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Creatine Monohydrate Reviews

By: MyProtein

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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to MyProtein for sending it out!
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  July 14, 2015

  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value is known for making some great quality products that lot of us trust, this is no different. I am like most everyone else knows that old school creatine works and works well. A lot like the Creapure better, but this seemed to work quite well for me and is way cheaper too.

    100 % Creatine Monohydrate
    5 grams per severing

    That is it. Simple and effective. We could argue the source of the creatine all day, but I trust and I trust this.

    I had the unflavored it was clean and mixed well. Very easy to use.

    Effectiveness 8
    I have used creatine in lots of forms but this old school mono has always worked well with me, this and Kre-aklynn are my picks. The tub I got had 50 servings so I did it the old way and did a loading phase with it. Noticed a nice full look around day 10. Pumps was solid every workout. Strength was not a big change but I am not on that type of program now either. Recovery was pretty good but again, I am not hitting it as hard as I normally do , the summer is kinda my down time with family and so on. There really is not much else to say about this, I never had stomach issues or the huge bloating and water holding that some say they get from Monohydrate. Again I feel this worked well for me and the value is just another reason to give this a go.

    Value 9.5
    You can get from half lb bags to 2.2 lb bags. I think mine was the half lb bag. I had 50+ servings in it and it will only run you 11 bucks. The 2.2 bag will cost around 18$ . I do not know the amount of servings that holds but just looking at what I got and the cost. This seems like a killer deal.
    I know most will still point out this is not Creapure, Although they do sell that as well. A 2.2 bag of Creapure will run around 33 bucks.

    Overall 8.5
    Overall this brand has proven to me time and time again they can be trusted and used with confidence every time. The one thing I wish their site did was show the actual real label on the website. Just something I cant stand. NO I do not know where this is sourced from, But on the bag there is a label stating to quality control it went through and the batch number and so on. I liked this as well. It shows that IF something arises from this product they can back and look at the starting point. Good points here.
    Huge thanks to for being a part of and making great products. You have several fans here on

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