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Magnitropin Reviews

By: Myokem

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Myokem for sending it out!
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  September 7, 2018

  • Builds Muscle
  • Potent Extracts
  • Increased Libido
  • Great Endurance
  • Cool Bottle
  • Great Pumps
  • Promising Science
  • Mostly Lives Up To Claims
  • Expensive
  • 6 Pills A Day

Quick Summary

Magnitropin is a natural test booster that works pretty well.


I've always been kind of a skeptic when it came to test boosters, especially those containing tribulus. However, I saw all the positive reviews of Magnitropin, and I was curious. When the opportunity came to test it through the TROOP program, I said, "what the heck?" Thanks to Myokem for supporting the TROOPs.

Ingredient Profile

Magnitropin contains an interesting herbal ingredient profile, many of which I am totally unfamiliar with.

1.45g PAEDERIA FOETIDA EXTRACT: Paederia foetida is a plant that goes by various names, including Chinese fever vine. Extracts of the leaves of Paederia foetida boost testosterone levels of rats. Researchers at the Hari Singh Gour University in India write about this in the Journal of Men's Health. The testosterone-boosting effect is big enough to bring about a significant weight gain and to enhance sexual activity. You can read more about the study here:

300mg CISTANCHE DESERTICOLA EXTRACT: Cistanche or rou cong rong is an herbal tonic made from the root or leaves of a desert plant called Cistanche deserticola that has been part of traditional Chinese medicine for nearly 2000 years. The traditional belief is that cistanche is a yang tonic with counteracts the effects of aging, increases sexual potency, and improves mental function. Modern scientific studies have shown that cistanche increases the blood flow to the brain, sexual organs, and other areas of the body. The same studies show that taking cistanche can increase a person's energy level and even limit muscle damage from accidents and aging.

300mg GENTIANA LUTEA EXTRACT: Gentiana lutea extract improves your digestion while stimulating your appetite, encouraging greater food intake to fuel growing muscle mass.

102mg EPICATECHIN: Epicatechin has been the subject of several studies that have uncovered a host of physiological benefits, including:

Enhancing muscle growth and strength naturally via a novel pathway
Increasing nitric oxide production for improved vascularity, blood flow and endurance
Improving insulin sensitivity, regulating blood sugar levels and stimulating muscle protein synthesis
Lowering cholesterol levels due to its natural antioxidant properties
Improving brain and heart health

7.5mg BIOPERINE BLACK PEPPER EXTRACT: BioPerine is a patented extract obtained from black pepper fruits (Piper nigrum) standardized minimum to 95% Piperine.

BioPerine has been used as a bioavailability enhancer for over 20 years.

BioPerine may be co-administered with various nutrients to enhance their bioavailability in both human and animal.

In general, BioPerine was found to enhance absorption of nutrients by at least 30%.


The label suggests taking 3 pills pre or post workout and 3 pills later with or without meal. The label also suggests drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily while using this product. I used 3 pills post workout and 3 pills at lunch.


During my 4 week run of Magnitropin, I noticed my muscles looking a little fuller and a slight strength increase; 5 pounds for ant extra 2-3 reps--kind of like a newbie using creatine for the first time, just without the bloat. Previous reviews of this mentioned an increase of appetite, but mine remained the same. I did, however have a lot more stamina in the gym, and a boosted libido. Overall, I'd say that this was a pretty decent run. My body weight remained the same, but I did look leaner.


Amazon and Myokem sell Magnitropin for around 55 bucks, so it's a little on the pricey side. However, it worked pretty well, it's natural, and there were no negative sides associated with it, so I'd probably drop a double nickel and do another run.

Side Effects



Having been previously curious about the effectiveness of natural test boosters, I can say that my curiosity (at least for this product) has been satisfied. I'm curious to see what results an 8 week run would yield. I must add this: because it is product designed to boost testosterone, those under the age of, say, 30 or so may not feel the effects, but for old heads like me, I definitely recommend it.

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