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Creatine Monohydrate Reviews

By: MyProtein

  October 11, 2017

  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • No Bloating


    What is up guys? I'm Blake Pullen and this is actually the first supplement I EVER purchased when I really started getting into a bodybuilding style of training. I used this specific product over a period of 6 months and I absolutely fell in love with it. I originally bought it because of the price and the reputability that the company MyProtein had.

    Ingredient Profile

    I had the unflavored powder so the label was short and sweet!
    100% Creatine Monohydrate

    THAT'S IT! And that's all you really want from your creatine. Clean, no fillers, no BS additives, just results. This is one of my favorite products of all time because of all of the benefits of creatine. It can improve your overall strength and power output by helping supply energy to your muscle cells!


    I'm going to be honest, the ONLY negative thing I could possibly say about this product is the bitter taste and the lingering aftertaste. I stress that I did buy the unflavored powder, so I guess the unpleasant taste is to be expected. Regardless, this product could taste MUCH better

    Mixibility: I've used multiple creatine products and have had mixing issues in the past, however, with this product I never had any issues! I used my classic blender bottle and would give it a good shake for roughly 15-20 seconds.

    Dosage: I serving is 5 grams which is exactly the clinical dose for creatine maintenance after the muscles have already been saturated with it. Ther perfect serving size


    I took my 5g of Creatine once daily either before or after my workouts. I found that from an energy standpoint it helped me to take my creatine BEFORE my workout rather than after. People swear by taking it before. People swear by taking it after. I personally think that as long as you're getting your 5g of creatine in you every day that you're doing something right. I used this product for a full 6 months and saw increases in strength and mass while using this product. Obviously, in a 6-month span, I was also using other products during this period that also contributed to my progress, but I do tribute a lot of my strength gains to the use of this product. It's clean, it's authentic, and it's everything that you could want from a creatine monohydrate powder


    There is constantly sales on this stuff on the website but you can currently purchase 2.2 pounds of this stuff for $16.99
    That is almost a 6 months supply of creatine for under $20. It's a phenomenal value

    Side Effects

    NONE, I have a very sensitive stomach and everything always operated smoothly


    This is my favorite Creatine monohydrate powder on the market and its sold at a great price. All around great product

    COMMENTS (3)

    • November 3, 2017

      I must say dude, this is a pretty overall solid review of a solid product, i actually bought it after reading your review, keep it up!

    • BlakePullen
      Rep: +1,915
      November 3, 2017

      Thanks bro! I really appreciate it. I'm glad I could help in your decision! That's ultimately my goal

    • Logandemky
      Rep: +129
      January 23, 2018

      Nice review. I just picked up some of this

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