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Impact Whey Isolate Reviews

By: MyProtein

  July 29, 2017

  • Good Digestion
  • Low Carb
  • Low Fat
  • GMP & ISO-9001 Standards
  • Good Value
  • Independent Lab Tested
  • Delicious


    37 Years old and I lift 5 days a week. I always have a Protein source in my Stack, usually Whey, and when I joined this site I noticed everyone raving about MyProtein Whey Isolate, so I had to give it a try. I jumped in head first with a huge 5.5 pound bag of it, so lets see what it was all about.

    Ingredient Profile

    There are already 14 reviews of this protein, so I will just hit the highlights. Each serving (1 scoop) has 90 calories, 1g Carbs, and a nice 21g Whey Protein Isolate. Bear in mind this protein does contain milk and soy ingredients, so if you are allergic, then you have been warned. This is a very clean profile and I found this to be perfect first thing in the morning. I typically get up around 430am during the week, and first thing I do is drink a scoop of Protein to get the metabolism working again. This profile was nice on the body being so clean and light, and absorbed well. Most of your regular Whey proteins are around 25g Protein, so this is pretty close in my opinion giving you a very clean profile for cutting, or just looking to supplement more protein in your diet without so many calories. has also tested this protein, which ranks 3 on their list of proteins with a score of 91.2. The number 1 ranked Protein is also from MyProtein, so you can be certain this label is accurate.


    Taste: I had the Chocolate Smooth flavor which I truly enjoyed. To me it tasted close to chocolate milk when I mixed it with just water, so that was pretty great. I did get tired of the flavor about 3/4 the way in, only because I get tired of anything thats the same for that long, so not a knock on the taste at all, just me being me needing variety.

    Mixability: I always mixed one scoop with 8-10oz of Water in a shaker with no issues at all. It actually mixed together very easily and well, and did not leave any residue on the bottom.

    Dosing: I drank 1 serving on wake up, and 1 serving post workout. This digested real easy for me early in the morning, so it was not like a rock sitting in my gut at 430am. Like any other protein source out there, you should drink this as needed to supplement your daily protein intake. Remember this is a supplement not a meal replacement!!!


    The point of a Whey Protein Isolate is to have a protein source that is high in protein content and lower in carbs, lactose and fat. MyProtein hits the nail on the head with this product, making this the true definition of what a Whey Protein Isolate should be. Its hard to judge the effectiveness of a Protein supplement alone, but I found this digested really easily, and did not cause me to have to go to the bathroom after due to too much protein in one serving. So that means there was no wasted protein per serving for me, which is a big plus. I was mainly doing one workout program (Project Mass found on while taking this and it was a program designed for gaining muscle, so I needed some serious protein each day. The 21g each serving did me just fine to meet my daily protein goals, which is fairly high since i sit around 240 pounds. This would also be a great protein source if your cutting, but I just stay in a constant recomp diet. Really this works no matter what your goal is. Since taking this I have switched to a regular Whey Protein, and man I can tell a huge difference in how it settles in my stomach. The Isolate digested a lot better and never made me feel full or bloated like regular Whey does. I will definitely be trying other products by MyProtein in the future.


    So I bought a 5.5 pound bag from for $69.99, which is about 100 servings. This comes out to about 70 cents a serving which is a pretty great deal in my opinion. You definitely get a greater value here buying in bulk, and with a protein with such a clean profile with genuine ingredients, you get quality and value together, which I love.

    Side Effects

    None noted.


    The only thing I did not like about this was it came in a resealable bag. I managed to screw it up on opening, so I was forced to put it into a couple big Tupperware bowls. No big deal, but something to keep in mind if you have problems opening things correctly like me. This is an effective Whey Isolate at a great value (that increases the more servings you buy) that can meet your needs no matter what goals you have. I have only ever tried the Chocolate Smooth flavor, but being how delicious that was, I can only imagine other flavors being just as great. MyProtein hits a homerun here and has nothing to hide with full transparency on the label and third party testing. Go grab some today if you never have, you will be happy you did!!
    • Chocolate smooth: 8/10

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