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AstraGin 200 Reviews

By: Nature Restore

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Nature Restore for sending it out!
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  July 21, 2017

  • Increase Supplement Absorption
  • Improved Recovery
  • Some Endurance Increase
  • Good Value
  • Possible Placebo Effect
  • Not Widely Available


If you have been taking supplements for several years there is a good possibility you have taken AstraGin. I know I have. It is in numerous products inlcuding BCAA, preworkouts, sleep formulas, growth formulas, and many more. I always wondered if it actually worked and if I would be able to see a difference if I took it in a pure form. So, when Nature Restore put up their Astragin product I wanted to try it. Here is the review.

Ingredient Profile

Nature Restore Astragin comes in a 90 capsule bottle. I will note that at the time of this writing if you were to purchase this from Nature Restore you would get three 30 serving bottles. They stated there was a manufacturing error in production when they filled the bottles. Regardless, it is the same amount. Each 100% plant based capsule contains 200mg of AstraGin. Before I get into AstraGin and the benefits it has I want to touch on the plant-based capsule.

If you ever looked at different pill supplements you will notice a vast majority of them come from gelatin capsules. Gelatin capsules are boiled down animal parts from pigs and cows. After it is boiled, you are left with a gel substance that can be formed into a pill shape. One of the drawbacks to gelatin capsules is they aren't very heat tolerant. Plant based capsules are all-natural and are made using cellulose. I much prefer my supplements to be capped in plant-based capsules as opposed to gelatin. I am glad that Nature Restore uses plant based capsules over gelatin capsules for their AstraGin product.

As previously mentioned, this AstraGin comes in a 200mg dosage (per pill). One thing you may notice is that the dosage seems high and it is. Most times when you see AstraGin it is in a 50mg dosage so with this you are getting four times the clinical dosage. Astragin is a blend of astagalus membraneceus and panax notoginseng. The major claimed benefit is that it can increase the absorption of several amino acids, vitamins, and supplements. The claimed percentages are a 6.7% increase in absorption rate of arginine, 18% increase in ATP production, and 50% increase in vitamin absorption. This all sounds great but many of the studies are "in vitro," which means outside the body. In addition, the patent holders NuLivScience used to have a sales sheet but it is no longer accessible. The sheet claimed a 41% increased in absorption of peptides and amino acids. NuLivScience also claims that the results of AstraGin could be seen instantaneous and measurable over a month when using it in a sports supplement. Overall, it is definitely a unique supplement.


Taste and mixability do not apply to this supplement but as mentioned before the active ingredient is in a 100% plant-based capsule. The standard dosage for Astragin from what I have seen is 50mg. This product contains 200mg in each capsule and they recommend one per day with a meal. My personal dosage was usually one per day with my multivitamins, creatine, or pre workout. I did try two, three, and four pills but I did not notice a difference over the one pill per day. So, if I were to take this again I would stick to just one pill a day.


I was on this product for about two months and it is hard to rate the effectiveness. I have been off it for several days and feel the same. However, there were three things that I noticed over the course of the bottle and they were some supplements felt stronger, increased vitamin-b absorption (presumed), and some improved recovery. Towards the start of taking this, I had just finished taking a pre workout and I moved to RTD energy/recovery supplements. The main one was FitAid, which was just okay. FitAid without Astragin I struggled getting through my workouts because it did not give me enough energy or really help at all with recovery. However, with the added Astragin I noticed I would be sustained through the workout (they were shorter then) and had slightly more endurance. Another supplement that Astragin aided was VMI Agmatine. I noticed that when I took the agmatine with the Astragin my pumps were slightly better than without it. It was nothing huge but definitely worth noting.

The next area I noticed was a perceived increase in vitamin B absorption. When I have taken multivitamins in the past, I notice that I sometimes will have bright yellow urine. This is due to excess riboflavin or vitamin b2 being excreted by the body. What I noticed when stacking this with my multivitamin I did not have that bright yellow urine all the time. So, this leads me to believe that perhaps the AstraGin was helping my body better absorb the vitamin b2 thus leading to less being excreted in my urine. This could have translated to other vitamins as well but this was the only one I could somewhat measure.

The last area I noticed was some slight increase in recovery. I was taking some recovery supplements while taking the Astragin and I think it enhanced them. I felt better recovery with the recovery supplements and Astragin over just the recovery supplements. This was most notable with Xtend BCAA. I noticed a slight recovery improvement over when I just took Xtend on its own. Overall, Astragin is a supplement that will benefit your other supplements. I do not think it will do much if you are not stacking it with different supplements. When stacked I found it to be effective and a welcome addition.


I actually could only find this product in one place and that was on Nature Restore website. It retails for $32.95, which makes it $0.36 per serving. I did not see a need to go over one pill per day since 200mg is four times the clinical dosage you are looking $0.36 per day. I think this price is fair if you believe in the benefits of Astragin. Just to note Nature Restore was the only place I could find to buy any pure Astragin product that looked legitimate (other had old labels and products I have not seen on the market in years). I am glad I was able to try it and if it did not come up on the Trooper program, I probably would have ended up purchasing to try it. Overall, I think it is worth a try and if you have the budget, it could potentially become a staple.

Side Effects

I had no side effects while taking this product.


Nature Restore Astragin is an effective product that is worth a try. It helped me enhance the effects of other supplements, improve my recovery, and perceived absorption of vitamin B2. It is priced fairly and comes in at four times the usual dosage so you are getting your money's worth. I would recommend giving it a try to stack with your current supplements. Thank you to Nature Restore for sending this out and the Trooper Program for coordinating it.


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