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Impact Whey Isolate Reviews

By: MyProtein

  June 20, 2016

  • Recovery
  • Good Digestion
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Delicious
  • Low Fat
  • Low Carb
  • Poor Quality Pouches


This is my second review, as I mentioned in my profile I diagnosed myself lactose intolerant. Luckily for me, Isolate protein has a very low percentage of lactose, most less than 1% so it's been a great protein for me while still staying in the "whey" category.

Ingredient Profile

For one scoop at 25 grams, it's filled with 100 calories, 0 grams of fat, less than 1 gram of carbs & sugar, and 23 grams of protein. From this we can just see how "isolate" the protein is considering there's practically nothing in it except for the protein we need to build muscle.


- Taste (8/10) Out of the two MyProtein flavors I have tried, this one is probably the one I'd buy again. It's not overly sweet but I can definitely get that toffee flavor but they could work on it a little. I mixed it with almond milk one day and it was like a friggin milkshake.

- Mixability (10/10) regardless of what I added a scoop to, it was never
clumpy. I sometimes didn't even bother with a shaker ball (mainly because I would forget it in the dishwasher) but I never had a problem without it.

- Dosing (10/10) I've read that some people don't have a scoop in their bags but from what I've experienced with the two 2 pound bags I've purchased their has been scoops in both. One scoop equals out to 25 grams which to me is plenty for a post workout shake especially if you're eating along with it.

Orange & Passion Fruit
- Taste (5/10) for some reason I had the idea that would would be good and different compared to just getting chocolate, vanilla, cookies N cream, etc... well it's definitely different but it's not very good. It has a strange bitterness to it and a bad after taste.

- Mixability (10/10) It mixes very well and it almost reminds me on that old TANG orange powder drink that we drank as children.

- Dosing I would just say it's the same as the Toffee, my only compliant is the flavor... not one I enjoyed drinking.


After taking this protein and being off of it, I can definitely notice a difference in soreness. It helps with recovery and I feel much better when I am taking rather than when I'm off it. Other than that, I also noticed a build in strength and muscle with this protein.


MyProtein usually has great deals and discounts on their own website so I usually get it through there. The lowest I've gotten a 2 pound bag was for around $17 and that was from the MyProtein website.

Side Effects

For me there no crazy noticeable side effects, if anything I feel full after taking it but that usually happens regardless of what protein I take. No bloating, stomach acnes, or anything of that nature which makes this product 10x better to me.


With the number of flavors MyProtein has to choose from, I would definitely try this protein again. I have yet to beat the price for a Whey Isolate at it's quality and it's great for post workout. My one recommendation would probably be the bags they come in... Once you open them, goodluck finding a way to zip it closed. I ended up just pouring my entire 2lb bag into a clear container I bought at Target after dealing with this problem the first time and it's worked just fine (I even have a scooper in there too). This also helps me notice when I need to buy more since I can see how much is left without having to even open the container or bag.
  • Toffee: 8/10
  • Orange & Passion Fruit: 5/10

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