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Pyroxamine is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by Myokem. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.

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  August 2, 2015


So 10 reviews on Pyroxamine so far and it looks like the entire A Team of Sr expert reviewers has been all over it. Tough act to follow. I had better have something new to say about it. I work out with my wife and she took it at the same time so this is partly a twofer review (not sure if that even allowed since she is not a member...).

Ingredient Profile

This is a complex profile that clearly has had a lot of thought gone into it (or else Myokem is just hoping to overwhelm everyone with content that we'll buy into it all and convince ourselves it works great). But I think Myokem is one of the quality producers on the market and I believe the product is very well conceived. And the benzene ring logo and branding are cool - everyone agrees on that.

I'm not going to try to repeat the great job the other reviewers here have done of breaking down the profile and researching each one. Suffice to say its a complex product with a little caffeine (100mg), some naturally derived products and nootropics. i think Myokem's concept here was to make a fat burning product that works through a combination of:

a. appetite reduction
b. stimulants to aid fat burning (without just loading it with caffeine)
c. elevation of body temp to aid fat burning
d. maintains focus and energy - so you can work hard in the gym while cutting

And I believe they nailed it, with some caveats.


I took 2 caps about 7am with light breakfast, worked out at 11.30, took one more cap at 4pm. Wife took 1 cap around 10am with light food. A few days she took a 2nd cap in the afternoon but that got a bit too mucho mostly 1 cap per day. We both ran it for 4 weeks.


Here is where it get a bit complicated: About 5 days before starting Pyroxamine I started on D-Pol and Compound 20 (plus the usual creatine, BCAA, PWO and ZMA). Over the 4 weeks I had a recomp. I only dropped 1lb - from 210 to 209, but I dropped BF from 15% to 12% (calipers, remeasured several times). So did it work? Absolutely - but I dont know how much of the BF loss was due to Pyroxamine since Compound 20 is a recoup agent. I am absolutely sure the D-Pol worked - I saw muscle and strength gains immediately and have gone up an average of 20lbs on all big exercises. Wifey also lost BF (she doesn't want me to go near her with the calipers so dont know exactly) - and she ISNT on D-Pol or Compound 20 - so for sure the Pyroxamine burned BF. I guess she probably dropped 4-6% BF and she looks good.

I stopped taking Pyroxamine 3 days ago (more below) and since then i have lost another 1.5lbs - go figure. is the Compound 20 now starting to work? I do think the Pyroxamine was responsible for most or all of the 3% BF I lost in the 4 weeks.


At 12% BF, that is the lowest I have been since I was about 21. Yet I actually gained about muscle - i put on 6lbs lean muscle in a month and look a lot better. How can you put a price on that? Of course the D-Poal and BCAAs, other stuff all helped - maybe even Compound 20 helped - I'll find ut because I will continue on this stack for another month, without Pyroxamine. Anyway - at 3 caps/day, Pyroxmine is about $45 for a month - great deal.

Side Effects

First the dirty stuff. Both my wife and I needed to within handy distance of a bathroom when taking this. It got gradually better through the month but never really went away. Maybe her weight is all water? Nah - dont think so. Bt still - be aware if you are of delicate disposition.

More importantly, the Pyroxamine (at least in our case) had some other, little bit unpleasant side effects. I didn't feel the afternoon cap that much, but the double drop in the morning would often bring on a little bit unpleasant, jittery feeling with some slight nausea. It killed our appetite, which I think for us is a bit part of why it worked. (I wish it would have killed our appetite for booze - that would have been even more effective). And since my wife is a great cook, that was a bit of a downer. But if you want to lose BF you have to give up something, so I can't mark it down for that.

Last point is the sweats. I was soaked just sitting at my desk. We have had some hot weather recently here in CA, so taking it in a cooler time of the year would definitely help.


Pyroxamine definitely works. I think for us the biggest impact was appetite loss, which led to the BF loss. It also allows you to keep your hard earned muscle, since I was actually able to recomp on it. Thats a big deal. Because I was on other supps I can't say exactly how much of the benefit was down to Pyroxamine, but what I can say is that taking the stack I was on, I was able to recomp, and that was a huge win for me. After a month we had both had enough of the sides and came off it. But we will definitely use it again later in the year.
  • Solid Focus
  • Good Value
  • Excellent Appetite Suppression
  • Amplifies Bodyheat
  • Made Me Sweat Through My Clothes While Sitting Still
  • Slight Stomach Issues
  • Unpleasant Empty Feeling After Taking 2 Caps.
Rep: +1,860
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 5

  February 3, 2015

Time for another review! I was fortunate enough to be chosen by Myokem to put a log together for Pyroxamine, their “high performance lypolytic, thermogenic agent,” so thank you Myokem for having some great opportunities for SR users, great products, and a great presence here, and thanks Clipper for representing them so well!

Pyroxamine promises smooth, clean energy, appetite suppression, euphoric state of mind, accelerated fat loss, and razor-sharp mental focus. Let’s see how the ingredients stack up…


Yes, the two major categories are presented in proprietary blends as a “High Energy Matrix” and “Accelerated Lipo-Regulating Matrix,” but I can look past this for a few reasons: 1) The specific amount of caffeine (100mg) is fully disclosed; 2) The extracts are of the utmost potency; and 3) There are so many ingredients, a fully disclosed label would take up more space than there is on the bottle to begin with. Onto the specifics:

High Energy Matrix

Caffeine Anhydrous – benefits are well-documented, and make this a natural inclusion in any product of this category.
Pikatropin Picamilon (N-Nicotinoyl-R-Aminobutyric Acid) – an ingredient I only just recently became interested in, also featured in a number of pre-workouts. Apparently it crosses the blood-brain barrier and is converted into GABA and niacin, its constituent parts, which produce their own unique effects, including anxiolysis, increased blood flow, improved focus and memory, and so on.
Citicholine Sodium – another ingredient contributing to brain function, shown to help Alzheimer’s patients and stroke victims recover memory, focus, and blood circulation to the brain.
Theobromine – similar to caffeine in its energy-producing effects, but also effective as a vasodilator.
Hordenine HCl – purported to stimulate cardiovascular activity and metabolism, but research is limited and most animal trials involve subcutaneous injections.
N-Methyltyramine HCl – potential for cardiovascular stimulation, release of norepinephrine and gastrin, and increased lipolysis, but again research is limited.
Higenamine HCl – shown to relax some tissues, while stimulating the heart.
Huperzia serrata extract – the plant is commonly used as a nootropic agent, and to enhance blood circulation.
Black pepper extract – lots of benefits, and again included here as a potent extract
Rauwolfia vomitoria extract – has been shown to improve blood flow and circulation, while maintaining a relaxing effect.

Accelerated Lipo-Regulating Matrix

Caralluma fimbriata – suppresses appetite and may increase muscular endurance.
Olive leaf extract – has shown antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, but most research is inconclusive.
Bacopa monniera extract – antioxidant and anxiolytic, not much research in the way of lipolysis or other weight loss benefits.
Paradoxine Grains of Paradise extract – in the same family as ginger and shares a lot of chemical parts. In trials, it has shown increase in metabolic rate, but cold exposure and brown fat had to be present as well.
Evodia rutaecarpa extract – according to available research, this has to be where most of the thermogenic effect comes from, and it’s apparently similar to capsaicin in its action.

So, lots of stuff in this, and most of it makes a lot of sense. Part of me is more attracted to a supplement that excels at one or two things, than one that’s decent at many things, but I have to assume the people who formulated this profile have more experience and knowledge than I do. Still, the extracts are potent and pure, and the ingredient choices are bold but reasonable. Anyway, as long as the ingredients do what they’re supposed to do, that’s all that matters right? Which brings us to…


I think it would make a lot of sense to split this into categories based on the claims made on the label.

Smooth, Clean Energy – definitely experienced this throughout the life of the bottle, although as with most stimulants, the effects were much more prominent at first. What I appreciated about the energy Pyroxamine provides is that it seems to be multi-faceted, and long-lasting, because of the variety of stimulating ingredients. Graphically, the energy would be best represented as a steep upward curve that slowly tapers down over many hours, rather than a very sharp and short bell curve. No jitters or anxiety to speak of, probably due in no small part to the anxiolytic and nootropic ingredients.
Crushes Appetite – I would say more that it slightly curbs appetite. This effect was noticeable, but only just above the point where I’d call it placebo. Sometimes it didn’t even do this for me.
Euphoric State of Mind – this was another prominent effect that seemed to go hand-in-hand with the energy. On many mornings, I couldn’t keep from humming, or whistling, or moving around quite a bit to find an outlet for my giddiness. This and the energy alike were welcome with the late afternoon dose, which helped carry me through the end of my work day. I wouldn’t call it a “high” so much as a slight mood elevation.
Accelerated Fat Loss – I can’t really comment on this accurately, as I don’t have the body composition data necessary. However, by visual estimation I would say I leaned out a bit after nearly a month of taking this. I would also wager, according to the ingredients and their effects, that I burned at least a small amount more excess fat than I would have without taking this. At the very least, I think it helped keep some fat gain at bay when my diet was less than stellar.
Razor-Sharp Mental Focus – being a gentleman of smooth scalp, I know a thing or two about razors. Typically, the energy and mood lift was accompanied by a slight increase in focus and mental acuity, however I would not call it “razor-sharp.” Helpful? Sure. But not like what I imagine many strict nootropic agents on the market can produce.
Thermogenesis isn’t one of the claims, per se, though it is advertised as a “thermogenic agent.” This effect was quite noticeable on a few occasions, though it would creep up very subtly over time. I would find myself getting quite hot with limited physical activity, or even just sitting at my desk. I would not call this effect dependable, however, as it seemed quite fickle, and not very consistent with each dose.

In terms of measurable success, I started my run of this at 216lbs. and ended at 213lbs., with some apparent body fat loss, and no perceivable loss of strength or muscle mass. Nothing too crazy, but I felt as if I looked leaner, and my pants felt a bit looser as well. This is with a relatively clean diet (cleaner than usual for me) and consistent training. I did start to notice a much dryer appearance toward the very end, specifically around my shoulders and while flexing. I think with a full 8 week run, I would get some pretty awesome weight loss results, but my needs would make each bottle last only about 3 weeks, and I suspect I would continue to develop a tolerance to some of the ingredients.


Instructions are very clear on the label: one in the morning for a few days to assess tolerance, then an additional pill in the afternoon, and then maybe 2 in the morning if you need it, not to exceed 3 in one day. Pretty standard for anything with stimulants in it. The only thing that makes dosing slightly difficult (and it is ever so slightly), is that you have to take it on an empty stomach, but again that’s pretty standard for products of this category.


I sometimes experienced some acid reflux and very nasty burps a few minutes after dosing. Not a huge bother, but still unpleasant. One of the ingredients (I think maybe bacopa monniera?) has actually been shown to cause stomach upset and nausea, and is therefore recommended to be taken with food. So there’s a bit of an issue there. It never caused me anything serious, but if you have a less agreeable stomach, you might have some problems.

I also noticed a pretty distinct crash that would come on maybe 3-4 hours after each dose. Not an issue with the evening dose obviously, but crashing in the middle of the day after the morning dose was pretty annoying. It wasn’t just a lethargic crash either (as many stimulant based products can cause) but it also involved a marked loss of focus and suppression of mood, perhaps because of the nootropic ingredients. I probably didn’t do myself any favors by taking the maximum dose, but it’s worth mentioning.


Looks to be about $35 from most vendors for 60 single capsule servings. As with any product, the value depends heavily on what you need. I think most users would find it necessary to jump up to 2 caps/day, which would result in about a month’s worth of a quality product for $35. Done deal.

For me, however, being quite tolerant of stimulants and working primarily in the evenings, 3/day was my sweet spot. If not for the warning on the label, I would have done 2 AM and PM, but warnings exist for a reason. I did often fall back down to 2 on non-training days, or weekends, but at an average of 3/day you only get 20 days, or $1.75 per day. You could substitute this for your morning coffee, reap some additional benefits, and not end up spending more money (if you’re someone who buys coffee every morning). But I’m not that someone, so for my particular circumstances, I would call the value just above average.

No matter which way you slice it, Myokem is developing a reputation of producing high-quality products that work the way they should. This is no exception. With a good diet and solid training routine, I am confident Pyroxamine could help propel you toward your goals.

Thanks for reading everyone. Have a great day!
  • Clean Energy
  • Strong Profile
  • Enhanced Mental Acuity
  • Elevated Mood
  • Curbed Appetite
  • Decent Thermo
  • Tolerance
  • Cost At Maximum Dosage
Rep: +202
Trust: 100%
  January 21, 2015

Hey guys back again reviewing another weight loss supplement! A big thanks to Myokem Team for allowing me the opportunity to log and review this product.

Ingredient Profile - 9/10 solid list of products that are pretty well known and have ample study showing to help in weight loss.
Copy/Paste acti Energy Matrix 266 mg **
Caffeine Anhydrous (100 mg), Pikatropin™ Picamilon (N-Nicotinoyl-R-Aminobutyric Acid), Citicholine Sodium, Theobromine, Hordenine HCl, N-Methyltyramine HCl, Higenamine HCl, Huperzia serrata extract (std. min. 1% Huperzine A) (Club moss), Black pepper extract (std. min. 98% Piperine) (fruit), Rauwolfia vomitoria extract (std. min. 90% Rauwolscine) (root bark)

Accelerated Lipo-Regulating Matrix 340 mg **
Caralluma fimbriata herb powder, Olive leaf extract (std. min. 10% Oleuropein), Bacopa monniera extract (2:1) (herb), Paradoxine™ Grains of Paradise extract (std min. 12.5% 6-Paradol) (seeds), Evodia rutaecarpa extract (std. min. 98% Evodiamine) (berries)

I dont see it necessary to break down each item listed as it has been done in several of the other reviews. Again prop blends not a favorite but its to be expected, they do however give you the amount of caffeine which some wont even do that, props to Myokem for that.

Taste/Mixablity - none nice little green caps

Dosing - I took it something like this - 9/10 everything combined at 3 caps a day seemed to work well for me

Day 1 - 1 cap late evening
Day 2-5 - 2 caps, 1 in the am 1 in the afternoon
Day 6-21 - 3 caps per day spaced around 4 hours apart, I had to remember to take these at times but not a big deal, even taking them later in the evening didnt produce any issues with sleep, just dont consume a high stim PWO along with a cap or if you do expect some jitters.

Effectiveness - 8.5/10

Started at 322.2lbs
Finished at 315.8lbs
Total weight lost in 21 days - 6.4lbs or 0.3lbs/day

Diet was not good at first due to holiday and holiday hours at my gym my workouts suffered as well, I feel had I waited another week I would have seen better results. However during the entire run I felt good smooth energy that seemed to last without a total let down once it tailed off, which usually seemed to happen after about 3 hours. I would take one cap about every 4 hours up to my 3 caps per day. Me being the stim junkie I am this didnt stop my consumption of coffee or pre workouts. After one mishap early on I was more cautios with timing though because I landed a Pyro a bit to close to 2 scoops of Nitramine which made for some crazy jitters. All in all the stim effects were close to a cup of coffee.

Thermo effect I was really looking for something crazy on this after reading a couple of reviews that said it was crazy, for me this was not the case. Super low temps outside didnt help this at all, I do recall a couple of days after it being fairly cold and then going up to the 30's I had the A/C on in the car because I was sweating, so I know its there but I didnt see it all that often.

Appetite suppression was good I dont recall being hungry very often at all during this run, even when some very tempting things were available to me I still kept it fairly clean.

Value - 7/10

Value of this product I started on Tuesday December 30, 2014 and last dose was Tuesday January 20, 2014 giving me a total of 21 days, day 1 was 1 cap, day's 2-5 was 2 caps, day 6 on was 3 caps til finish. 21 days of a product hurts overall value quite a bit putting it around $1.62 roughly per day based on a $34.00 price tag at several online shops. For someone who could get the desired effects at 2 caps per day this would be a lot more appealing. Actually this is about the only downfall I see with this product, it seems to deliever quite well but for me personally having to take 3 caps a day to get what I want out of it really hurts, and had I started with 3 caps day 1 it would have peeled almost 2 days off the total making it $1.79 per day. Again this isnt terrible but when you are on a budget them pennies matter.

Side Effects -

Nothing negative here at all, aside from my own fault of taking a cap and following it to close with 2 scoops of nitramine which gave me some serious jitters. I had no issues sleeping, no crash, just good solid delievery of most of what is stated on the label, I didnt notice a lot in the way of Focus but everything else seemed to hit just fine.

In conclusion 6.4lbs down in 21 days is a good drop, the product seemed to work as stated, with my only drawback being for me to get the desired effects I wanted out of it I had to go with 3 caps per day which crushes the value. If a person can take 2 caps per day and get the same effects i feel it would be well worth the purchase.

Thanks again!
  • Great Appetite Suppressant
  • Superior Diet Support
  • Clean Energy
  • Wont Get 30 Days From Product If More Than 2 Capsday Is Needed
  • Cost At 3 Caps Per Day
Rep: +4,256
Trust: 100%
  December 19, 2014


I have previously reviewed Pyroxamine in a video, but for those looking for a written breakdown of the product, read on! Thanks as always to Brandon at Myokem for sending this to our team to try out!

Ingredient Profile 9.6/10

The ingredient profile of Pyroxamine is nothing short of stellar and in my opinion, is one of the most thoroughly thought out ingredient lists that I've seen in the realm of thermogenics. First and foremost, it has caffeine anhydrous at only 100 MG per serving. I like the inclusion of the caffeine, but it is at a reasonable level that won't put you at that 'too much stim' feeling. Rather than relying strictly on stimulants, like it's pre-workout counterpart, Nitramine, it instead has several cognitive boosters including Pikatropin, N-Methyl-Tyramine and Huperzia Serrata. These all pay a crucial role in increasing mental focus, increasing neurotransmission and providing a focus enhancement. One final dual purpose ingredient for both mental focus and also improving muscle contractions is citicholine. One last little bonus in the area of mental cognition and regulation is bacopa monniera extract which is an effective nootropic agent known for its ability to enhance cognition and reduce anxiety, making this a well rounded nootropic based blend.

Stimulant wise, this product doesn't go over the top with crazy amounts of stims, but along with caffeine, it contains theobromine and higenamine which both have been shown to be potent vasodilator and bronchiodilators. It is known for being able to stimulate the heart without negatively impacting the central nervous system. The effect of the included stimulants hits hard and has a crash prevention mechanism with the inclusion of hornedine, to boot.

Since this is a thermo after all, there of course has to be consideration given to the fat burning ingredients. Starting out is rauwolfia vomitoria (also known as alpha yohimbe) which is an alpha2-adrenoceptor antagonist and the other primary thermo ingredient is evodia rutaecarpa extract. Hitting the thyroid side of things is olive leaf extract and it is also important to note that the nootropic ingredient of bacopa monniera extract can have a positive effect in this aspect as well. Finally, what good is a weight loss product if it doesn't have some appetite suppression properties. Carralluma fimbriata handles the appetite control pretty dang well.

All of the ingredients has a rhyme and a reason for inclusion and there was a lot of thought put into the formulation. There is certainly nothing missing that raises any complaints from me and I was pumped to see the final ingredient profile be just as good as it was hyped.

Effectiveness 9.4/10

Pyroxamine does just as it should. I started the cut for this review at 225 and over a very slow, cautious calorie deficit, ended up at 216, so just about 10 lbs down. Diet was on point, so it was pure fat loss and there wasn't any loss of strength. One of the most noticeable effects of this product is that you will in fact have a strong thermo effect as this stuff will have you sweating buckets at the gym, and often times outside of it as well. Diet and workout will always be key in a cut, but Pyroxamine made the process much easier. The appetite suppression was great but not to the overpowering effect of making it difficult to eat as a couple other products have done. Overall, very pleased with the effects and definitely made the cut easier.

Value 9.3/10

Straight forward, it is a very well priced product that delivers high quality ingredients for a reasonable price. There's no filler ingredients, everything has a purpose for being included and the effects it delivers are more than stellar. You'll be hard pressed to find a product that delivers as much as it promises for the price point.

Conclusion 9.5/10

Pyroxamine delivers in all areas across the board. A carefully selected and inclusive ingredient profile, undeniable effectiveness in the thermo effect and appetite suppression and a value that makes even the most value conscious consumers able to try it out, I would say that Pyroxamine is one of the most impressive thermos to date and the best released in 2014.

  • Great Appetite Suppressant
  • Good Value
  • Solid Focus
  • Clean Energy
  • Great Mood Enhancement
  • Amplifies Bodyheat
  • Made Me Sweat Through My Clothes While Sitting Still
  • Wont Get 30 Days From Product If More Than 2 Capsday Is Needed
Rep: +5,358
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 53

  September 18, 2014



Explosive Long Lasting Energy, Crushes Appetite, Euphoric State of Mind, Accelerated Fat Loss, Razor-Sharp Mental Focus



Pyroxamine consists of 2 major proprietary blends with many ingredients. This has been covered in other reviews, but if you’d like to read a short write up on each individual component, please go to the following link on the Myokem website:



2 caps in the morning on an empty stomach, with an additional 1 cap to be taken 5-6 hours later. Not to exceed 4 caps in a 24 hour period.

As directed, I initially assessed my tolerance by taking a single capsule on day one. While I was able to feel some minor euphoric effect, it did little else. Over the next 3 weeks I played around with the dosing protocol a bit, but seemed to find the most benefit from just the single 2 cap dose on an empty stomach each morning.



At the time of this writing, a 60 capsule bottle could be had for $37 on I feel this is a very fair price for a quality thermogenic. That is of course assuming you can get a full month out of the bottle. However If you are someone who feels the need to take the maximum 4 cap dosage every day, you will only get 15 days out of this container which pushes the value significantly downward.



Though I believe Pyroxamine to be slightly over-hyped in its advertising, it absolutely delivered on each claim. This is not a bad thing and actually is just common advertising strategy, but please let me explain by interpreting those claims printed on the bottle as they pertain to myself.

*Explosive Long Lasting Energy – I experienced long lasting energy during my workouts, but I wouldn’t say it was explosive. Was it more energy than I normally have? I honestly could not tell you. All I can say is that I personally did not experience any strength gains during my 4 week run whether it be a new 1RM or additional reps.

*Euphoric State of Mind and *Razor-Sharp Mental Focus – Both were very true initially, but the effects quickly diminished the longer I used this product. By the third week I don’t recall any benefit here. However, on the days I took a second dose in the afternoon, these mental effects were amplified very nicely by the PWO I was drinking.

*Crushes Appetite – My appetite was never what I would consider “crushed”. I would say it was mildly controlled for a few hours after dosing. One thing I really noticed was that even though I may have been hungry, once I started eating, I became full very quickly and could not eat the normal portions I was used to consuming. This is certainly a good thing when trying to lose weight.

*Accelerated Fat Loss – No hype here. This one is very true and quite honestly the most important quality for a product of this type. Over 4 weeks I lost a total of 5 pounds. 1 pound being water with the remaining 4 pounds being body fat, as measured by a Tanita Body Composition Analyzer. I honestly feel I could have done much better here if I was a little tighter with my food choices. However, I’m an average middle-aged man, living an average family-man life, as it comes my way one day at a time. With a never ending barrage of birthdays, holidays and family get-togethers, 5 pounds lost is a worthy success to me!


Side Effects

As with any quality thermogenic I have taken, there was a very noticeable increase in body heat and sweating shortly after dosing.


Final Words

Myokem has done an excellent job of creating a quality thermogenic fat burner that will not stim you out. It is also very forgiving when stacked with additional supplements like a pre-workout that may also contain stimulants.

Keep in mind however that this is not a magic pill. A responsible diet and workout routine will always be more effective than any single supplement. However, if you’ve got the extra scratch and want a supplemental boost to help you on your journey, Pyroxamine is a great choice to help you achieve your fat loss goals.

For more information about my 4 week run with Pyroxamine, please check out my overly detailed SR journal which contains more data than you can shake a stick at.
  • Slight Euphoric Feeling
  • Clean Energy
  • Suppresses Appetite
  • Amplifies Bodyheat
  • Can Build Tolerance To Stims Quick
  • Made Me Sweat Through My Clothes While Sitting Still
  • Wont Get 30 Days From Product If More Than 2 Capsday Is Needed
Rep: +963
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 45
  September 4, 2014

Alright this is a 1st review here goes. I got the chance to run Myokems fairly new fat burner thanks to Clipper and Hulkish and the guys over at Myokem. It started off a little rocky(see log) but after a few tweaks here and there it was off and running.

Ingredient Profile-9-
Its a pretty goo list of things they threw into this and im not gonna pretend I know what they all do, but they kept the caffeine on the lower side from some other fat burners I have tried an added in a few other things. I really like this I hate seeing 200+ mg of caffeine in some things these days I just don't tolerate that much very well.

I'll break this down into a couple of different categories on what it claims to do on the bottle.

Focus/Energy-10- This stuff always got me in that tunnel vision state of mind and kept me rolling through the entire workout. I was on a low carb diet so this was key for me. Also there were a few days when I would have a headache and this would completely erase it an have me ready.

Appetite Control-9 Another shining aspect. being on low carb and under maintenance calories normally you feel like poo and cant wait till your next boring meal. I honestly forgot to eat on a couple different occasions in the afternoon and would wake up middle of the night to grab a healthy snack or some BCAAs.

Thermo effect-7- This was the only aspect I wasn't really blown away by. I could feel it there but never did I just sweat buckets or get that really warm feeling on the verge of uncomfortable that ive felt on some others in the past.

Side Effects-8 The 1st day I took this I got so sick I couldn't function for the whole day but after tweaking my timing and putting a little food in my stomach I never had any more problems.

Value-8 Unless you get this on a sale your gonna pay around 35 bucks which from the results I got seem totally worth it. If you clean up your diet and put in the work a month is all you need to shed some significant weight with this.

Overall I would defiantly use this again an have suggested it to a few people. Started the bottle at around 200 lbs and ended at 187 didn't lose a lot of muscle at all and strength stayed for the most part. Cutting 13 lbs and a couple pct. BF in a month along with keeping most of your strength is a sure fire win in my book.
  • Great Appetite Suppressant
  • Good Value
  • Solid Focus
  • Excellent Appetite Suppression
  • Unstoppable Workouts
  • Slight Stomach Issues
Rep: +1,426
Trust: 100%
  August 26, 2014

A big thanks to the reps with Myokem, Hulk, Clip, and MyokemTeam!

These guys extented the opportunity for me to run this product and with all of the positive feedback coming from this relatively new company I really couldn't pass up the chance to try it out.

First off, I'm not going to go over each and every ingredient and explain them all but I will mention some later on. Myokem does a great job of outlining the purpose and function of each ingredient in the profile on their website so check it out!

Here is a list of claims that Myokem makes on their product and I want to cover some in explaining my ratings.

Amazing levels of alertness without feeling jittery
Sharp mental focus
Stronger muscle contractions
Enhanced neurotransmission
Increased bioavailability of nutrients
Appetite suppression
Efficient metabolism

Ok so as far as weight loss aspect of this product goes, I took this at 3 caps a day (as recommended for someone my size) so the bottle lasted me 20 days. In that 20 days I probably worked 200+ hours, ate rather poorly, still worked out 4 times a week and was able to drop about 5 pounds. Sleep was few and far between and I would sometimes spend days at a time away from home and often 24 hours plus without sleep. Even with that being said, my borderline definition in my midsection did not suffer, my strength remained for my workouts, and I was able to drop a little weight in 20 days.

They claim amazing levels of alertness without jitters. I did not feel jittery and the stimulants and cognitive ingredients did a great job of keeping me going even when I was only sleeping from 1am to 430am. Popped my first two first thing in the morning for the initial jolt and downed my last one about 11 am on most days, so about 5-6 hours between doses. This usually held me over until the effects wore off between 3-4 PM and then I would slam an ungodly amount of caffeine to keep me going the next 8 hours.

Even with this unhealthy (and unwanted) ritual the first day seemed as good as the last. This I believe was in no small part to the lovely cocktail of 4 or so cognitive ingredients and a modest amount of caffeine, theobromine, ect. This also speaks to the sharp mental focus claim. My favorite ingredient of all time is Pikatropin. I respond very well to this ingredient so I was excited to see its inclusion. There was a slight euphoric effect, especially with the two cap dose so the Pika and other cognitive enhancers played a strong role.

Appetite Suppression was also apparent to me as I would generally not be hungry until mid afternoon, quite a few hours after my second dose.

This product also gave me the morning sweats. I was hotter and sweating more during the morning than I was during the heat of the afternoon. It wasn't an unbearable heat, but the sweating it caused was apparent even in my workouts which were either sprinkled between shifts or late at night.

Overall I think that this is a very solid fat burner. It is in no way stim-heavy, even with the slightly boosted caffeine content. It definitely doesn't compare to OG Alphamine in the stim department and doesn't quite touch it with the thermo effect either. But the appetite suppression was on par with Alphamine and the mental focus/alertness outshined alphamine and was a welcome change of direction from the jittery and stim-heavy fat burners I have tried.

So overall I think this products effectiveness and overall benefit is a solid 9 and overall a solid 8.

My only concern with this product is the cost. Not that Pyroxamine is expensive in any way, but for someone 200+ lbs that want to take 3 caps a day a bottle that ranges from 30-35 dollars is only lasting them 20 days total. So instead of a standard 30 dollar a month fat burner cost you are facing a cost closer to 45 dollars a month.

Again I think there is a cost/product value aspect to take into account (you get what you pay for a lot of times) but I think a slightly bigger bottle wouldn't tick too many customers off.
  • Great Appetite Suppressant
  • Slight Euphoric Feeling
  • Solid Focus
  • Excellent Appetite Suppression
  • Clean Energy
  • Great Mood Enhancement
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      August 19, 2014

    Good afternoon ladies and gents. Back at it again to review the hot new fat burner from Myokem, Pyroxamine. Big shouts out to the boys over at Myokem including our very own Clippy and Hulkish for this and for all the other work you guys put it. I loved the approach they took with this. Instead of just loading it with stims, they chose ingredients that would give a better all around experience including better mood, increased neurotransmission, and even stronger muscle contractions along with thermo and fat burning.

    There are a ton of ingredients in here. Check out this link for what's in it and what effects each ingredient brings.

    The only difference I believe is that there is now 100mg of caffeine instead of the 75mg they mention on the site. Bottom line is, I think they got it right.

    I did experiment a little. I actually found the best effect with 2 caps after breakfast. I never did try any more than 2 caps a day because I didn't feel I needed to. I tried 2 caps on an empty stomach and split dosages in the morning then about 6 hours later on empty and full stomachs. I would start with the suggested dosage stated on the bottle which is one in the morning on an empty stomach then one 5-6 hours later without taking more than 4 pills a day. I couldn't imagine anyone having to dose it that high though

    I will say upfront that I wasn't necessarily trying to lose weight, but rather keep from splurging on junk food and unnecessary snacks throughout the day so there wasn't any weight loss to note, but rather weight management. I basically felt all the effects that Myokem claims. A better mood, better focus/alertness, better workouts, appetite suppression, all while not ever being over stimmed. My favorite part was the great mood it gave me. I am know to be kind of a grouch at work and not a morning person etc, but once I found my dosing, that simply was not the case. Guys at work even commented on it by saying stuff like "what's up with you lately", and "gee, you're in a good mood today." The thermo was hit or miss honestly but mostly hit. I will say that I seemed to build up a slight tolerance toward the end of the run but I think it was more me just getting used to the feeling so I didn't exactly notice it as much. The workouts were great too. No loss of strength and with all the combined effects noted above, I really felt unstoppable. No worries about slamming a few scoops of PWO while taking this.

    Side Effects-10
    I never felt any negative effects. Ever.

    You will find this for around 35 bucks in most places. Always be on the lookout for deals though. Myokem seems to be customer friendly and I feel they will be looking to spread the word of this and their other products. For what I got from this run, I would gladly pay 35 dollars again for another run in the future.

    So there you have it. Solid product from a solid company. Those looking for a fat burner with no shakes or violent chills, this if for you. If you want better workouts, and more productive days at work, this is for you as well. I highly recommend ANYONE give this a go. It has proven to work for females as well by the way. So go find a deal, buy it, and enjoy your run.
    • Great Appetite Suppressant
    • Good Value
    • Solid Focus
    • Clean Energy
    • Great Mood Enhancement
    • Unstoppable Workouts
    • Built SOMEWHAT Of A Tolerance
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      August 15, 2014

    Thanks to Clipper, Hulkish and the Myokem Team for the opportunity to log one bottle of their new fat burner/thermo, Pyroxamine. I definitely enjoyed this stuff a lot and think Myokem is definitely a supplement front-runner lately. Their website is very nice looking too, which I’m a fan of. I ran this product for just over 3 weeks and calorie deficit. Lifting and short HIIT about 5 days/week average. Lets get into the details. I’m going to do this a little bit different, as I am going to describe my experiences based on the products claims, then I will break down the normal review categories briefly.

    Pyroxamine’s Claims

    ---Explosive, Long Lasting Energy---
    The explosive claim is questionable. I would have put “Clean, Long Lasting Energy.” The longevity was definitely there but I never felt the explosiveness, which actually is OK with me. I liked the more clean energy feeling I got, without jitters and anxiousness.

    ---Crushes Appetite---
    Appetite Suppression was pretty evident throughout the entire run. It wasn’t to the point where I didn’t WANT to eat, but it kept me feeling satisfied throughout the day, especially during my shifts at work when I couldn’t get a break to eat.

    ---Euphoric State of Mind---
    This was present, but mild at best. Again though, mild is OK. Any added euphoria to my day is a plus in my book.

    ---Accelerated Fat Loss---
    I lost 7lbs. in about 23 days which I would say is decently accelerated. 2lbs/week is a good goal to short for and I averaged just above that during my run.

    ---Razor-Sharp Mental Focus---
    I definitely was in the zone when I took this, especially in mornings. On my days off of work when I would pop 2 caps in the AM, I swear I turned into a freaking cleaning woman. I was all over the house like a cleaning machine. My wife was a big fan of this.

    I played around with the dosing quite a bit to figure out what worked the best for me. I started off with one cap in the morning and eventually moved to 2. I also experimented with 2 in the am and one in the PM, as well as 1 AM and 2 PM during my night shifts. Overall I found the most effective dosing to just be 2 in the AM on an empty stomach and that was it for the day. The effects still lasted throughout the day and the bottle lasted longer. I added in some Yohimbine HCI a few times, and this made for a killer combo.

    I had a small amount of stomach issues the first few days. No pain or anything, just some runny bathroom experiences (Sorry). This went away pretty quick though and I never had any other negative sides. Lots of sweating but that was a positive.

    Great! You can see when I went through all the product claims that this product definitely accomplished all its goals. I usually build up tolerance to stims extremely quick, but this one hung in there for the whole run.

    Averaging around thirty bucks a bottle, I give this a 9 for value.

    I think Myokem has a gem here. The price is on par, and the fact that I actually felt content at just 2 a day is amazing. My normal experience with similar supplements is that once I up the dosing, I never go back down. This wasn’t the case with Pyroxamine. If I ran another bottle, I would stick to 2/day and it would give me a solid 30 day run. I also definitely did not have any issues with loss of muscle mass which is great. Thanks again Myokem!
    • Great Appetite Suppressant
    • Slight Euphoric Feeling
    • Good Value
    • Solid Focus
    • Clean Energy
    • Slight Stomach Issues
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      August 12, 2014

    Thanks to Brandon and Clippy and Hulk for giving the ER crew the opportunity to try this through the ER program. I apologize for taking so long to post this, but I wanted to use this over the course of 12 weeks in order to get a more complete evaluation. Quite simply this works, and works well. So at the end of the day, while it's nice to have all the explanation of the ingredients, Myokem does a fine job of explaining that online. What is of value, at least for me, is that a normal person can achieve body-fat reduction using this product. Sure, we all read of how some pretty boy sub-10% physique athlete went from 9% to 8% BF using a fat burner (totally diced , dude) but more often than not we here things like "You're too fat to use a fat burner" - thanks Frankie, nothing but love in my heart, lol. Why do I claim that this works? Well, I'm glad you asked that question.....

    Dosing: I experimented with several different strategies but what worked best for me was taking 1 cap pwo and 1 cap about 5-7 hours later. So for me, that’s was first thing upon waking and then a second one between 1100-1300.

    Effectiveness: 9/9
    I used a new approach with this (well, at least new to me). I forgot about the stim or thermo effect. I chose to not use this based on how it made me feel from an acute standpoint, but rather, what benefit I could achieve from chronic usage in support of a consistent diet that was slightly underneath maintenance; typically a deficit between a 200-300 calories. So for me that averaged about 2200 calories, about 45/35/20 P/C/F. I was doing db, body-weight and core training for 12 weeks and my metrics were primarily based on weekly scale readings plus a qualitative/quantitative judgment based on total weight and reps performed. (Typically when I operate at a deficit I see a non-trivial reduction in total weight/reps.)

    So here's the experiment I did: for the first 4 weeks I used Pyroxamine, for the second 4 weeks I did not, and for the third 4 weeks I did. Major shout out for KRob for hooking me up with that second bottle, oh wait, he didn't. That's right, something about "new baby on the way", "bills to pay", blah, blah, blah. You know - crazy talk. Dude's got his priorities all messed up so no room for bromance for the Lava. Lol. I'm joking of course, I bought the second bottle on my own and I've still got nothing but love for my bro KRob.

    Anyway, during the first phase, I averaged 3 lbs per week with no reduction in strength for a total of 13 lbs lost. During the second phase, I went up and down with some weeks plus and some weeks negative as my eating habits tended to falter but ended at a total of +2 lbs and no reduction in strength, and during the third phase, I lost an average of 3lb again, for a total of 12 lbs. So being down 25 lbs during 8 weeks while on Pyroxamine, for me, is no joke. Granted, I have it to lose, so I could have used a more radical calorie reduction but then my mind goes all ga-ga when I start lifting less weight. Now, and this is important, diet and training protocol stayed the same during the entire 12 week experiment. Even during the middle phase - it's just that I tended to deviate more frequently without the Pyroxamine than with it. And that’s important to take into account because when it comes right down to it, most of my problems are behavioral and I suspect many other people have the same issues. Plus, just in case you missed it, I was able to maintain strength over the course of a diet in which I lost 25 pounds – no small feat for me. Plus the focus and clarity provided additional value for me as I work as an data analyst. (It was actually better than Focus or other nootropic-like products that I had on hand.)

    Pyroxamine didn't provide any "magic" effect in that I never got the thermo or the energy that many claim from fat burners. What I did get was consistent appetite suppression, superior focus and clarity, and ultimately rock solid support for the goals that I had set. To me, this is what a weight loss supplement should provide for the normal person - it's not going to turn a crappy diet into a good one but it can help maintain a sound approach throughout the entire plan. And that's golden for me.

    Value: 9/9
    Pyroxamine isn't the cheapest pony in the corral. A bottle will set you back about $35.00 - so if you're taking 3 caps per day then that's only 20 days worth. However, for someone like me that takes only 2 caps, then you get a full 30 day supply. However, you can’t judge this on cost alone. Sure, you may save $5.00 by going with something else, but how to you value something that only provides a stim effect vs something that provide real support? For me, you can’t.

    Overall: 9/9
    I think my take on Pyroxamine is clear - it's a winner. I'm really grooving on MyoKem and the quality products that they are putting out. It’s not just another thinly veiled stimulant with a few additional “fat burning” ingredients like green tea or raspberry ketones thrown in for the sound bite. Don’t let the over-the-top marketing fool you(;) - these are top shelf products and I highly recommend giving Pyroxamine a try. And even though Brandon seems to be a guy who loves writing over the top marketing, I'm going to let that slide since he's obviously a stand-up guy with a heart of gold who likes to give people who are, shall we say, not genetically gifted, a chance. (I'm not saying Clippy, but, well, you know....)
    • Solid Focus
    • Excellent Appetite Suppression
    • Superior Diet Support

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