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BoneBoost is an Herbal Product manufactured by Nature Restore. It is a naturally occuring substance that is derived from natural elements/plants in nature.

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  April 23, 2017

  • Bone Health
  • Good Value
  • Nice Name
  • Nice Label
  • Prevents Bone Loss
  • Nice Customer Service
  • Organic
  • AlgaeCal
  • No Constipation
  • Some Underdosed Ingredients
  • Only 90 Capsules
  • No Stacks Option


What's up Supplement Reviews (SR). It's time to review "BoneBoost" from the brand "Nature Restore". This is my second attempt of writing this review. The first one got deleted accidentally when I hit the F5 button :( Lifters, including me, usually care about muscles, fat and sometimes about our joints. But a small amount of lifters care about bones, unless they get injured. But lifting isn't only about muscles and fat percentage, it's also about bones. They support a lot of the weight we lift daily and while we take supplements to recover, we usually don't take anything to recover our bones. I would consider my calcium intake to be low. I don't drink too much milk, the Calcium I take usually comes from Whey Protein supplements and the occasional glass of milk. Is it enough? For a person that doesn't lift, probably yes but for a weight lifter, I think it's not enough because apart from the potential benefit for our bones, Calcium also has various other benefits for our health. But I will concentrate on reviewing this supplement based on what it did for my bone health.

Nature Restore did a good job sending this. They gave me 2 samples and sent me like a pamphlet that has information and nutrition facts of their other products so good job doing that. Other companies should do something similar.



"BoneBoost combines highly bio-available form of minerals with a proven herbal blend to support strong bones. Formulated with extracts that have shown promise in peer reviewed journals, BoneBoost is for the active person who may have concern with their bone density."


Considering this is the first review, I'll have to mention all the ingredients this has:
- Vitamin D3 (200 iu - 33% Daily Value): Vitamin D helps to protect bones and helps with Calcium Absorption. For Calcium to be absorbed adequately, it needs Vitamin D, they have like an intimate relationship so always make sure that the Calcium supplement you get, has Vitamin D included or just make sure to take Vitamin D during your day. The 200iu amount is kind of low because the minimum should be 400iu. But I don't have a problem with that. We most likely take Vitamin D from other sources (sunlight, multivitamins, food) and it's not hugely underdosed.

- Vitamin K2 (2cmg): This Vitamin is not so popular and it's not known so much. It is believed to participate in bone metabolism preventing fractures, osteoporosis, maintaining bone strength, etc. It also works together with Vitamin D and Calcium. According to, the minimum effective dose for Vitamin K1 is 50mcg while the minimum effective dose of Vitamin K2 (and its subdivisions) is 1,500mcg for MK-4 (one subdivision) and between 90-360mcg for MK-7. According to, Men aged 19+ should take 120mcg of Vitamin K per day and BoneBoost only has 2mcg :/ Heavily underdosed. I understand you expect these ingredients to work well together so I don't expect all of them to be clinically dosed but 2mcg!? Come on...

- Calcium (AlgaeCal - 400mg - 40% Daily Value): This is an organic plant based Calcium. There's not a lot of information and studies about this ingredient. It is believed AlgaeCal is more absorbable by our bodies which could also mean it's more bioavailable to our body. It is also said that AlgaeCal won't cause Constipation like other Calcium forms. This amount is okay, it's not highly dosed but not underdosed either. We can't compare this dose with other Calcium forms because even though the other forms are higher in dose, those high amounts are not completely absorbed or used by the body so it's all about what really gets absorbed.

- Magnesium Citrate (16mg - 5% Daily Value): Magnesium is very important for our body and even more when we lift weights. Lot of reactions need Magnesium to occur in our bodies. Calcium, apart from needing Vitamin D and K, also need Magnesium to increase absorption and availability and to let Magnesium do its job. Magnesium defficiency can cause a lot of problems like Arthritis and Osteoporosis. It's important that if we increase Calcium intake, we must also increase Magnesium intake and viceversa. Magnesium helps the body take calcium to the bones and participates in bone metabolism along with many other benefits. The amount of Magnesium needed is between 200-500mg so this is heavily underdosed too. Same comment I did with the Vitamin K. One thing is working together but for them to work together, atleast put them with half of the minimum dose lol. Good form of Magnesium though.

- Zinc (5mg - 40% Daily Value): Zinc stimulates the production of osteoblasts which are cells that help to form bones. They help produce collagen, calcium and other ingredients that are part of the bones. It also helps to prevent bone loss. This amount is acceptable, it's a good dose unless you have zinc defficiency. Try taking Zinc at a different time than Calcium, Magnesium and Iron because according to, they 4 use the same transporter. "If the transporter's uptake limit (800mg) is exceeding between these four minerals, absorption rates will fall. Taking less than 800mg of these four minerals at the same time is fine."

- Copper (300mcg): Copper helps to form collagen for our bones and connective tissues and it also fortifies them. Diets high in sugar make our body excrete copper. The 300mcg seems to be on the low side but it's not heavily underdosed, just a bit. Don't take excess copper.

- Manganese (700mcg): The 700mcg is also on the low side with 2g being the recommended dose. Some of it is found to be in the bones. It helps to form bones and connective tissues. It also helps with Calcium absorption. Don't take excess manganese (10mg). If you increase calcium intake, also increase manganese.

- Boron (1mg): Prevents bone loss, helps the body produce and use Vitamin D, increases bone formation, helps to maintain calcium and magnesium in the body and other benefits. It's also on the low side but not heavily underdosed.

Proprietary BoneBoost blend (624mg) of:
- Cuscuta chinensis seed: Some parasitic plant that helps to treat Osteoporosis. Combined with other herbs, it increased the number of Osteoblasts, slowed down the death of osteoblasts, helped with calcium absorption, helped produce collagen. I wasn't so convinced about these claims because they don't make too much emphasis on them. They make emphasis on other benefits not related to bones. Don't know if the amount is ok or not. I couldn't find any dose to use as a reference. Found 2 supplements at Amazon containing this ingredient but I don't know if they are a good reference.

- Epimedium extract: Other name for the common Horny Goat Weed. Reduces the rate of bone loss but nothing special. Might increase bone density at the hip and lower back. Don't know about the amount here, it's a proprietary blend.

- Polygonum Cuspidatum: Difficult to find the benefits of this plant. Apparently, this plant has a high concentration of Resveratrol and that's where the benefits might come from. Resveratrol might increase bone density. Inflamations might reduce the number of Osteoblasts (cells that make bones) and increase the number of Osteoclasts (cells that break down bones). So the anti-inflammatory properties of Resveratrol might balance the Osteoblast-Osteoclast ratio to bring it to a normal level so it contributes to bone health. BUT the problem here is that this is not Resveratrol itself, it's a plant with "high" concentrations of it but we don't know if the dose this plant has in this supplement has enough Resveratrol to produce the benefits I just mentioned.

And finally that's it, damn! I took hours investigating all of that! Hope you all read that lol.


- TASTE: They were in capsule form. There was no taste nor aftertaste.
- MIXABILITY: Didn't need any mixing. The vegetarian capsules were very easy to swallow.
- DOSING: 3 capsules daily with a meal. I usually took 3 capsules after my breakfast. Tried a few days taking the 3 capsules after my dinner. It has 90 vegetarian capsules so 3 a day means 30 servings.


I didn't really had a problem with my bones. I have an injury on my left hand wrist and I thought this would help with it. I bought a normal Calcium Carbonate supplement some days before taking BoneBoost. That supplement has Vitamin D and Calcium Carbonate in tablet form. So I was able to compare both forms of Calcium (Calcium Carbonate vs AlgaeCal). The cheap Calcium Carbonate felt heavy in my throat and stomach, it was obvious my body had to work more to absorb it. I knew it would be like that though, I got 400 tablets of Calcium Carbonate + Vitamin D for $15 lol, don't expect something easy to digest.

With BoneBoost it was different. The 3 capsules were easy to swallow and the digestion was great. I didn't feel heavy, my body wasn't working hard to digest the capsules so the claims that AlgaeCal increases absorption was true IMO. Another benefit I saw with BoneBoost was that it wasn't causing me any Constipation. The Calcium Carbonate tablets were causing me constipation. So good job there BoneBoost. It's difficult (not impossible) to say if it helped me with my bones. I think it did help me because I didn't suffer any joint and bone problem while lifting. I didn't take any joint support supplement and I'm lifting heavy weights so it's a plus that BoneBoost helped me not to get any type of joint/bone pain. BoneBoost helped to alleviate my injury on my left wrist but only temporary, just like 20% which is alright. That just tells me the problem of the injury isn't 100% about my bones. Most studies are from people taking these type of ingredients for lot of months so I wasn't expecting much from 1 bottle of BoneBoost. But I saw significant benefits that makes me want to try BoneBoost again and take it consistently.


Amazon has it right now for $20.95 (free shipping if $35+) and Nature Restore's website for $19.95 (shipping fee of $5 if your order is under $28.99 and free if it's $29.00+). That's a good price, I wouldn't pay more than $20 because some ingredients are heavily underdosed. Sure, you can get cheaper calcium supplements (like the one I bought) but BoneBoost has more ingredients and the quality is greater.

NatureRestore, read the "Suggestions for the Company" section at the end.


No side effects to report.


Nice mix of top quality ingredients. Unfortunately, some of them are heavily underdosed, others are slightly underdosed and others are ok. Won't suffer from Constipation. Easy to swallow, no aftertaste, won't have digestion problems. It's effective. Good value.



Thank you again for participating, allow me to make a few suggestions:
- Increase the dose of certain ingredients like Magnesium Citrate, Vitamin K2, Manganese, Boron.
- Don't hide/protect the amount of Epimedium Extract (Horny Goat Weed). Hide/Protect the 2 other plants if you want.
- Considering these type of supplements should be taken all the time by the person, then make bottles with more capsules and/or make stacks so we can save money buying several bottles.


  • Wade419
    Rep: +1,038
    April 23, 2017

    Good review! I especially like the inclusion of the Company Suggestions section at the end!

  • MarsheS
    Rep: +1,313
    April 29, 2017

    Thanks Wade!


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