) pills a day. That's 24mg of melatonin. I find that sort of disclaimer at the top of the ingredient profile irresponsible, as ingested 24mg of melatonin on a daily basis is going to at the very least give you a decent sleep hangover. Finally, there's a prop blend with some herbs, the only one of which I've used before was Valerian Root. The prop blend is 1100mg, and Valerian root is down on the blend list, and I like to take my Valerian root between 600-1000mg, so you do the maths and figure out if there's going to be enough to really make a difference. It's not a bad ingredient profile, I just feel that Nature Restore wasn't sure if the other ingredients would work so they dosed up the melatonin to 'make' the product work.


No issues with taste or mixability, they are pills. Dosing started at the recommended 3 pills 30mins to 1 hour before bed, and was increased to 5 pills eventually so that I could feel it working. At 10mg of melatonin a night I was unwilling to continue to increase the dosage just to see what might happen, however down below in effectiveness I'll explain that I felt I needed more of this for it to actually work the way I wanted it to.


So in short, Sleep Boost gave me a calming experience prior to bed and some improvement in my sleep duration and quality, but it was not the magic natural/herb based sleep aid I was hoping it would be. Initially on 3 pills I would feel a little bit of calmness and tiredness before bed, although I think there's a bit of a placebo effect going on. I didn't really feel that much of a deeper, more thorough sleep, nor did I feel any sort of sleep hangover in the morning after. After approximately 2 weeks like this, I upped the dosage to what I considered my limit on melatonin, which was 5 pills/10mg. At this dosage the calming and relaxation before bed was more noticeable, most likely due to the melatonin kicking in and the L-Theanine and Valerian Root being at a higher dosage. My sleep was improved to the point I was either not waking up, or waking up once or twice only instead of the multiple times I would normally wake up per night. I experienced some sleep hangover at this dosage, although it was nothing like what a high dose of Phenibut or GABA would give you. I would not call it a knock out sleep don't move for 8+ hours, which leads me to believe either the melatonin either doesn't work so well for me, or it does work and the rest of the ingredients, including the prop blend, are a little meh. Put it this way, I would be very nervous to take 10mg of melatonin and a proven sleep aid supplement like Phenibut if I had to wake up at a reasonable time the next morning, and that really sums up the effectiveness of Sleep Boost for me. Where I can see Sleep Boost being something I would consider again would be as a bridge between a phenibut containing sleep aid and the next sleep aid, whilst still wanting something to help with your sleep.

While Sleep Boost is targeted at a better, deeper sleep, I also took notice of any changes in my recovery. Naturally, a better sleep will give you better recovery, and that is where I found Sleep Boost to sit. I didn't see a marked improvement in my recovery on my time on Sleep Boost, and any improvement that I did see I would mostly attribute to just having a better sleep.

VALUE - 9/10

The value of Sleep Boost is great, 90 caps for around $20USD, assuming it will work for you at the recommended dosage of 3 pills. Once you start having to increase that dosage, the value begins to diminish. I still rank Sleep Boost quite highly for value because it does work, even though it's not a knock out sleep supplement.


Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed my time on Sleep Boost it did not give me the knock out sleep supplement effects that I was hoping this herb-based profile would. I found Sleep Boost was effective in calming and relaxing me prior to going to sleep, and at a higher dosage gave me an improved, deeper sleep without the hangover that other, more powerful sleep supplements have given me. My largest concern with Sleep Boost is the high level of melatonin in the ingredient profile, and the recommendation that you can take up to 24mg of melatonin a day. Based on that, I would find it hard to recommend Sleep Boost for someone else without the proviso that you take it easy on the dosage, as there's such a high level of melatonin ingested if you really up the dosage. Would I buy Sleep Boost with my own money? If I was after a bridging sleep aid supplement, then the value is really hard to go past, so I would definitely look at it. Would I recommend Sleep Boost to others? Yes, on the proviso that they kept the melatonin intake in check. Thanks for reading guys.

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