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Hurricane Extreme Reviews

By: MyProtein

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Hurricane Extreme is a Post-Workout Protein Supplement manufactured by MyProtein. It is designed to feed the muscles with protein, carbs and amino acids immedaitely following a workout to assist in muscle recovery and growth.
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  November 17, 2016

  • All In One
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Quality Ingredients
  • Mostly Post-workout
  • Pre-workout Effects Not That Great
  • Too Expensive Considering Pre-workout Effects Are Not That Great


Trying to work on my physique in a more structered manner. The ultimate goal is to gain more dry muscle mass. Training without supplements does not show enough results. Have been trying different types of supplements. trying to gain lean/ dry muscle tissue.
Finding it difficult to choose the right supplement. The quality as well as the ingredients and types of ingredients vary much. A lot of information is available on the internet. I have been looking into different products te determine which ones have the highest quality by reviewing scientific- and objective quality research available.

While most supplements only offer one type of ingredient, or maybe a combination of two or three, i have recently been looking in to all in one formula's to see if the can deliver as promised and not give the hassle of measuring and taking all different types of products at different moments during the day.

Ingredient Profile

HURRICANE EXTREME. Stumbled across this all in one type supplement. The seller claims it is the ultimate all-in-one formula. Most claims by sellers however are widely exaggerated.

Ingredients are Whey concentrate, whey isolate, milk protein for the necessary buildingand recovery of muscles
PeptoPro, Myproteine's Hydrolysate casene. The information shows that these building blocks should instigate the building phase, resulting in speedy recovery and less muslce pain.
BCAA's; peptide amino acids and L leucine.
Glutamine peptides, beta alanine, AAKG, L glycine, L histidine

When looking at the ingredients most have clear, and most importantly, scientific proven effects on muscle builing capacities and performance. The proven effects of Glutamine or somewhat ambigues. Although Glutamine is known as a very effective intestinal and immune system health compound, it has not been proven to enhance muscle building with healthy individuals.

Beta-alanine is a modified version of the amino acid alanine. Beta-alanine has been shown to enhance muscular endurance. Scientific research shows that people report being able to perform one or two additional reps in the gym.
BCAA supplementation should mainly suppress protein breakdown. Scientific research shows less muscle damage and faster recovery of muscle function
Creapure (creatine monohydrate) is combined with amino acid glycine, which should improve the effects of creatine. Creatine is siad to have different advantages : Increases muscle strength and size, enhances recovery, improves sprint performance and enhances brain function. I Consider the improved brain function as a bonus, but not my fist objective when looking for a good excercise supplement :)
A bit brain improvement however should not be bad at all.

When looking into research done on AAKG, most researches show no effect on body composition, and only slight improvement in training output The effects of L-Glycine are mostly related to sleep quality, and somewhhat to wound of muscle recovery. Supposedly beneficial for healing after intense workouts. A good nights sleep is obviously good for anyone. Also proven to treat schizophrenia ...just so you know

Assaid, i also find the quality of the supplement essential. I use Labdoor to find objective research on the quality and consistency of the ingredients with the label. Labdoor is an independent research platform that analyses products in a lab to find out if the information on the product label is true. Although Hurricane is not tested, the products of MyProteine score solid with Labdoor. The whey concentrate, which is a big part of the ingredients , is tested at Labdoor, and scores in the upper range on quality and value in a tested sample of nearly 80 proteine supplements


Tried the chocolate smooth flavour. The advised dosage is three (big) scoops mixed with 500 ml of water. The supplements solvability is medium to good. When using the suggested amount of hurricane extreme, the mixtiure gets thick though. The taste is comparable to a thick milkshake. The taste is allright. One other flavour is available; strawberry cream.


The effect is apparent when lokking in the mirror. When using the formula for three weeks, and working out for approximately four times a week, the amount of musle tissue clearly increases. The effects during training are however not that apparent. A clear boost or increased power during training as observed when using other types or brands of pre-workout is not that apparent. i Would definitely still keep using a pre workout supplement. The effects on muscle soreness and recovery are also not that apparant.


The effects are obviously and clear, but the price is up there with 65 euro's for 2,5 KG. When using the suggested amount of hurricane, which is three big scoops twice a day, 2.5 KG is not that much. Considering one scoop amounts to 33g of Hurricane, the pack of 2,5 KG will only last for roughly 25 shakes. As suggested on effectiveness i still would use some type of pre-workout as hurricane does not really deliver on the pre-workout. If Hurricane extreme would really be an all-in-one supplement the price would be allright, but combining the considerations, Hurricane is a bit pricy.

Side Effects

No side effects experienced when using the product. The only downside is that drinking 500 ml's of such a thick mixture results in a little stuffed or bloated feeling, but not at all bad enough to note this a a serious side effect. This effect is in fact much worse with previously used supplements.

The mix of ingredients in this all in one supplement is smartly chosen. The quality of the ingredients passes independent test flawless, and effects are clearly visible. Althoud hurricane extreme can be considered an excellent product, the price is a downside. When using the suggested amount of hurricane, the price per serving/ per day is not a cheap one. Also, the all-in-one type supplement does not really ecompass the whole spectrum for me, as the pre-workout effects are not as great when using a pure pre-workout supplement. Also on recovery, the effects are not that great.
Especially when you still require a seperate pre-workout supplement on the side, Hurricane is not a cheap one. In my honest opinion Hurricane should be considered as a regular, but very solid, post workout supplement with little bonusses in the form of other ingredients.


  • mhseaver670
    Rep: +6,694
    November 16, 2016

    good review

  • MarsheS
    Rep: +1,532
    November 17, 2016

    Nice review but I wouldn't use this as a pre-workout, it would be a waste IMO. Why? Because of the 40g protein. They market this as a post-workout and I think that's the way you should have made the emphasis instead of making the emphasis pre-workout, even though I accept that it also has pre-workouts ingredients. But still good review, even more considering it's your first.

  • deBruijn
    Rep: +567
    November 18, 2016

    What would you guys suggest as a pre-workout to stack with this product?

  • mhseaver670
    Rep: +6,694
    November 19, 2016

    Depends on what you are asking for? A preworkout as in all together? Or are you talking a protein and carb source for preworkouts?
    For my carbs and protein. I prefer actual food before a workout. For everything else I take, creatine, and a preworkout.

  • deBruijn
    Rep: +567
    November 25, 2016

    Thanks, i'm talking by an all-in one pre-workout. I Already looked up the best reviewed pre workout formula's. Was just wondering which one would combine well with Hurricane extreme

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