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Thyrovate Reviews

By: Myokem

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Myokem for sending it out!
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  September 16, 2018

  • Appetite Suppression
  • Exotic Ingredients
  • Fat Reduction
  • Minimal Effects In Some Areas
  • A Little Expensive

Quick Summary

An ok non stim fat burner.


Hey SR, here today to review Myokem's stim free fat burner called Thyrovate. I have come to look to sim free fat burners for increased metabolism, some thermogenics, and appetite control. The combination of these properties can make cutting a lot easier and help you lose a couple extra lbs a month, and is anice option if you are wanting to give your adrenal glands a break. Let's see how how Thyrovate did for me.

Ingredient Profile

I feel this is a pretty extensive profile for a stim free fat burner. This is a combinations of herbs and plants dedicated to increasing metabolism, reducing cortisol, regulating thyroid hormone, and controlling your appetite. The dosages look a little low, but it looks like Myokem went with very pure extracts of the ingredients. I like seeing Green Tea and Sensoril, as I have had a lot of success with these ingredients in the past. I have had hit and miss experiences with grains of paradise, more misses in pill form. They included Olive Leaf which is used to regulate thyroid hormone, and then we have some more exotic herbs like Japanese mugwort, Wakame, etc. Overall, I think this is a pretty good profile of ingredients designed to help you in a stim free way in weight loss.


No taste or mixability, easy to swallow pills. Dosing isn't the easiest at two pills twice a day with meals but not the hardest to follow either.


In my opinion, this worked ok but didn't blow my socks off. As far as non stim fat burners go I had a much better experience with Torem but Thyrovate did help in several areas. The #1 thing I look for in a fat burner is appetite control, as calorie restriction is where you're going to see most of your progress. When taking this I noticed I was a little less hungry throughout the day but it did not crush my appetite like other products. When doing cardio I did not notice much of a thermogenic boost in terms of body heat and sweat. I noticed some slight slimming in the abdominal region, but hard to say if it was this product and just my diet in general. I did lose some fat during my run of this but it was about what I was expecting without the help of supplements. Overall, this helped cutting in a couple of ways but I have had better products.


$40 for a non stim fat burner that lasts 30 days when taking at full dosage is pretty steep. They are using very pure extracts of some exotic ingredients so I understand the price, but for the results I received I would hesitate to buy again at this price.

Side Effects



This is an ok non stim fat burner. It provided some support in some key areas but I have had more success elsewhere.


  • Rep for this Brand
    September 17, 2018

    Thank you for your candor. Glad you had some success on this even though it wasn't a home run for you. We really should send out a full 8 week trial as we recommend. I am confident it would have proved more effective for you.

  • Vaughn
    Rep: +3,382
    September 17, 2018

    Thanks! You're probably right, a good cut is a long slow grind. On a side note your mTor Pro is definitely a home run, will review that here soon.

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