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Alphadex Reviews

By: Myokem

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
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  November 1, 2018

  • Improved Libido
  • Robust Profile
  • Improved Sexual Performance
  • High Dose Of Acacetin
  • Some Muscle Fullness
  • Perceivable Estrogen Control
  • Expensive
  • No Noticeable Cortisol Control

Quick Summary

Solid overall. Wasn't as potent for me as others, but still a good option. More expensive.


I've recently come to really appreciate the impact of a solid AI on my everyday physique and maintenance goals. I've run all three of VMI's "arimi" products and had very positive experiences with two of those supplements. Having not run any of Myokem's product line before, and being intrigued by the profile of Alphadex (specifically the amount of Acacetin), I decided to grab a bottle.

And sorry for the title. I couldn't stop myself.

Ingredient Profile

Alphadex's profile is fairly complex but not overly so. There are four primary ingredients (plus Bioperine for absorption) with purported properties related to estrogen inhibition, hormonal balance, and increased testosterone production. The struggle I have with evaluating these ingredients and their dosages is the lack of reliable research, but I did my best below.

Safflower Seed Extract is mostly touted for its blood and heart-support properties e.g. preventing hardening of the arteries, reducing the risk of heart disease, widening blood vessels, and so on. It's an unusual ingredient for this type of product IMO. In his review of Alphadex, bctuhill posited that this extract was likely included to combat the drying-out effect of Acacetin. That could be the case.

Next up is BGE (I'm not spelling that out); a compound related to the Brassica family of vegetables which are touted for their anti-estrogen properties. Very common for an AI, though research suggests oral bioavailability of these compounds is poor. VMI's Arima-XD is primarily built around Brassica-related ingredients.

What I really love to see in an AI is Acacetin, a known AI that binds to androgens to prevent estrogen conversion, while also inhibiting rises in cortisol levels. I had a fantastic experience with a product that included 100mg of Acacetin per dose and you get DOUBLE that in a daily dose of Alphadex. To me this is the cornerstone of the ingredient profile.

Finally there's Mangosteen extract; a supplement that was foreign to me initially. Mangosteen has properties that claim to stimulate the immune system and improve mental health, but research is minimal and unreliable.


Dosing of Alphadex was honestly somewhat difficult for me. I practice Intermittent Fasting yet the instructions on the bottle said to take two caps daily, with food, one in the AM and one in the PM. Thus I usually tried to remember to bring a cap with me to work to dose at lunch and would take my second cap five hours later with dinner. A small inconvenience, but I did sometimes forget to grab my lunch dose which meant I was taking two caps at dinner. Not sure if that had an impact on my results.

Very easy to swallow caps with no aftertaste, indigestion, or other side effects.


If you read my Arimidrol review, you'll note I raved about the product's libido boosting and cortisol control properties, thus I had the bar set pretty high for Alphadex given the 200mg dosing of Acacetin. While that mark was not missed, I think my expectations were too lofty. I was reasoning the increased dose of Acacetin would hit me twice as fast and would have a stronger effect overall, however that was not the case. As I experienced with Arimidrol it really wasn't until week three when the product started to take effect, with those effects strengthening until the end of the bottle. I experienced a small but noticeable increase in muscle hardness and density, as well the usual spike in libido, drive, and all things related to sexual performance (again, Acacetin really works from me on this front). Overall I can't say I noticed a difference between Alphadex and its 200mg of Acacetin per day and Arimidrol's 100mg daily dose.

I did not experience the same level of cortisol control as I have with other AIs. Can't pinpoint the exact reason here. Could be my dosing protocol, could be diet, could be a host of factors. I certainly didn't gain weight, but I didn't lean out and feel as "tight" as I normally do when running an AI.


A 28 day bottle of Alphadex can be purchased for around $45. This is really the only gripe I have with the product. At a per dose cost of $1.60, you are paying more for Alphadex than you are for other AIs. Granted it is difficult to gauge the price of AI's considering ingredient profiles are rather unique and really no two of this category of supplement is identical. As I've stated several times, Alphadex packs a higher dose of Acacatin than other supplements, however as you've read this did not result in improved effectiveness for me. Certainly could prove beneficial for a larger person, or someone who does not respond as strongly to a lower dose.

From past research I've done I can tell you it is standard to find good AI's at a price point of roughly $1 a day. So while Alphadex is on the higher end of the price scale, certain users may find it more effective and worth the money.

Side Effects

I had no joint dryness while on this product.


Overall I enjoyed my experience with Alphadex and would recommend it as a viable, safe, well-dosed estrogen blocker. While not the most cost-effective option, it's still worth considering and a good stack option as part of a PCT. A solid product.


  • Zsteinf
    Rep: +1,399
    November 2, 2018

    Nice title. Good review

  • Admin
    Rep: +72
    November 5, 2018

    Great review Cray and your title did make me chuckle!

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