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Peanut Butter is an Energy Supplement manufactured by MyProtein. It is designed to improve mental focus and energy.

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Rep: +4,691
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 58

  July 29, 2015

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to MyProtein for sending it out!
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Shout out to My Protein for dropping off a bunch of products for the ERs to give a whirl. Any company that backs big Benni Magnusson, is alright by me.
This review could be boringly brief and simple, cuz it's peanut butter ya know? But, I'll try.

For the most part, it's very similar to your standard store-bought peanut butter. For reference, I also had a jar of JIF on hand. Macros line up almost identically between the two, so if regular old peanut butter "fits your macros", then My Protein's will fit perfectly. Sugars are less, protein is a smidge higher, but they're minor differences.
As for ingredients, My Protein's peanut butter is touted as a natural nut butter. The label backs that up, and the consistency backs it up as well. I've never had a nut butter touted as being all natural, that hasn't needed to be stirred up every time I've gotten into it. Sort of goes with the territory, which is fine, though messy to an extent.

Ah yes, can you get the stuff onto a slice of bread for a classic PB&J sandwich? Yes, you can. I received the "crunchy" flavor, and despite the crunchy nature of the nut butter, it spread easily. Easier than any other natural nut butter I've had to date. It didn't matter if the slice was toasted or not, it spread smoothly and evenly.

Unfortunately I can't rate effectiveness, or at the very least it wouldn't make sense to. Instead, I'll put more into this category, since it's what most would ultimately care about.
I like crunchy version of peanut butter. It makes it a bit more, exciting, if you will. However, My Protein's seemed to be more nuts than butter. I wasn't exactly thrilled, but it still tasted the part. Compared to regular crunchy peanut butters (Skippy and JIF most notably) though, it falls way short of the taste standard they set. It still tasted good in a sandwich, but it wasn't quite what I was expecting taste-wise. However, in a smoothie (how I used it most), it was hardly noticeable at all. It worked in most applications, however I'm a total sucker for peanut butter. I love the stuff. Peanut butter anything, I'll eat (*insert jokes here*). I was disappointed at how quick the flavor washed out of a smoothie, and how little extra ingredients it took to kill it all together.

I'm not exactly sure what you're getting when you buy this stuff from My Protein, but I'll base my score off what their website offers. I received what would be the standard size for a jar of peanut butter, but the website offers a 40oz "box", but shows a picture for a giant tub. I'm guessing it will be 40oz when it's all said and done.
Website lists 40oz of peanut butter-y-ness for less than $8, before shipping and handling is added on. That's maybe a couple dollars more than what you can get from the local grocery store, but you also get quite a bit more. Considering orders from My Protein $80 and over ship free, this is a quick add that could help you achieve that vaunted free shipping.
At the end of the day, the price isn't too bad.

Taste is lacking, but everything else measures up. It's a good purchase when all is said and done, but I personally wouldn't buy it again. I'll take my GMO ridden nut butters. For more discerning consumers, it's an option worth looking at.
  • Natural Simple Ingredients
  • No Artifical Additives
  • Good Value
    Rep: +4,208
    Trust: 100%
      July 28, 2015

    Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
    Thanks to MyProtein for sending it out!
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    Thanks to MYPROTEIN for providing the experts for a subset of their product line to evaluate. This review is for the peanut butter. I know Frankie will give me a bit of flack for writing another short review, however this is a simple peanut butter and not much can be said.

    Ingredients: 100% peanuts, simple

    Usage: 2 Tablespoons every morning, blended with my oats and protein shake.

    Effectiveness 8.2: This is food!!! It is real natural peanuts. The consistency is similar to higher end natural peanut butter you can purchase in a grocery store. Great consistency, we all know the macros (16G of fat for each 2TBSP serving. Blended great!

    Taste: Great taste. No issues here. Again it is peanut butter!

    Value 8.1: At around 6 dollars on their website, it is priced fairly, but you have to purchase enough product to get free shipping. So that is the only downfall here.

    Conclusion 8.1: This is a great natural based peanut butter that tastes great and has a good consistency. I am always a fan to eat my food rather than supplement. Also I am a big fan of eating food not food product, so this hits the mark. Good simple product.
    • Delicious Peanut Butter
    • Natural Simple Ingredients
    • No Artifical Additives
    • Compliments Other Foods Well
      Rep: +5,757
      Trust: 100%
      TROOPer Level: 82

        June 29, 2015

      Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
      Thanks to MyProtein for sending it out!
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      So the wonderful people at decided to add yet another item for me to spend my money on. This is one that I have enjoyed for many days. Only improving everything I used it with.
      This review will be short and sweet.

      I am going to compare the profile of my other go to peanut butter. Which is Peter Pan. I know not the best but I loved the taste. Peter pan 100% natural
      serving size 32g Servings size 32g
      35 serving per container Calories 210 Calories from fat 150
      calories 190 calories from fat 130 Total fat 17g
      Total fat 16g Saturated fat 3g
      saturated 2g Trans fat 0g
      trans 0g Cholesterol 0mg
      sodium 0mg Total carbohydrate 6g
      Total carbohydrates 7g Dietary Fiber 2g
      dietary fiber 3g sugars 3g
      sugars 1g Sodium 140mg
      protein 8g Potassium 180mg
      Iron 4% protein 8g
      Iron 2%

      Well , its peanut butter, I happen to love peanut butter. That being said it would be hard to mess this up.
      This does seem to be a little less runny than other ( natural's) I have tried and I really liked that.
      The one I got was crunchy, because normally I do not go with that I thought I would change it up. Much to my surprise they actually meant, very very very crunchy peanut butter. Not a bad thing at all but keep in mind this is very chunky with peanuts.
      I used this in almost every way I have ever used PB, I used it in blender shakes in the morning, on my ants on a log snack treats, my favorite was maybe apples and PB or my morning protein waffles and use the PB instead of syrup.

      Again hard to judge, just using this for adding calories and healthy snacks was what it was all about for me.
      I will say I had zero stomach or digestive issues so that is a plus to me. Very tasty and to me very healthy.

      A 40 oz tub right now is 6.37 and is always having discount codes here so the value will only go up.
      I have to say this is a really big tub of PB! I used this ALOT , and it lasted a long while. Honestly I have used it so much I am bit tired of PB for a while.

      I think on my next order I will try the smooth and see if I like it better, but overall I am very pleased with this run. It is hard to beat a good healthy snack that can be whipped in minutes. Thank you to for being a part of and letting me and others try this tasty treat.
      • Delicious Peanut Butter
      • Natural Simple Ingredients
      • No Artifical Additives
      • Compliments Other Foods Well
      • No Sodium
        Rep: +5,654
        Trust: 100%
        TROOPer Level: 70
          June 25, 2015

        Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
        Thanks to MyProtein for sending it out!
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        A special thanks to MyProtein for supplying the SR TROOPS program with their peanut butter food product for us to try out. MyProtein peanut butter is exactly as it sounds; an all natural peanut putter spread made with one prime ingredient; crunchy, wholesome, fresh roasted peanuts. The spread goes deliciously with virtually anything you would enjoy peanut butter spread on from sandwiches and crackers to veggies and fruit.

        Ingredient Profile

        As I just mentioned MyProtein peanut butter is made with 100% wholeskin roasted peanuts. No artificial flavorings, preservatives, or added fats or sugars. Each 2 tbsp serving provides 190 calories, 16g of fat (most of which are healthy fats), and 8g of protein. It's about as natural and simple as it can get with a peanut butter product.


        To put it plain and simple, if you enjoy peanut butter and peanuts in general, than you will enjoy MyProtein peanut butter if not even more so than what you buy at the store. The crunchy variety is so satisfying both taste and satiety wise and the thickness of the spread complimented with the crunch of the peanuts makes it all that more delectable. Most the time I made sandwiches with this and often combined with organic raw honey. It was also delicious with fruit, celery sticks, and even some shakes I made with it along with a scoop of protein, a banana, and a serving of 5% Nutrition's Real Food. The shakes are best with almond milk in my opinion but feel free to experiment. In short, MyProtein peanut butter was delicious stand alone or combined to make delectable snacks and shakes.


        It's food, so to gauge effectiveness I guess would be more so as to whether or not you believed it was enjoyable. It truly was an enjoyable food to have handy when trying to meet your macro and caloric goals through the day. It is especially handy during Ramadan. As I mentioned above, it's versatility allows you to combine it with a variety of foods and mix with shakes to increase protein and healthy fat intake. This makes it very useful when preparing meals can be too time consuming. I also like the fact that it's high macro content helps keep you full longer and wards off sudden hunger pangs you can sometimes experience in the afternoon. To summarize, MyProtein peanut butter is a great food staple to add to your diet regimen.


        A 40oz jar is about $6.37, maybe cheaper if you can catch it on sale on MyProtein's website. I believe for what you get for a efficient food staple item, this is a good value considering this is about the commercial value of a traditional store bought jar of premium brand peanut butter. Depending on how often you use it, a jar may last about a month or less, but it's high fat content would want a strict dieter to use it sparingly. Therefore,when considering both the price and the amount you receive per jar, a price of 6.37 is not a bad value. Just be sure to look out for sales if you intent to be a continued buyer of the product.

        Side Effects

        As long as you aren't allergic to peanuts, no side effects to speak of.


        If you enjoy peanut butter and peanuts in general you'll love MyProtein peanut butter. It combines the right amount of crunch and smoothness of both peanuts and a delectable spread. Combine it with fruit, grains, other supplements, and a variety of freshly baked breads and you got yourself a menu of delectable, nutritious snacks to help meet your dietary macro goals. Just be sure to watch your caloric and dietary fat intake as this product id high in both.
        • Delicious Peanut Butter
        • Natural Simple Ingredients
        • No Artifical Additives
        • Compliments Other Foods Well
        • Good Value

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