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Cayenne 500 is an Herbal Product manufactured by Nature Restore. It is a naturally occuring substance that is derived from natural elements/plants in nature.


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  March 22, 2017

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
(Thanks to Nature Restore for sending it out!)
Who does not like a little spice in their life? I know I do, but sometimes my body hates my choices of spices. This was one of them unfortunately.
Now at first when I saw this available I thought , meh I will pass, but after a few pages of research I thought, maybe I should give this a try.
The aid in blood flow and joint relief and thermogenesis from this sounded great to me. So how did it work?

Profile 9
Actually this one is pretty good if you compare it to other brands. Nature restore does a great job at giving you a good healthy dose of capsaicin at 225 mg.
I am not going to go into deep detail and repeat what others have said and explain what this is. If you know anything about a pepper and the heat it brings, you have a good idea of what is going on. Check out htevans review on here as he did a awesome job on explaining the ingredient.

Dosing 9
Easy to swallow pills. I took anywhere from 2- 3 a day . It did seem to not give me heartburn as bad if taking one pill at a time.
2 pills would almost kill me, but more on that later.

Taste 6
Now it is not that it tasted bad but I would like to not have to taste cayenne pepper on the regular. And this was not like a real tasty pepper this, is just the extract and it is not as tasty to me.

Effectiveness 5.5
Well I did have some good side effects from this but I did have some major sides too that was just too much for me to want to jump on this bandwagon again. First off, I could feel the added heat from this even with just one pill. It was not overwhelming but it was subtle and noticeable at the same time. Also this did bring a small energy boost that was nice too. Not very strong but enough for a good midday boost. This did continue the rest of the bottle. Now I do not think this is going to be the next product that the Dr. OZ followers are going to say they lost 100's of lbs by taking this pill. Just like any other product, it takes diet , training and dedication to turn your lifestyle around. Not just a pill. Now I never noticed much of the joint relief this has been said to provide, maybe my joints are just too bad. But again I think for true joint relief it takes changing your training program and entire diet and then maybe medication. Now with all that said, if you are a health nut and trying to get into the healthy supplement world this maybe a good product for you. Now with all that said you may ask why did I rate the effectiveness so low? That is where I am heading now.

I had terrible heartburn with this. Even just one pill, with food and heaven forbid I take it without food. I would regret taking this for well over an hour.
I messed up one day and took 2 pills fasted before breakfast. I was so miserable I could barely eat. I never made that mistake again. For this reason I just had a very hard time taking this . Now what is strange I can eat some pretty hot food and it not really effect me. Sometimes barbecue does it to me but not hot spicy stuff. But this cayenne was just too much for me.

Value 7.5
12 dollars for 90 ct bottle is not bad. Again htevans did a good job explaining why this is a good deal when comparing another cheaper less quality brand.
You have too look at the dosage and quality of supplements when weighing the value on one.

Overall 6
Nature restore has some good products and I would like to check out some others but this one just did not agree with me for some reason. Everyone is different and this is proof. If not for the terrible heartburn I would have rated higher. I hope some give this brand a go and thanks for being a part of
  • Thermo Effect
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Heartburn
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  March 19, 2017

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
(Thanks to Nature Restore for sending it out!)
Thanks to Nature Restore for sending this out! I picked this mostly because I wanted to try a challenging review and I like the science behind capsaicin so I figured what better opportunity than this.

----Ingredient Profile---- 9/10
Each pill contains 500mg of 0.45 capsaicin extract-that's 225mg of capsaicin. I couldn't really find much on how much effective capsaicin constitutes an efficacious dose but I found the range to be 500mg-3g (500mg-1g 3x/day) with 1.5g being most common. Capsaicin has a host of benefits, some of which are: increased metabolism, fat oxidation, thermogenesis, decreased inflammation, and improved blood flow. Additionally, it is used to help treat arthritis but I think it is more commonly used in a cream form for that purpose, but I am not certain.

Also, I typically 500mg pills of an undisclosed capsaicin extract from competitors. I have used NOW's cayenne before and that extract was listed at 40,000 Scoville units whereas this is listed at 70,000 Scoville units-that's 1.75x more! Therefore, I'll give Nature Restore the benefit of doubt here and assume that this is above the industry standard. I will also assume that the dosing range I found was for capsule amount [500mg] and not effective capsaicin [225mg]. I just can't imagine having to take this 6-7 times to get ~1.5g. The only things I could think of including are some sort of coating to help prevent heartburn and some sort of absorption enhanced like Black Pepper Extract. Their absence is not a huge deal but that is what would make this a 10/10.

----Taste/Mixability/Dosing---- 9/10
There was no taste per se to this supplement but there was a hint of a peppery aftertaste. Since capsaicin comes from peppers and this is literally cayenne pepper, the aftertaste is no surprise. It is near nonexistent if you take this with food, which I highly recommend. I tried taking this without food a few times and the peppery aftertaste and heartburn were so intense I had to eat immediately and never took it without food again. Moreover, I took this 2-3 times a day with my main meals of the day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

----Effectiveness---- 8/10
This category is extremely hard to rate. I have no real way of telling if this decreased inflammation or increased blood flow. Similarly I cannot know for sure if there was improved fat oxidation at a cellular level. I also cannot speak to the arthritis-related effects since I do not have arthritis. However, I do believe I experienced a slight metabolism boost and some thermogenesis. Within ~15-30 minutes of taking this, I felt noticeably warmer. It wasn't like I burning up but I could tell a difference from before the dose. Therefore, I'm relatively sure I experienced some boost in thermogenesis from this cayenne supplement. Additionally, I felt like there must have been some improvement in my metabolism as I was able to sneak in a snack here or there and didn't really notice a difference in the scale. Now, capsaicin will not get you ripped on its own but I think the science behind its metabolic properties is pretty strong so I believe that it certainly aids fat loss to some extent. In other words, I couldn't get away with adding a sheet cake nor a Snickers into my diet but I could probably afford an additional apple throughout the day.

----Value---- 7.5/10
I found this on Amazon [Prime] for $11.95 for a 90ct bottle. In comparison, I found NOW's cayenne pills on Amazon [Prime] for $10.43 for a 250ct bottle. Of course Nature Restore's extract is 1.75x more potent but it is not necessarily worth it as you could save $ and just take more of an inferior product like NOW. Still, you're paying somewhat for the convenience of not having to take 10+ cayenne pills a day and to avoid the subsequent heartburn. If you're in the market for a cayenne supplement, I'd say the cost difference is worth the convenience. However, I would personally like to see a special coating or nutrient absorption enhancer added in for the price.

----Side Effects---- 8/10
The only side effect I experienced was heartburn about 30 minutes after a dose. I mostly experienced this when I did not take the cayenne with food but sometimes I would still get it after a small meal. At its worst, this heartburn was absolutely terrible but the greater my food intake, the less intense the heartburn. By no means should you ever take this on an empty stomach, that is just suicidal.

----Conclusion---- 8/10
Ultimately, I felt like this was a good cayenne competitor. The heartburn was a real pain but I felt a real difference in terms of thermogenesis and an increased metabolism. Also, I trust the science behind the other purported benefits like improved blood flow so I imagine I experienced these hard to notice effects as well. This could be better with the inclusion of a special coating to help prevent heartburn and even some black pepper extract (or something similar) but its potency alone makes it a top contender for this category. I'd recommend this if you are in the market for cayenne for whatever reason, but do not think this is some sort of miraculous natural fat burner; it is not. Furthermore, I would not recommend this to replace a fat burner unless you are using it in conjunction with other supplements in a create-your-own fat burner. If you just want the fat burning properties, then take a dedicated fat burning supplement. If you want some all around health benefits with a fat-burning boost, look no further.

I got a 8 rating by averaging the "Ingredient Profile," "Effectiveness," "Side Effects," and "Taste/Mixability/Dosing" categories as these were most relevant here. That gives a 8.125 score but I rounded down to an 8 since I felt that there was more room for improvement in value, side effects, and ingredient profile than a 8.125 indicates. In other words, I felt that an 8 score was the most fair rating.
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  February 26, 2017

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
(Thanks to Nature Restore for sending it out!)

Another special thanks to Nature Restore for their support here on Today, I discuss their cayenne pepper extract supplement. You don't hear cayenne pepper much in terms of supplements on today's market, unless you're a more herbal staple enthusiast. Nonetheless, like other pepper-based extracts, cayenne pepper has been demonstrated to have quite a few benefits. I myself, have used cayenne extract a couple of times standalone because of it's benefits to support metabolism. Of course, the other benefits are always welcomed.

----Ingredient Profile----

One simple ingredient:

Each capsule comes packed with 500mg of cayenne pepper extract standardized at 0.45% capsaicin. I don't think I need to go in depth but as everyone knows capsaicin is the compound responsible for giving peppers their heat punch. (try a chocolate bhutla if you get the chance lol)

As I said before, cayenne has plenty of benefits. These benefits include antibacterial, anti-fungal, immunity support, metabolic enhancement, joint relief, blood clot prevention, and also can be used as part of detox.


Nature Restore advises that only one capsule be dosed each day with a meal. I took my capsule first thing in the morning with breakfast since the morning is where I would want the metabolic enhancement benefits.


I saw some good notable benefits while taking Cayenne. My skin seemed clearer with much less instances of occasional acne and redness in certain areas were relieved significantly. I also never got sick nor felt any kind of cold-weather induced lethargy so I can say the immunity benefits were there. While I don't often get joint pain, the cayenne helped alleviate the minor occassional joint discomfort I get from certain isolation movements and heavy squats.

The main thing I wanted to focus on was the metabolism effect. I did notice an increase of a thermo effect during my high intensity interval regimens and had a more "heated to the core" feeling. Also, I sweating more and I felt more energized for sustained periods of times, even without a pre-workout. My appetite seemed slightly diminished, so it does seem to have a potential appetite suppressing effect for those interested in that.

All in all, Nature Restore's cayenne pepper hit the mark where I expected it to.


I've found that you can purchase cayenne for as low at 11.95 per bottle. This equates to about 0.13 per serving considering you get a 90-day supply. If you're are a regular user of cayenne extract, no doubt, that's an astounding value.

----Side Effects----

None, though I've heard of some users getting heartburn from pepper extract supplements so make sure you always take it with food.


Again, if you're a regular user and believer in cayenne pepper's benefits, then Nature Restore provides you with a great, high-quality plant-based supplement at a price you can't beat.


  • Thermo Effect
  • Joint Relief
  • Better Skin
  • Immunity Enhancement
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value

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