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Alphadex Reviews

By: Myokem

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Myokem for sending it out!
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  September 10, 2018

  • Improved Libido
  • Vascularity
  • Slight Vascularity In Shoulders
  • Some Muscle Fullness
  • High Cost
  • No Noticeable Estrogen Control
  • 2 Bottles Recommended For Best Results

Quick Summary

Alphadex contains natural ingredients that could potentially support muscle growth and block estrogen, but it didn't quite benefit me in four weeks.


Thanks to Myokem for participating in the TROOP program. I'm going to be reviewing Myokem's natural anabolic product Alphadex. What interested me about this product was the muscle building/fat loss/recomp potential of its ingredients. Because I'm in a constant phase, it seemed to make sense to give this product a try.

Ingredient Profile

Kudos to Myokem for giving a fully disclosed ingredient profile. Like many on, I'm not a big fan of prop blends. Prop blends only get a pass from me if the product works well.

Alphadex contains four ingredients for a total of 450 mg.

Safflower seed extract (10% Trachesloside) 200mg: This ingredient is said to increase fat metabolism and improve blood glucose levels.

Brassaiopsis glomerulata extract 125mg: This ingredient acts as a testosterone boosting support agent, and also reportedly inhibits the aromatase enzyme.

Acacetin 100mg: Said to reduce estrogen levels, boost testosterone, and lower cortisol.

Garcinia mangostana extract 25mg: Has been shown to possibly aid in fat loss through inducing lipolysis and blood glucose support.

Also included is 5mg of bioperine (black pepper extract) to enhance absorption.


There is no taste, as these are capsules. As for dosing, the label directions say to take one capsule twice a day with food, preferably spread out. I took my first capsule with breakfast, my second with lunch, about 5 hours later.


Okay, so Alphadex didn't exactly strikeout with me, but it wasn't a home run either. There were many areas that it fell short.

First of all, I did have a more alpha male feeling in the gym; my aggression was definitely up. In addition, I would say that I had a very noticeable increase in my libido. Woody always seemed to be ready.

I did notice some increased vascularity and I had a little more dryness and definition to my physique. However, as far as pumps, size, and strength increases were concerned, nothing. I was able to pump out maybe 1-2 extra reps on each lift, but honestly, I was expecting a bit more. I'm not one to expect "steroid-like" gains from any product, especially natural anabolics/test boosters, but I've experienced better results from similarly marketed products. It should be noted that the label recommends this to be taken for a minimum of 8 weeks, so in theory, Alphadex might be a little more effective over a longer period of time. However, an 8 week run could put quite a deep dent in one's pockets.


The lowest price i was able to find Alpha was on for about $45. This is very pricey for a 28 day supply of a product that only partially delivered. Take into account that you may need to run two bottles to see any true effects, and you're looking at paying 90 bucks for something that might not work as well as other products that give better results in less than 4 weeks at a fraction of the price. I am by no means a baller, and if I were, I'd still think twice before springing for two bottles. If you can find it on sale, Alphadex might be worth a try as a one-time, 8 week run.

Side Effects



Alphadex is not a strikeout; it's more of a leadoff single that could be stretched into a double. I was expecting more, especially at it's price point. If you have some money saved up and can find it on sale, I would say at least give it a shot for 8 weeks. However, for me, there are better, less expensive AI choices.

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