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AstraGin 200 Reviews

By: Nature Restore

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Nature Restore for sending it out!
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  February 22, 2018

  • Increase Supplement Absorption
  • Enhanced Pump Feel
  • Amazing Value
  • Great Value
  • Enhanced Effects
  • Great With High Protein
  • Astraption
  • Huge Dose Per Serving


    Thank you to Nature Restore for participating in the SR TROOP program and for SupplementReviews for making this connection possible. Nature Restore is an interesting brand because they base their supplements on organic plants. They have several interesting products that I've made reviews here at SupplementReviews and other products I haven't tried. Most of us take a lot of supplements and expect them to work. We flood our body with Aminoacids, Creatine, Glutamine, Protein, Joint Support, Multivitamins, Multiminerals and the list goes on. That's only including supplements, we also have to include all the food we eat. So we expect them to work adequately but it's obvious our body is under a lot of work everyday to digest and use everything we take. So how can we increase the Effectiveness and Efficiency of what we consume? Here comes Astragin! Let's see how it worked...

    Btw, sorry for the delay writing this review. I was trying to see the difference with Astragin and without Astragin. And also I'll be honest, I've been reading lot of reviews, entering forum discussions, training, instead of writing my own reviews! lol.


    Only 1 ingredient: Astragin which is a combination of Astragalus Membracenous Root and Panax NotoGinseng Root. Other users have talked about Astragin already, there's also a "MFR's DESCRIPTION" at the product's page (to the left). You can also read the page dedicated to Astragin here: if you want to know more about Astragin.

    They also have a very simple YouTube video that explains in a very basic way what Astragin does: The video says this: "90% of absorption occurs in the small intestine. Many nutrients we consume such as Turmeric or Calcium are either marginally or poorly absorbed by the body. Astragin enhances nutrient uptake by activating certain transporter molecules in your small intestine, allowing more nutrients to cross the intestinal movement and enter the bloodstream, for use by our organs, muscles and more."

    The product itself says: "Nutrient absorption in human bodies are not automatic but rather, regulated by specific transporters. Astragin increases nutrient absorption through nutrient transporters in the digestive tract." The website also has a 14 minute video with Michael Wang, President & CEO of NuLiv Science, discussing the Mechanism of Action of Astragin. AstraGin is NuLiv Science's exclusive absorption enhancing ingredient.

    So as you can see, you're fully covered here, lot of information to read if you want to know more about Astragin. NuLiv Science tells us the recommended daily dosage is 50mg. So how much Nature Restore Astragin 200 has? 75? 25? 100? NOOO! It has 200mg! BOOM! That's 4x more. Definitely a 10/10 here.


    No taste nor aftertaste.
    SIZE: 90 capsules, they are small and easy to swallow.
    TIMING: They suggest to take 1 capsule daily with a meal. Sometimes I took 1 capsule daily, other times I took 2 capsules daily, 1 with my largest meal and the other one with my Protein supplement or with my Preworkout.


    Astragin was most effective for me when I took it with a meal that had lot of Protein. "ASTRAPTION" was perfect here. No protein farts, stomach didn't feel heavy for a lot of time. Taking Astragin during the time I did (Christmas, New Year, etc) when there's a lot of Turkey and Protein sources was GREAT! :D That meant I had to keep training during those holidays though, so no rest for me... YOLO!!

    I also tried it with my preworkout. I could notice a few improvements but I expected a bit more here. I thought that with Astragin, the Citrulline Malate wasn't going to send me to the bathroom but it still did lol, that's why I expected a bit more. But yea, I think Astragin helped, the tingling sensation from Beta-Alanine could be felt more and I think it helped my preworkout worked better. I was taking Regicide Pre-Workout at the moment, which has a lot of ingredients and in high doses so increasing their absorption is a win-win situation.

    I also tried it with my Whey Protein supplement post-workout and the digestion was improved. No protein farts, no heavy feeling, especially when I took 2 scoops at the same time, which is when some of those side effects can happen more. I also think it helped with Calcium. I'm taking a cheap Calcium + Vitamin D supplement and Astragin made it feel less uncomfortable to digest, especially the cheap Calcium Carbonate in tablet form (nightmare).

    Overall, I'm very satisfied with Nature Restore Astragin and the way it worked. The 200mg dose is fantastic to enter into the ASTRAPTION mode! :D I suggest using it with your largest meal as that's the one that should have the most amount of protein, aminos, vitamins, etc. But feel free to use it with any other supplement to see if it improves it.


    Some supplements have 25mg, 50mg, 75mg and even 100mg but from what I know, no other supplement has this huge dose of 200mg per serving. Nature Restore sells this product for $24.95. Free shipping for orders over $25 lol, but check their other products, some of them are interesting. A 3 month product for $24.95. What else do you want? The price was $32-35 before, that's why the Value is not very high but right now, $24.95 is a bargain! Even with the $32-35 price, it's still a good price. So it deserves a 10. That $35 price would deserve like an 8. A 10 here means: "The best deal ever. I will spend my money on nothing else." A very small amount of products get a DESERVED 10 here.




    Great product. Small capsules easy to swallow, perfect effectiveness with high protein foods, Highly effective with Protein supplements. Huge dose of 200mg per serving, only one available right now. I won't even add "Not widely available" to the "Cons" area because at that price, I don't care if it's not widely available lol. If the price increases to $35 in the future, then yes, Not widely available would be a Cons. But for this price, who cares!? I was taking too many supplements to fully determine the effectiveness of this pre-workout. I think it helped and improved my preworkout but can't absolutely conclude it was beyond placebo. Are you ready for ASTRAPTION!?

    COMMENTS (3)

    • BlakePullen
      Rep: +1,915
      February 22, 2018

      I am the only one not experiencing the pre-workout absorption benefits where people can feel better tingles and such :(( you'll see in my upcoming review lol)

    • Reaper61
      Rep: +1,220
      February 25, 2018

      I honestly found it more effective for post workout nutrition than I did for pre-workout usage. I might just be weird though. Glad it helped fight the gas bloat though.

    • MarsheS
      Rep: +1,532
      February 28, 2018

      @BlakePullen @Reaper61 I also found it most effective with my largest meal, which is usually post-workout because it's the one with the most amount of protein for me. The effects pre-workout were difficult to determine like I said, I felt it was helping because the endurance/performance effects were great with my preworkout but my preworkout was elite level, I guess you have to try this with a basic Cellucor C4 or something to see the difference lol. The Beta-Alanine was 4.2g so even without Astragin, tingles were expected! lol.

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