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Health & Wellbeing > Digestive Health

Pro Fiber is a Digestive Health Product manufactured by Myogenix. It helps the body to regulate and maintain a healthy digestive function state.

See all 10 products in:
Health & Wellbeing > Digestive Health

  November 12, 2011

hey everyone this is my first myogenix review, I have been trying to find a good fiber that is flavorless, the right profile, and a decent price. well i have found it. fiberlyze had the best profile where fiberteq once came flavorless, and fitness fiber was cheap but now we have the complete package. I didnt even know this existed, it was recommend to me by steelforce.

Price=8 I got this for 23 bucks on, the price was average but you get alot. this lasted me over 2 months so thats why i gave it a 9 for the value.

taste=10 there is no taste, which really suppriesd me. I have put this in almost any drink and it didnt change the taste.

mixabilty=9 you have to shake it a bit for it to desolve but overall it mixes very well.

Profile=10 well right off the back it has 9g of fiber per serving of which 5 is soulible and 4g is insoulible. its the combination of the 2 that makes a great fiber product. the last gram is a blend of -Protease, -Bromelain -Amylase, -Lipase, and -Cellulase at 450mg to help with digestion. they also thew in 7mg of Lactobacillus which is a probiotic. but its such a small amount that its not even worth it. which leaves roughly 550mg per serving unaccounted for. that is great.

effectiveness=10 with just one scoop in my meal replacement shake was all i needed to help stay regular. dont have any complaints here.

overall i recommend this to anyone. the price is average but the quality of the product is the best overall i have had so far. So if you are looking for some fiber to add to your stack i highly recommend this product.
  • Tasteless
  • Good Value
  • Powder Gets Messy At Times


  • steelforce
    Rep: +739
    Trust: 100%
    November 12, 2011

    Very nice review gald I could help.

  • Frankiemusc
    Rep: +3,335
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 67
    November 12, 2011

    Solid review

    The review contest is for highest rates review, not the total # of reviews u can do for November.


  • bignastyrico
    Rep: +1,108
    Trust: 100%
    November 12, 2011

    Lol I know smartass lol

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