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Enriching Greens Powder Reviews

By: Natural Factors

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Enriching Greens Powder is an Anti-Oxidant manufactured by Natural Factors. It helps prevent the harmful 'free-radicals' that can cause cell damage in the body.

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  September 6, 2016

  • Better Organ Health
  • Helps Digestion
  • Increased Energy
  • Makes Me Pee Too Much
  • Not Great Tasting


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I am in no way a bodybuilder or pro athlete, I'm just a normal gym rat who wants to get stronger, more muscular, and feel better in the gym.

Ingredient Profile

This greens powder has dozens of ingredients from alfalfa to spirulina to barley grass to wheat grass. It also contains a ton of berries, carrot, pomegranate and other fruits and vegetables. They also added a digestive blend including enzymes, papaya and other things that help you digest food. It also has milk thistle to help your liver and stuff like green tea extract to help your organ health and overall health.


It isn't the best tasting drink I have ever had, but it mixes just fine with plain water. I personally am not the pickiest person in the world so for me I actually enjoy drinking it as something different with flavor.


I have trouble getting in as many vegetables and fruits as I should in my diet so this stuff helps me compensate. I have noticed I do have better energy during the day and my health has improved. My cholesterol levels have dropped 15 points and my blood pressure has dropped about 10 points. I really feel like this stuff is way better before my workouts than using something like a stimulant drink, because it is way healthier.


It is priced $22-30 retail price for a 10.6oz tub. That is in line with their competitors give or take a few dollars and competitive for what it contains. It has a dozen greens in it and some really nice enzymes to help digest food.

Side Effects

The biggest side effect of this product is it makes me urinate a lot more. Now this could be because of the diuretic ingredients or it could be because this stuff makes me naturally drink more liquids. It is a bit of a pain at night so I wouldn't recommend drinking it near bedtime for that reason.


It is very difficult to get in the proper amount of fruits and veggies in my diet so this is a great alternative to make sure you are doing it. After using this product I am not sure I can ever stop using it because my health is so important to me. It really helps digest your meals thanks to its enzymes. Bottom line is this stuff helps your health and with a lot of competition from greens powders out there, it is fairly priced so I would recommend giving it a shot.

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