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Egg White Powder Reviews

By: MyProtein

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Egg White Powder is an Egg Protein Powder manufactured by MyProtein. It is a highly effective and bio-available protein that is great for helping build muscle which can speed metabolism and also lead to fat loss.

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  February 27, 2014

  • Great Protein Value
  • Good Protein Source
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Taste Isn't Good But That Is To Be Expected With Egg White Guys
Hi guys!

I have been using MyProtein Egg white powder for around 6 months now.

I use it as a meal replacement for my supper as I want a lean, low calorie supper with low carbs and fats, with an extended release of amino acids to sleep on at night.

Product information taken directly from My protein:

This product is 100% Egg White Powder with nothing added or taken away.

^ I trust myprotein and congratulate them on their products purity. NO fillers taking up your powder content. NO sweetners to worry about. NO sugars to worry about. NO salt or additives or nasties to worry about!

Nutritional Information
Per 30g:
Energy: 113.0Kcal
Energy: 472.0kJ
Protein (dry basis): 25.8g
Protein (as-is): 24.3g
Carbohydrates: 1.3g
Fat: 0.1g


Directions for use:

Add 150-250ml of water or milk into our shaker (the less liquid the thicker the shake will be). Then add just under 1 MP large scoop (30g), shake and consume. Use 2-3 times daily or as required.

1 x level MP Plastic Scoop (large) weighs 33g. (not included)

Now my feedback on that:


Poor to be honest, but it is egg white powder so it is difficult to have real powderised food that just fuses with water so easily and effortlessly.
If you do it right you get decent results, if you do it wrong you are left with a failed lumpy mess.

How you get it wrong:

a) By putting powder into a glass or shaker
b) By adding particularly cold water
c) Aggressive mixing

Doing either will make the shake clumpy and gooey and a lot of it will stick to the container/glass and be very unpleasant to drink - you will end up eating most of it.

How you get it right:

a) Filling your glass/shaker with water and then adding the powder
b) Using water that is at least room temperature or higher (cold water mixed with some boiled water to make it luke-warmish works best)
c) Allowing the powder a little time to sit in the water - this will make it less necessary to aggressively mix it. Mixing is easier and can be done more gently after letting it settle for a bit. 10-15 mins.

This will all help give you a smooth shake that has minimal lumps to deal with and it will mix in half the time.

Either way you will have to make a good effort to mix it with a fork or knife and it wont make a massively fast shake either, you will have to add it together a good ten minutes before you want to drink it if you want it at its smoothest - it isn't easy to just shake and drink unfortunately.
You will also get at least SOME amount of froth sitting on the top - the more aggressively you mix it the worse it will be...

I do not feel that the cons of this is enough to counter balance the massive pluses to this product. It's egg white at the end of the day - you cant expect the same mixability as you get with whey protein or pre workout just cant. But there may be an egg white powder supplement that mixes better out there who knows - I wont be paying extra for that benefit though..


Not great either - it is kind of SALTY and savory but then again it is egg white - if you have ever had raw egg whites or scrambled egg whites you will appreciate that egg white, whatever way you look at it, doesn't taste great to most people.
If you want something to taste amazing like vanilla delight then a pure egg white powder without sugar and sweeteners isnt for you and hardcore bodybuilding or health and fitness probably isn't for you either - as it is a result driven hobby not an indulgence driven one....

Again I expect it to taste poor so I am not rating an egg white supplement down due to taste - it is egg white, there is not much Myprotein can do with it to make it taste good standalone.


What I am getting out of a 30g scoop is:

25g quality highly bio available protein (which means a good amount of protein that will not be wasted like many other protein sources with low availability will be...)
Roughly something like 90% of the powder is protein from egg white - that is a good value...

An extended release protein powder (egg white takes longer to break down into amino acids than whey protein for example - which gives an extended coverage of aminos through sleep when compared to whey for example)

Low carbs, low fats...

I take around 1.5 scoops and a teaspoon of L-glutamine mixed in for a post bed meal.
I have successfully cut and gained whilst incorporating this powder so it is versitile. You could easily add other protein powders to it or your own carb sources.

It feels relatively substantial at supper time, it isnt as thin as a whey shake, but it isn't as filling as something with Casein or Calcium Caseinate in it however...

I have mixed with whey protein powder when I forgot to go buy eggs one time and was stuck for breakfast... admittedly it tasted much better when mixed with another flavoured powder.

I have also mixed half of this with half caseinate and that made a thicker fuller shake...

I have also added half a scoop of this to actual egg whites when I was a few eggs short and scrambled it with the eggs in a pan - it worked out not too badly actually and tasted ok with an ok texture. You could probably mix with water and then scramble but I haven't tried that, don't know if it would work out well...

I have heard of people using this post workout as a replacement for whey or other powders due to allergies or intolerances... it is not an ideal source of protein for fast recovery immediately after training, but it is better than forgoing a post workout shake all together. Even just adding a little whey or something else like carb powder to it may help in this regard.

I rate this stuff highly, Value is great, it works out WAY WAY cheaper than having the equivalent protein value in egg whites from boxed eggs or from pasteurised egg white bottles/cartons.
A bag of this lasts around 6 weeks for me around 1.3 - 1.5 scoops per night for my supper.
I would never replace any earlier meals with it if I can avoid it.


  • ron
    Rep: +5,387
    February 27, 2014

    Great review!!
    I'm curious though, It is a proven fact that whey is a much better protein so why stick with this product when it is obviously a hassle to mix and doesnt taste that great? What does this product do for you personally that whey doesnt?

  • March 1, 2014

    Hi Ron - without this reply sounding arrogant (which is not the intention) :

    Please define: 'much better protein'

    That in itself is subjective and not entirely meaningful.
    How is whey 'better' ? Better for what?
    For post workout recovery?
    For meal replacement, weight loss or pre bed shake....

    NO it isn't a 'better' source.

    So nobody can say that whey is proven to be better than anything without first identifying for what purpose.

    It is proven however, that:

    a) Whey protein is derived from milk and still carries some of the sugars and fats found in milk - making it a LESS lean source of protein. Also like I pointed out - many people are allergic or intolerant to milk based products, especially due to lactose and egg protein may be a way around this..

    b)Whey spikes insulin which makes it good as a post workout - when protein is needed quickly to get to the muscles (however, not great for people who are trying to lose weight, especially when consuming at night)Higher insulin = more susceptible to weight GAIN and less susceptible to weight LOSS.

    c) The anabolic window offered by whey protein is roughly ONE HOUR - which tends to result in protein synthesis being achievable for only 60 minutes - this is great for the first hour of sleep (as anabolism and repair is well facilitated), but then once that hour window has passed - amino acid levels plummet leaving you actually CATABOLIC... (making whey a very bad pre bedtime option). Egg white offers up to 4 hours of amino acid release (maybe a little shorter when powderised with water as digestion is faster - but still longer than whey).
    Say you sleep for 8 hours - would you rather your body has access to amino acids for 1 of those hours (whey); up to 4 of those hours (egg white)or up to 6 (casein) ?
    The reason I opt for egg white over casein is that despite casein having a longer lifespan - it also has less bioavailability - meaning more of your egg white protein is put to use when compared to casein - plus casein is very costly...

    Whey protein is partially predigested often by enzymes to facilitate fast absorption - which means it skips a great part of your digestive system which in the long run makes it a bad option for replacing meals... you want your digestive system and metabolism to be working.

    Since your body prefers solid food for a slower, yet more consistent supply of amino acids, sugars and fatty acids in order to FEED itself and keep repairing/developing/growing - it makes more sense to opt for slower release carbohydrates and slower release proteins - by opting for fast release proteins like whey and sugary carbs with high GIs as meals - you are encouraging your body to YO-YO up and down high energy/protein levels and then large crashes that leave your body deficient - that's a poor way to manage your body.

    Protein is not just protein, people think too closed mindedly - just like carbohydrate sources are important to distinguish apart - so are protein sources...

    I use fast release proteins like whey isolate with fast release carbs like dextrose POST workout to RECOVER quickly. Then I will opt for slower release, leaner options like egg white, and or casein when my body just needs consistent and clean food. Particularly before bed.

    My counter question to you is simply: Why rely on a RECOVERY protein source like whey protein if your circumstances are not requiring a fast source of protein??

  • March 1, 2014

    I hope this answered your question without sounding argumentative or hostile - it is simply an academic response I try to provide people :D

  • ron
    Rep: +5,387
    March 2, 2014

    Thanks for the great response and I did not take it as hostile at all. Likewise I hope that you do not take my criticism or opinions as negative or hostile either. So without getting into a major scientific debate over the several topics you brought up (ie.. insulin response and anabolic window to name a couple), I will simply answer your question: whey is better because the BV (biological value) of whey is 104 while egg is 100. I was serious before, you write some great reviews. Please keep up the good work.

  • March 8, 2014

    Not a problem, no I took your response as very personable and merely academic!

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