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Gotu Kola 500 is an Herbal Product manufactured by Nature Restore. It is a naturally occuring substance that is derived from natural elements/plants in nature.

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  May 12, 2017

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Nature Restore for sending it out!
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Always looking for something that can help with a little pick me up as I get older. As a father of 2 young kids, I don't feel that I have the energy to keep up with them so I'm looking for whatever I can find to help fight fatigue, improve my mood and keep energy levels elevated so I don't feel like I'm always telling my kids no when they want to do something. When Nature Restore posted a slew of their products for the TROOPERs, I saw Gotu and it peaked my interest as it is supposed to help with fatigue so I picked it up.

Ingredient Profile

One ingredient - Gotu Kola, 500mg (Centella Asiatic, 10% triterpenes). From what Nature Restore posted about Gotu - research on gotu kola suggests that when consumed regularly one may experience a reduction in fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Furthermore, it may also improve memory and intelligence. As shown it may support mood, anxiety and fatigue as an incredible adaptogen and may induce collagen synthesis for youthful and elastic skin.

I picked this up mainly for the fatigue and anxiety aspects but reading up on this on it seems to be best for cognitive enhancing however it takes a few weeks to kick in and unfortunately, I do not think one bottle was enough to achieve these benefits especially at the suggested doses.


Directions per posting on the TROOPer dashboard - 500mg per capsule, 90 capsules per bottle (1 month supply)

Directions per the bottle - Take one (1) capsule daily with a meal

Which one is it? I sent the rep a note but that went unanswered which ticked me off. If you are going to post products, then be involved until the review is up. Not responding could lead to under dosing and ineffective products which could end in a bad review. Sorry for the side rant but this is not the first time this has happened and it chaps my hide.

To answer the question - NEITHER dosing was effective for me. After checking this out on Examine, dosing for someone my size is anywhere from 2,900mg - 5,500 mg daily for cognitive enhancing effects. It does not that 500mg - 750mg twice daily should help with anxiety and enhanced mood but I did not see any effects at these dosages which I will further detail below.


I can say that I did enjoy this product once I found the proper dosage. After not getting a response from the rep and doing some minor research online, I started off with 3 pills (1,500mg) daily. I did this as when I did the minor research some websites noted liver toxicity at or above these levels. I then turned to Examine which did not note any clear studies that showed toxicity so after running Gotu at 3 pills a day for 2 weeks and not noticing anything I upped the dosage to 6 pills (3,000mg) a day spread throughout the day.

This is where I really started to notice this product working where I wanted it to. I noticed that my afternoons did not drag as much and I was not getting up for the afternoon cup of coffee. It did not make a huge difference in the way I felt but it was enough that I could through my afternoon without the coffee. I can't say that I noticed much of the other supposed effects (reduced anxiety, cognitive enhancement) from this product. They could have been there or it might be that I just needed a longer run of the product for it to really kick in and shine.


Looks like you can pick this up through Amazon for $12.95 for a 90 count supply or through Nature Restore's website fro $14.95 for a 90 count supply. This is a good value IF you can get the effects of the product at 1-3 pills a day. However, if you have to up the dose to 3,000mg a day then you are getting a 15-day supply. While this does not greatly devalue this product, it does make it a $1.00 a day per serving and I do not feel for the slight effects that I felt that it would be worth it. I think there are better products out there that you can get for a $1.00 a day in which your money would be better spent.

Side Effects



I think this is a good general health product that if properly dosed could provide some benefits. I would be interested to see how I would respond over a 2-3 month period using it but feel my money is better spent on other products that I know work and will provide benefits right away.
  • Reduced Fatigue
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