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AfterShock Recovery Reviews

By: Myogenix

(Out of 10, after 39 reviews)

Ranks #1 (better than 100%)
In: Protein > Post-Workout Recovery Formulas

AfterShock Recovery is a Post-Workout Protein Supplement manufactured by Myogenix. It is designed to feed the muscles with protein, carbs and amino acids immedaitely following a workout to assist in muscle recovery and growth.

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  August 28, 2014

Hey CR members

Wanted to post a review for this product since I have gone through about 8 containers worth already. This review is based off the new formula even though I have tried both.

Effectiveness (9/10): I would find it hard for anyone to argue this is an effective product. I did find it did not quite get everything I may have needed Macro wise for my larger body part workouts but it did make my post workout routine much easier. When using it during a bulk phase I always add in a scoop of waxy maize with the two scoops to get an additional 40 grams of fast digesting carbs. I stop using this product the last 3 weeks before a contest however due to its formulation of creatine and certain types of carbs. The joint support is certainly a nice added bonus but it should be noted that do NOT expect any changes in that department for the first 3-4 weeks. That holds true for any joint support product.

Mixing (10/10): Easy as pie. No complaints here in the traditional blender bottles.

Flavor (7/10): The berry flavor leaves more to be desired. I have found the mango flavor a nice change up and refreshing after a workout. If you can get your hands on some ice cubes at your local gym it is a game changer for this product.

Price (7/10): The one big down fall of this product. I feel the carb sources and downgrade in creatine quality source do not warrant the price they charge. Someone on a tight budget would find this hard to fit in, however if you can foot the bill and find a product that works well it is worth it (as in my case)

Overall (8/10) Definitely better than most things out there and offers a nice matrix of supplements for post recovery. If you can foot the bill and are willing to try it make sure to buy 2 containers!

Happy growing

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  August 27, 2014

This is my go-to post-workout recovery / strength and mass gainer while I am not on a cut. I have tried to use this in conjunction with a cut and it just doesn't work due to the carb ratio. Here's my breakdown:

Love the weird range of flavors that are available. I've tried the tropical flavors and have found that Pina Colada is my favorite. Over the past few years I've gone through a handful of tubs and have still found that flavor to be my favorite. I get tired of having vanilla or chocolate based proteins, so the fruity tropical flavors are a real perk to this product.

Very easily mixes even without a shaker cup. I tend to use a half-serving (1 Scoop) instead of the recommended serving size of 2 scoops, but even when using a full serving I never had an issue with oversaturation and rarely have clumps.

Serving size:
Like I said above, I think the serving size is a little high due to the amount of carbs in each serving. I generally take a single scoop and that provides the amount of ingredients that I personally want to maintain. If I am trying specifically to gain mass I'll up to the full serving.

Absolutely makes an impact on recovery times. This compared to protein alone gives me significantly shorter recovery times. I almost always gain mass while on this product (depending on diet and workout goals). It is also easier to chug after workouts than most straight proteins. Although I primarily use this to build a good base of mass I've also been using it in half-servings to replenish carbs burnt during endurance or high-rep training. I'd say this is the best product for everything except for a cut. Yes, it's a kitchen-sink blend, but it's a blend that's worked really well for me for the past 3 years.

This tends to be on the pricier end of things, but if you take half-servings it will last much longer. I believe in paying for high-quality products, and this is one of the supplements that I won't skimp on. I think this is worth the price just because of the versatility of the blend and the ability to use this for just about anything but a cut.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Fast Recovery
  • Good Taste
  • Bit Pricey
  • Too Expensive
  • 2 Scoops Is A Bit Much
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  June 2, 2014

Myogenix Aftershock is one best product that has been on my list of supplements to review due to how much i loved what the product did to me. I've used it numerous times with great results and i have recommended it to all my friends and they have also loved it.

**Taste/Texture: 9.0/10**
This is where everyone disagrees with the taste. While it might not be the best tasting product out on the market, I have to say I'm very pleased with the taste considering the ingredients that are used in this product. Hydrolyzed whey, creatine, glucosamine and BCAA's aren't easy flavors to mix into a recovery, and taking that into consideration, this product is pretty impressive to me. My personal favorite is the fruit punch, the others I've tried including the Wild Berry having a semisweet mixed berry flavor or the Orange that reminds me of the Fanta soda won't leave you disappointed.

**Mix ability/Texture: 9.0/10**
A little foaminess after mixing is to be expected just by letting it sit a minute or two and this eliminates the problem. No complaints from me when it comes to mixing as the product mixes pretty easily in a shaker and I never experience clumps.

**Ingredient Profile: 9.7/10**
Very pleased overall when it comes to the nutrition profile and that is one reason I keep using it. First off, I am pleased that they chose to go with a blend of partially hydrolyzed whey isolate, and whey isolate. I'm also a big fan of the inclusion of creatine, glutamine and BCAA's. Heck, they even include 1.5g of joint supporting glucosamine and chondroitin and a nice blend of anti-oxidants. which you cant really find in many products in the market.

**Effectiveness: 10/10**
This certainly Aftershock is one of the best . I have used this product on lean bulking, cutting and maintenance and I have yet to be left disappointed. Recovery is phenomenal, among the best out of all the recovery products that I've tried.

Value: 8.9/10
This seems to be the only downfall when it comes to this outstanding product. While some will cringe at the price tag, I feel that it is on par with many other post workouts. 15 servings will seem to go pretty fast, but in case you haven't seen it, they now have a 30 serving container that makes it a slightly better value. Regardless, I don't feel the price is unjustified for the outstanding recovery and top of the line ingredients they use.

Overall: 9.7/10
With an outstanding nutritional profile, this product is a measuring stick to other post workouts should be measured against. Another thing I really like about this is I feel that with 25g of protein and 30g of carbs, it is set at just the right amount for a recovery formula for any kind of way your trying to go for. Hands down one of the best post workout products on the market today, and I strongly recommend that if you haven't already given this product a try that you consider doing so in the near future.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Taste
  • Fast Recovery
  • Awesome Post Workout
  • Mixes Very Easy
  • Lean Muscle
  • Unique Flavor
  • Bit Pricey
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  September 17, 2013

To start things off, the reason I purchased Aftershock was because I was experiencing horrid post workout crashes. Even if my nutrition was great I would still crash. I have two conclusions of why I was crashing so bad. 1.) I was doing morning workouts before college started and I was still tired for whatever reason. 2.) I needed a post workout to quickly disperse glucose into my bloodstream. Now the only problem is that school has started, so a few days a week I can go after the gym because I get out of school to late to go to work.

Value 8.4/10

For value I'm giving it an 8.4 because I don't feel like it falls into the elite category worthy of getting an 8.4. Maybe if it had an extra 4-5 workouts in it I'd give it an 8.5-9. I paid 49.99$ off of sizeupsupplements which is a great company by the way.

Taste 7.75/10
Orange Avalanche 8.5/10
Typhoon Berry ( I don't have it in front of me) 7/10

The orange avalanche was on point for whatever orange avalanche is supposed to taste like. It has a weird tang to it but it is doable and kind of good. Its not like most would expect an orange to taste like. I went through a 5.82 lb container of this flavor.
The berry one was okay. Easy to drink but not very enjoyable. It wasn't bad enough that you had to hold your nose. I only went through a smaller container of this flavor luckily.

Profile 7.8/10

Aftershock has a top notch profile, but if it were up to me I would most definitely add in about twice as many carbohydrates as they did. Here are some of the ingredients.
34g hydrolyzed whey and whey isolate.
35g Carbohydrates (maltodextrin and cane juice solids.) I actually just read that and kind of lets me down!
Amino Stack 8g (magnesium creatine chelate, magnesium glycyl glutamine chelate, glutamine, norvaline
1.5 g joint support (glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, msm.

It states it has an antioxidant blend but I'm not finding it on my container. You can see that the profile is decent. I would like to see some more carbs and about twice as many aminos.

Recovery 8/10

I did notice pretty good recovery. Somedays it did help prevent a post workout crash which was very nice, especially on days I'm forced to workout early. After a hard leg or back day I would still get some soreness but I realize I'm not taking GH and roids and whatever other hormones there are these days. Pretty good recovery.

Mixability 9.5/10
The only time there were particles left was when I didn't add enough water. My fault, not the products.

This was my review for Aftershock. I would recommend trying it and seeing if it helps with your recovery since thats why people buy it. I do feel the carbohydrates are a little under-dosed but add some fruits into your post workout. By the way I'm just noticing this on the cons it says 3 scoops, it is actually just 2 scoops. I'm also seeing "carbs do not help cut" in the cons section. Carbs do help recover and this is a recovery drink so how is that even possibly a con? Also not that this product will not work without an already proper diet!

  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Taste
  • Fast Recovery
  • Mixes Very Easy
  • Lean Muscle
  • Unique Flavor
  • High Quality Proteins
  • 1:1 Ratio
  • Maltodextrin
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Trust: 100%
  April 11, 2013

I was always hesitant about Myogenix Aftershock because when I first tried it back in 2010 I knew nothing about the company. I was really pleased with overall results after recommendations here in SR from fellow members and it has been a staple supplement of mine for quite a while.

Taste/Mixability: 9.8/10

As many have stated, the taste may not be too pleasant for some. Indeed the contents such as BCAA's and creatine are tough to conceal. I did make an uninformed purchase once and got the Wild Berry Blast flavor which was pretty bad. Then I searched for another flavor and, tired of chocolate and vanilla, fixed my eyes upon piña colada. I haven't tried more flavors of this product since. I absolutely love it. Granted mixability may be a bit tough but just use 16oz+ of water, maybe some ice and it will be very refreshing.

Ingredient Profile: 9.6/10

I am very happy with the high quality hidrolyzed whey isolate that it contains. Love the good BCAA blend and the creatine chelate. Yeah it could maybe be better if it were kre-alkalyn specially when I'm on a cut but I don't complain much. I really like the fact that it has glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate for joint support. I further find it impressive that it has under 300 cals per serving with the amount of ingredients it includes.

Effectiveness: 9.9/10

This is probably what I like the most about this product and it is also what it really comes down to: results. My recovery has never been better since using this, no matter how intense my workouts may have been. I have been able to gain lean muscle with it too, zero bloating. I've used this product when cutting and when trying to add lean muscle too, in both cases it has proven to be very successful. I personally love how sometimes I am beat after a grueling workout and drinking this in a few gulps almost provides me that instant sensation of replenishment and well being.

Value: 9.0/10

When I first checked the price of this product I thought to myself it was quite steep. I no longer feel the same way. Results with it have proven me sometimes expensive turns out cheap. Probably could be a tad cheaper but I don't think it's a factor to complain about.

Overall: 9.6/10

This is a very serious recovery product. The ingredient profile is very complete and it shows upon taking this repeatedly post-workout. I love the 34g of protein per serving and how versatile this supplement is for it can be used on a bulk or a cut. Granted I haven't used any other recovery products but maybe it is because of how satisfied I am with this product (And maybe products such as Biorhythm's Afterglow are just too rich for my blood). I recommend this to anyone who wants to build muscle, reduce soreness, plans to do a cut or just someone who plainly wants a high quality and complete recovery formula. Try it out and my bet is you won't be dissaointed.

  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Taste
  • Fast Recovery
  • Awesome Post Workout
  • Lean Muscle
  • Unique Flavor
  • Bit Pricey
  • Wish It Still Had Kre-alklyn
Rep: +61
Trust: 83%
  January 10, 2013

Well ladies and gentleman boys and girls id like to start of by saying that this is my first review here so take it easy on me. (that's what she said). But before I start id like to give thanks to birdman2211 for introducing me to Myogenix Aftershock. I was looking for a good post workout to begin taking and somehow while looking for one i came across him giving advice to someone that aftershock was a really good post workout supplement. So I decided to give it a shot.

Taste 8/10
I had the fruit punch flavor. I'm someone who doesnt really care about how a supplement taste but i must admit at first i didnt really like it too much but after a few days it really grew on me.

Mixability 6/10
after shaking it and letting it sit for a couple minutes i still found a decent clump at the bottom of my cup after sippin it down

Value 7/10
I got this for 59.99 at which is a bit pricey for me as i bought the 5.82 lbs and went through it pretty fast.

Effectiveness 9/10
This is my first post workout supplement i have used. I used this product while bulking and it did not disappoint. It really helped on my soreness as i work out pretty hard at the gym. with better recovery i felt refreshed the next day at the gym. I also noticed i gained some good strength after using afterschock.

Overall 9/10
This is by far the best post workout product i have used so far as i have used a few more from the time being. i forgot to mention but i also like how it also includes 1500 mg of glucosesamine sulfate for joint repair, creatine, bcaa's and glutamine. i strongly recommend this product if your considering it in the future. last of all, again i want to thank birdman2211.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Fast Recovery
  • Awesome Post Workout
  • Lean Muscle
  • 2 Scoops Is A Bit Much
  • Bit Pricey
Rep: +11
Trust: 0%
  November 18, 2012

Was recommended Aftershock from my local Nutrition shop, I was a bit sceptical because of the funky flavours but glad I gave it a go.

I tried the Pina Colada flavour since that what was recommended too me. It is a bit strange at first but blend it up with some ice and its awesome. It is very sweet and would not recommend it with milk. Mixed in a shaker it does foam up a bit and may get some gritty pieces of protein floating around. I would recommend mixing in a blender.

Very pleased with the ingredients in aftershock. Per serve it has:
34g Protein (hydrolysed lactose free),
30g Carbohydrates (polysaccharides and maltodextrin)
8g Amino Acids (Creatine, Glutamine
7.2g BCAA
1500mg Joint Reapair Formula
1500mg Antioxidant Blend

Mainly chose this product for lean bulking. Who doesn't want to put on muscle without the fat.
Aftershock defiantly delivered, I had muscle gains and also reduced my body fat percentage.
Wasn't any more sore than usual.
Was also good when I couldn't find time to have one of my meals as it pretty much provided my protein and carb requirements.

Apart from the funky taste that takes getting use too (maybe they should dry good old chocolate), Aftershock is a very good protein powder and I would recommend it.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Lean Muscle
    Rep: +627
    Trust: 100%
      October 27, 2012

    Just finished my first tub after buying it a while back when Prosource had their 6lb tubs for $30 when they are regularly $60 (not sure if it was a mistake on their part or what). I'm pretty sure it was Meuth who posted about it on the forums so I would like to thank him for bringing this to my attention so I could try this wonderful product for cheap. I'm also pretty sure there are a couple different Aftershock blends but I am reviewing the newer blend (Aftershock Tactical Post-workout Catalyst) because I could only find one option for Aftershock.

    Effectiveness: 9/10
    Here's a quick summary of the Profile:

    34g Protein (Whey)
    35g Carbs
    6g BCAAs
    8g Prop. Blend of Creatine and Glutamine
    1.5g Joint Support Blend

    This has definitely been my favorite Postworkout Supplement that I have used. I think it has helped me in my quest for more mass and weight and it gives me great recovery with little to no soreness. I really enjoy having the Protein and Carbs in one powder so I didn't have to combine 2 different supplements. I feel like they were in good quantities too because I usually aim for about 30g Protein and the 35g of Carbs didn't fill me up too much so I could eat a big Postworkout meal about an hour after taking it. The only part of this product that I didn't see any effect from was the Joint Support because as I got heavier in my lifts, my joints still felt a little achy until I added Super Cissus. I wasn't disappointed in this though because I didn't buy this product for joint support but for muscle recovery and its Protein/Carbs.

    Taste: 7/10
    I had the Fruit Punch and it tasted a bit like the Chewable Chalky Flinstones vitamins. Sometimes it was a little hard to choke down after a hard workout (I feel this way about most Postworkout shakes though).

    Mixability: 7/10
    It mixed pretty well with the exception of foam and some sediment at the bottom of my bottle. Shaking it up again before drinking it fixed the sediment problem though.

    Value: 8/10
    As stated earlier, I got this for a great price but its regular price sounds expensive but considering what you're getting, it's pretty good. A $60 6lb tub gives 33 servings that lasted me about 2 months when I exercised every other day. So it would cost about $30 a month which is pretty standard if you ask me.

    Overall: 9/10
    I highly recommend this product to anyone searching for a good Postworkout recovery supplement. I regret not buying more than one tub when it was so cheap on prosource so if you find it for a good price, try stocking up because I'm sure you will enjoy it. I'm going to try ON's 2:1:1 recovery next due to its great reviews and decide which will become a part of my bulking stack.
    • Builds Muscle
    • Good Taste
    • Fast Recovery
    • Awesome Post Workout
    • Unique Flavor
    • Good Mass Gainer
      Rep: +18
      Trust: 13%
        October 18, 2012

      First things first this is my first review on this website, I will do my best to live up to the SupplementReview standard but please bare with me.

      I just finished my second container of this product after being on a Dark Matter kick for the past few years and I must say I am definitely more satisfied with this product but not by too much.

      Taste 9:
      I am not one to really complain about the taste of a supplement simply because I am so hungry after a workout that it really doesn't matter to me. Truth is the Tropical Typhoon is absolutely delicious the Fruit Punch was so-so so fact is I will stick with the TT I honestly look for forward to drinking it after a workout.

      Mixing/ Texture 6:
      Aside from the price this is the only downfall in my opinion to Aftershock. When I first started taking it I was getting full gulps of almost an airy gross foam, if that makes sense? Now what I do is I mix my shake when I start the first set of my last exercise and by the time I am done although it's not perfect there's only a little bit of foam at the bottom. It also seems, in my opinion, that the Tropical Typhoon mixes better than the Fruit Punch.

      Ingredients 10:
      This is a huge deal to me, the high carb and protein content, the solid amino content, blah blah blah is what really drove me to choose this product over other post workouts. I may be the only one but when I'm bored I like to read and google all of the ingredients in my supplements and with Aftershock I was busy for hours.

      Effectiveness 10:
      The way I went into this product was if it worked the same or better than Dark Matter I would be satisfied and it worked better so it didn't disappoint. I learned over time how a post workout should work; am I as sore? is my strength increased? have I put on noticeable muscle and size? for all three of these questions my answer was yes, I'd say more but that pretty much answers this question.

      Value 8:
      I never really complain about the price of a product, I'm not rich or anything but I'll pay top dollar for great products. Truth is I spent about $40 at Vitamin Shoppe for this product and $40 for 15 servings is a little bit ridiculous. I would prefer it to be cheaper and I know in some places it is, I like VS because their store is right by my house and I enjoy their employees but I'll stop since I'm not doing a review on them.

      In conclusion this is a solid post workout, I know a lot of people that make their own post workout shakes but with my busy schedule, and my lack of knowledge on a lot of products I continue to choose a post workout that has solid ingredients and I am yet to come across one better than Aftershock. So all in all I'm hooked on it and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

      • Builds Muscle
      • Good Taste
      • Fast Recovery
      • Awesome Post Workout
      • Lean Muscle
      • Everything But The Kitchen Sink
      • Bit Pricey
      Rep: +50
      Trust: 57%
        September 24, 2012

      As a long time follower of the SR community and recent member, I wanted to make sure I took the time to learn as much as I could before diving headfirst into a bunch of mindless reviews. I've had a generic understanding of your basic supplements (proteins, multis, creatine, etc.) but never was able to grasp the full extent of what proper supplementation and nutrition can do for one's body.

      So with that out of the way, let's begin.

      OVERVIEW --------------

      Myogenix's Aftershock was the first product of its kind that I had the pleasure of taking. In times past, I've only really taken some of your basic protein powders like ON's 100% Whey, Monster Milk, and GNC Wheybolic 60. I took them mainly for taste and protein gram count, thinking the higher the protein, the stronger I'll get. And sure, maybe that helped to an extent but I knew I wasn't reaching my full potential. Fastforward a few years with increased training from hockey and a newfound love for supplements, it's become so much more clear as to how misguided I truly was.

      Aftershock was exactly the kind of product I needed all along. I needed something strictly for recovery and to combat exercise-related soreness and fatigue. After perusing the "Recover" section of this site, I took the plunge on a cheap price for a 5lb tub of Aftershock.

      PROFILE ----------------(8)

      I don't want to pretend I know a whole heck of a lot about what each individual ingredient does in Aftershock, but for my most basic needs and understanding, I found the profile to be very good. Loaded with BCAA's, creatine and a healthy amount of carbs, I felt that Aftershock had all of the necessary items needed for postworkout recovery. I also like the amount of protein, as for me personally, I like to try and hit around at least 30g per serving. With 2 scoops, this was easily attained at 34g. My only gripe would be the amount of sugar contained in this product as it's a bit high and more than likely the reason for the sweet taste I'll get to in the next section.

      TASTE/MIXABILITY ------- (8)

      I ordered the Fruit Punch flavor and surprisingly, it was very good. Having only taken one other fruit-flavored protein (Wheybolic 60, which was terrible by the way), I wasn't too sure what to expect. Like others have mentioned, however, it tasted sweet, like crushed candies, and was palatable to the very end. Mixing seemed to take on two different forms. Initially, after adding two scoops with water to a shaker cup and shaking, there were still a few chunks that were left if immediately drank. Letting it sit for a minute or two, and then drinking proved to be a bit better as it had time to dissolve and chunks became almost nonexistent.

      EFFECTIVENESS ---------- (9)

      Not to beat a dead horse around here on SR, but a product isn't worth its mettle if it doesn't do what it's intended to do. Aftershock won me over time and time again. As a hockey player having played up to the collegiate level, the majority of my training is built around explosive movements. Exploding up in squats or one arm flat bench presses to go along with plyometrics is my forte. Though with high reps and speed, much of this results in extreme muscle soreness. I needed something that could combat these effects and for me, Aftershock held its ground. Typical post leg day soreness became almost a forgotten memory. I easily added anywhere from 25-35lbs to my squat as well as 15lbs to my bench, though I tend to alternate between high and low reps so keeping track was a bit more difficult.

      I only took Aftershock on days I lifted, generally 4 days a week. My routine consists of me riding my bike to the gym in the morning and then once finished, riding a few miles to work. My ride is roughly 15-20 minutes which put me at about perfect for then consuming Aftershock. For the remainder of the day, soreness was held at bay as I would also take a serving of Modern BCAA later in the day for maintenance. Heavy leg days would sometimes require an extra 5g of Glutamine taken later in the days as well.

      Of course this product could have easily been a 10 for me had I never experienced soreness but I don't know if there exists a product out there that could rid someone of all muscle fatigue.

      VALUE ------------------ (7)

      To be fair, this product can prove to be a bit expensive even though mine was less than 30 bucks. However, if a product simply does what it's meant to do, its worth and value easily increases.

      CONCLUSION -------------

      In the past and with regards to my previous workout experience, I've always somewhat gained a little in terms of strength and size but once hockey season came around, hitting the gym at the same intensity always proved to be more difficult. As a result, strength and any significant gains wore off. Now that my hockey career has come and gone (minus the Monday beer league games), hitting the gym is really all I've got now to stay in shape. And to be honest, it's kind of nice. I sincerely believe that a product like Aftershock is the reason I look and feel the way I do today. I'm certainly not the most dedicated person when it comes to logging all of my nutritional and exercise info, and I still have a lot of learning to do, but I do train like I still play. With that in mind, Aftershock became the perfect complement to my routine and would not hesitate again in purchasing.
      • Builds Muscle
      • Good Taste
      • Fast Recovery
      • Awesome Post Workout
      • Bit Pricey

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