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AfterShock Recovery Reviews

By: Myogenix

  September 24, 2012

  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Taste
  • Fast Recovery
  • Awesome Post Workout
  • Bit Pricey
As a long time follower of the SR community and recent member, I wanted to make sure I took the time to learn as much as I could before diving headfirst into a bunch of mindless reviews. I've had a generic understanding of your basic supplements (proteins, multis, creatine, etc.) but never was able to grasp the full extent of what proper supplementation and nutrition can do for one's body.

So with that out of the way, let's begin.

OVERVIEW --------------

Myogenix's Aftershock was the first product of its kind that I had the pleasure of taking. In times past, I've only really taken some of your basic protein powders like ON's 100% Whey, Monster Milk, and GNC Wheybolic 60. I took them mainly for taste and protein gram count, thinking the higher the protein, the stronger I'll get. And sure, maybe that helped to an extent but I knew I wasn't reaching my full potential. Fastforward a few years with increased training from hockey and a newfound love for supplements, it's become so much more clear as to how misguided I truly was.

Aftershock was exactly the kind of product I needed all along. I needed something strictly for recovery and to combat exercise-related soreness and fatigue. After perusing the "Recover" section of this site, I took the plunge on a cheap price for a 5lb tub of Aftershock.

PROFILE ----------------(8)

I don't want to pretend I know a whole heck of a lot about what each individual ingredient does in Aftershock, but for my most basic needs and understanding, I found the profile to be very good. Loaded with BCAA's, creatine and a healthy amount of carbs, I felt that Aftershock had all of the necessary items needed for postworkout recovery. I also like the amount of protein, as for me personally, I like to try and hit around at least 30g per serving. With 2 scoops, this was easily attained at 34g. My only gripe would be the amount of sugar contained in this product as it's a bit high and more than likely the reason for the sweet taste I'll get to in the next section.


I ordered the Fruit Punch flavor and surprisingly, it was very good. Having only taken one other fruit-flavored protein (Wheybolic 60, which was terrible by the way), I wasn't too sure what to expect. Like others have mentioned, however, it tasted sweet, like crushed candies, and was palatable to the very end. Mixing seemed to take on two different forms. Initially, after adding two scoops with water to a shaker cup and shaking, there were still a few chunks that were left if immediately drank. Letting it sit for a minute or two, and then drinking proved to be a bit better as it had time to dissolve and chunks became almost nonexistent.

EFFECTIVENESS ---------- (9)

Not to beat a dead horse around here on SR, but a product isn't worth its mettle if it doesn't do what it's intended to do. Aftershock won me over time and time again. As a hockey player having played up to the collegiate level, the majority of my training is built around explosive movements. Exploding up in squats or one arm flat bench presses to go along with plyometrics is my forte. Though with high reps and speed, much of this results in extreme muscle soreness. I needed something that could combat these effects and for me, Aftershock held its ground. Typical post leg day soreness became almost a forgotten memory. I easily added anywhere from 25-35lbs to my squat as well as 15lbs to my bench, though I tend to alternate between high and low reps so keeping track was a bit more difficult.

I only took Aftershock on days I lifted, generally 4 days a week. My routine consists of me riding my bike to the gym in the morning and then once finished, riding a few miles to work. My ride is roughly 15-20 minutes which put me at about perfect for then consuming Aftershock. For the remainder of the day, soreness was held at bay as I would also take a serving of Modern BCAA later in the day for maintenance. Heavy leg days would sometimes require an extra 5g of Glutamine taken later in the days as well.

Of course this product could have easily been a 10 for me had I never experienced soreness but I don't know if there exists a product out there that could rid someone of all muscle fatigue.

VALUE ------------------ (7)

To be fair, this product can prove to be a bit expensive even though mine was less than 30 bucks. However, if a product simply does what it's meant to do, its worth and value easily increases.

CONCLUSION -------------

In the past and with regards to my previous workout experience, I've always somewhat gained a little in terms of strength and size but once hockey season came around, hitting the gym at the same intensity always proved to be more difficult. As a result, strength and any significant gains wore off. Now that my hockey career has come and gone (minus the Monday beer league games), hitting the gym is really all I've got now to stay in shape. And to be honest, it's kind of nice. I sincerely believe that a product like Aftershock is the reason I look and feel the way I do today. I'm certainly not the most dedicated person when it comes to logging all of my nutritional and exercise info, and I still have a lot of learning to do, but I do train like I still play. With that in mind, Aftershock became the perfect complement to my routine and would not hesitate again in purchasing.

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