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RZYME™ D.O.M.S. Recovery Complex Reviews

By: Myotropic Innovations

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RZYME™ D.O.M.S. Recovery Complex is a Joint Support Product manufactured by Myotropic Innovations. It is designed to improve and maintain the health of cartilage, tendons and joints in the body.

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  November 4, 2015

  • Decreased Soreness
  • Improved Digestion
  • Inconvenient Dosing
  • Too Expensive
This stuff is great if you want to be really good at digesting food. But I don't think that's why people buy supplements. There may be some downstream effects of improved digestion that would be of interest though.

An enzyme is a molecule that speeds up a specific reaction. So digestive enzymes contained in this will help break down macronutrients during the digestive process.

Ingredient Profile


I like it a lot. It was really hard to figure out how they decided on the amounts and dosages, even though the fact that they use scientific units is an improvement over many products in the category. I reached out to the company rep on SR, and sent them an email through their website. The bottle had a number to call and leave a voicemail, so I tried that as well. I never heard back from any method of contact. Ultimately this profile is just enzymes and more enzymes, and with quantities on par with other digestive enzyme products.

Protein Enzymes- Pancreatic Proteases, Bromelain, Papain, and then more pancreatic Proteases in the form of additional Trypsin and Chymotrypsin
Carb Enzymes- Pancreatic Amylases
Fat Enzymes- Pancreatic Lipases
Anise- No great sources on this. Does lots of good stuff, primarily digestive effects.
Fennel Seed- Same thing. Not being lazy, seems like that might really be the reason they included it.
Rutin- Used in combination with Trypsin and Bromelain to potentially alleviate arthritis symptoms.

The ingredients that I can confirm are reasonably dosed are Rutin and Papain. Bromelain is on the spectrum but really quite low.

Enteric coating deserves a mention here, as enzymes can be damaged in the acidic environment of the stomach and are much more effective in the intestine. This is uncommon among enzymes and increases bioavailability, though there are no sources on how much.



Dosing was a PAIN. 2 to 3 caps twice a day on an empty stomach. That means they have to come with you on the go and that is just so inconvenient. I did definitely note a difference in effectiveness after I transitioned to taking on an empty stomach so I recommend that route.

These were tasteless and small pills. Clear coated and they go down easy if you're picky about pills.



On the standardized SR scale, "Solid results, I could tell it was working."
No digestion issues ever. No bloating, no discomfort, no gas, super regular poos. I usually have some issues when I get adventurous with my diet and stray from basic homemade foods, but even Indian and Mexican food didn't ruin my system.

A couple days after I started taking these between meals instead of with them, I had a noticeable decrease in how long a workout left me sore. I wish there was more support for this being a consistent effect of digestive enzymes. Literally the only mention of any DOMS reduction by Myotropic Innovations is some small sideways text on the bottle- "D.O.M.S Recovery Complex." They don't mention soreness reduction in any literature on their website, and none of the research I did came across evidence that enzymes reduce soreness. It's odd because Myotropic Innovations lists many other unfounded claims on enzyme benefits. Regardless of this, it reduced my level of soreness.



This is shockingly similar to NOW Foods Super Enzymes, which are about 1/2 the price. Feel free to check for yourself, but make sure to compare the per pill quantities not the per serving quantities. The only significant difference is the enteric coating, which as I mentioned earlier certainly adds value. I don't feel that it doubles it.

Bromelain is a broad spectrum proteolytic enzyme with great oral uptake and it is quite cheap. If your goal is just improving protein digestion, that might be a supplement to look into. Overall, the value of getting digestive enzymes from this product isn't quite good enough with the other supplement options.

Side Effects




The answer to the question in my title is: No! Supplementing 6 different fairly thorough protease enzymes doesn't have cumulative benefit. Increasing your intestinal levels of some fat, carb, and protein enzymes will have benefits, but RZYME over-complicates and basically overprices it.

This product is good at what it does. It improves digestion and for me decreased length of soreness. If you have digestive issues or you're interested in a different avenue of DOMS reduction, I'd recommend starting with a different product like the NOW Super Enzymes I mentioned. If that doesn't do the trick, try these and see if the enteric capsules make a difference for your system.
I'm going to try some other enzymes, as I've only used Bromelain and Papain before and experienced no benefit from those. I may very well come back to this at some point, but between the inconvenient dosing and being more of a luxury supplement than an essential one, I'm not confident that this will come across my shopping list again. It may earn a place in the industry though if their enteric coating shows increased benefit for many.

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