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Pyroxamine Reviews

By: Myokem

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Myokem for sending it out!
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  November 11, 2018

  • Clean Energy
  • Solid Focus
  • Good Value
  • Amplifies Bodyheat
  • Great Mood Enhancement
  • Slight Euphoric Feeling
  • Not Widely Available
  • Wont Get 30 Days From Product If More Than 2 Capsday Is Needed
  • Cost At 3 Caps Per Day

Quick Summary

Pyroxamine is a thermogenic fat-burner that attacks from multiple sides and gives results.


First and foremost, thank you to Myokem for offering this product up for review! I chose to accept this product because i had not truly tried to center on weight loss and using a fat burner before. I generally workout for health reasons and i do not focus on the aesthetics of it, although that is always a great bonus. After seeing this product available i made the decision to accept it and try to focus my target on some fat loss. I usually have a decently clean diet but i did clean it up a little more while using this product. I did plug in cardio here and there into my training.

Ingredient Profile

Strap yourselves in for this one because this is quite an in-depth, lengthy label. I do enjoy the fact that they have used so many standardized forms in this product. I have abbreviated that std below. For people who do not know what that is, it is when a certain active component of the ingredient is raised to a higher concentration than normal.

Caralluma fimbriata (125mg)- This plant has been used for many years as a "famine food". It has been known to be a good appetite suppressent so that cutting calories can done easier. The one study i found on this plant used 1,000 mg but it was a concentrated extract. Due to this, clinically this ingredient may be underdosed, even if taken 3x per day. This was only one study though so i believe more probably needs to be done to officially say that.

Olive Leaf {std. 20% Oleuropein} (100mg)- Olive leaf extract is used in many fat burners. The exact mechanism behind this benefit is not clinically known but theories have shown it could be due to thyroid hormone and adrenaline regulation. Other benefits from this is a protective effect on atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), glucose metabolism, and cholesterol control. The dosage on this is hard to pinpoint due to it being standardized. The compound standardized, Oleuropein, is the active phenolic that brings these benefits. Dosages start at 500 mg but this is assuming no standardization.

Caffeine Anhydrous (100mg)- This form of caffeine is a more concentrated form. Caffeine is a very popular supplement for many reasons. The fat burning properties come from caffeine's ability to free the fatty acids from the fat molecule. This moves them into the bloodstream where they can be used for energy. The fat has to be moved to be used so this is a vital role in fat loss that many do not know. Caffeine also has the stimulant attributes that everyone knows about. This increases the metabolic rate of the body at rest and makes the heart work harder. 100 mg is a good starting dose, especially for those that are new to stims.

L-Theanine (50mg)- This compound is found in green tea alongside caffeine and pairs with it. Theanine gives the body a calming affect by reducing the effect of stress on the body. This causes it to be commonly paired with stimulants. The combination of theanine/caffeine will help to provide "smooth" energy where you wont get gittery. The dosage for this ingredient is 100-200mg with around the same amount of caffeine. If 2 servings are taken then this is met at 100mg theanine / 200mg caffeine.

Cognizin Citicoline (50mg)- This ingrediant is a form of choline that is a nootropic. This molecule breaks down in the body into choline and cytidine. Cytidine then breaks down into uridine. All of these components are nootropics that help the body with memory and cognition. Clinical studies have been done with the patented Cognizin standardization and have shown positive outcomes. Unfortunately though the dosages used were from 250-500 mg. This product only has 50 mg and is taken 2-3 times per day so this dosage of 250 mg could not be met.

TeaCrine Theacrine (50mg)- This compound is an ingredient that is extremely similar to caffeine and is found naturally in many teas. Theacrine acts on the same pathways as caffeine but it is harder to build a tolerance to it. A unique aspect of Theacrine is that at low dosages, such as whats in this product (50 mg), will actually have a relaxing effect on the body. High doses, around 300 mg, will have a stimulating effect like caffeine.

Bacopa monnieri extract 5:1 (50mg)- This ingredient is an interesting nootropic. It is known to help with memory and fighting stress. These properties are done through Bacopa enhancing the growth of nerve endings (dendrites). Dendrites are the little arms at the end of a nerve cell that transmit the message being sent. Bacopa is also known to take time to work best. Subjects in studies that took it for 8-12 weeks produced much better results than at 4-6 weeks.

Grains of Paradise {std. 12.5% paradol} (40mg)- This is common in fat burners and can be part of what attributes to amplified body heat. Grains of paradise has been shown to help the body convert the white fat into brown fat. Brown fat is then burned off, particularly in the cold, to maintain the bodies temperature. In one study, 40 mg was given to men aged 22-36 years old and they were placed into a cold room for 2 hours after. The group that took Grains of Paradise showed much greater energy expenditure. Due to this, i would say that this ingredient could become particularly effective in the winter months.

Evodia rutaecarpe {std. 95% Evodiamine} (25mg)- This is a compound that has been seen to raise the resting core body temperature and to also decrease the perception of cold. Due to it being effective it is said to not take this while you have a fever. by increasing the body temp it increases your metabolism and will, hopefully, lead to more fat loss. Due to the temperature response this ingredient carries natural anti-infectious properties. There is no clinical evidence to suggest an effective dose.

Theobromine (25mg)- This is a compound that is found in the cacao plant and so it is found naturally in chocolate. This compound will react synergistic with caffeine and enhance its effects by widening blood vessels, raising heart rate, alertness, etc even more. Theobromine has also been found to increase insulin sensitivity.Clinical dosages range from 200-1000mg. This will not be reached taking 2-3 servings of this product.

Sacred Lotus (25mg)- This plant is used in Asian medicine and teas. It has a high amount of polyphenols in it that are beneficial in overall health. Some specific attributes of Sacred Lotus is as an anti-depressant and anti-diabetic. One study shows that when supplemented with taurine sacred lotus helps to blunt the absorption of fats in rats. There are not any human studies and no standard dosage on sacred lotus.

Barley{std. to Hordenine} (25mg)- This is an ingrediant that is standardized fully for Hordenine. Hordenine is an adrenergic because it acts on the release and re-uptake of noradrenaline. This puts it in a class with a supplement like synephrine. The problem with it in here is that it has only been researched when given intravenous. There is no research on an effective oral dosage.

Huperzine-A 1% (5mg)- This compound is classified as a cholonergic, or a compound that increases acetylcholine. Huperzine does this indirectly by inhibiting the enzyme that breaks acetylcholine down. This benefits everybody because acetylcholine is the learning transmitter in our body. This means that it can benefit everything from school to feeling that "mind-muscle connection". The standard dose for huperzine is 50-200mcg. With it being standardized to 1% in this product the total Huperzine in this is 25mcg. With it being taken at least 2x per day the dosage is met in Pyroxamine.

Bioperine (5mg)- This is an ingredient common in supplements. It enhances the uptake of other ingredients.


The taste and mixability are not applicable to this product due to it being in a pill form.
As far as dosing i started off taking one in the morning when i woke up and one in the afternoon. I did not feel much from one so once i knew i could tolerate i took two in the morning and one in the afternoon. This may be due to my weight, i started this at 234 lbs. Taking two in the morning was perfect and boosted the effects so i continued this through the container. The official dosing does say 1 in the morning and 1 4-6 hours later. If faster results are wanted it does state 2 can be taken in the morning like i did but a total of 3/day is the maximum.


The effectiveness of this product was impressive. I can not say that I sweat overly, like many people have felt, but I defiantly felt warmer. This is most likely due to the colder weather starting. I found myself driving with the windows down and wearing shorts in 30-40 degree weather and feeling like it was in the 70's. This may have been due to the Evodiamine, which decreases cold perception.
The appetite suppression worked for me but it may have not benefited me in this aspect as much as it could others. I eat smaller meals throughout the day and so I eat even when I'm not necessarily hungry. After I took this I did get a mood enhancement. I felt more ready to take on the day and get stuff done. This aided me greatly where I workout in the morning before classes. I would wake up around 6 am and sometimes i always feel groggy in the mornings. After taking this and letting a few minutes go by i could feel a significant change in my mood and energy.
Since this is a fat burner lets talk about weight lost. I started this product at 234.4 lbs and ended it at 227.2 lbs. Throughout the 20 days that i took this i did notice a nice change in my physique. I noticed my upper abs to show more defined and my lower have started to show some. I have not lost any strength and i could push myself just as hard in the gym. I am impressed with this product and would be interested in running it more to see the full extent of benefits over a longer period of time. Since at 3 caps one container only gets you 20 days i feel there would be even more significant of a change if it was ran 40 days.


While this product does produce results, they are going to come for a price. Not many 3rd party suppliers sell this and so you are required to buy direct from the producer, Myokem. On their site it retails for $49.99. This runs around .83 cents a serving but the dosing is 2-3 servings a day. If you only use 2/day than that will run you $1.66/day. If you take 3 than it will be about $2.49/day. This is a step price point depending on the dosage that is being used. Not sure how many people this may benefit but they just started giving 20% off to first responders/military.

Side Effects

The only side effect i had while running this was if i did not drink a glass of water with my dose in the morning. For some reason if i took this without drinking water than i would get a slight headache and a very warm sensation in my stomach. This was my fault though because it does state on the package to take with a glass of water. I did not feel the sweats many report on this but i did feel an overall warmer sensation when out in the cold.


Pyroxamine is a good choice for anybody looking to lose a few pounds but some may find it expensive if you take 3 servings per day.

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