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AfterShock Recovery Reviews

By: Myogenix

  August 28, 2014

Hey CR members

Wanted to post a review for this product since I have gone through about 8 containers worth already. This review is based off the new formula even though I have tried both.

Effectiveness (9/10): I would find it hard for anyone to argue this is an effective product. I did find it did not quite get everything I may have needed Macro wise for my larger body part workouts but it did make my post workout routine much easier. When using it during a bulk phase I always add in a scoop of waxy maize with the two scoops to get an additional 40 grams of fast digesting carbs. I stop using this product the last 3 weeks before a contest however due to its formulation of creatine and certain types of carbs. The joint support is certainly a nice added bonus but it should be noted that do NOT expect any changes in that department for the first 3-4 weeks. That holds true for any joint support product.

Mixing (10/10): Easy as pie. No complaints here in the traditional blender bottles.

Flavor (7/10): The berry flavor leaves more to be desired. I have found the mango flavor a nice change up and refreshing after a workout. If you can get your hands on some ice cubes at your local gym it is a game changer for this product.

Price (7/10): The one big down fall of this product. I feel the carb sources and downgrade in creatine quality source do not warrant the price they charge. Someone on a tight budget would find this hard to fit in, however if you can foot the bill and find a product that works well it is worth it (as in my case)

Overall (8/10) Definitely better than most things out there and offers a nice matrix of supplements for post recovery. If you can foot the bill and are willing to try it make sure to buy 2 containers!

Happy growing



  • andrew17019
    Rep: +342
    August 30, 2014

    For a great waxy maize bulker that might fit better into your bulk needs, have you tried MHP Dark Matter? I use that when I want to bulk with carbs and bring in my protein through different supps.

  • Admin_
    Rep: +4,815
    February 24, 2015

    What is "CR"?

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