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Detoxn8 Reviews

By: Musclewerks

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Musclewerks for sending it out!
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  May 17, 2016


I want to thank Musclewerks for letting me try this product. I must admit this is one category of products I haven't delved in to much. I have heard both positive and negative on stuff like this. I went into this product not looking for sustainable weight loss but for the bloating and digestive relieve and the cleaning effect that it promises.

Ingredient Profile

This product contains a total of 9 ingredients in a prop blend. There are 30 servings of 2 pills each. They recommend 10 days at half a serving, 10 days at a full serving, and 10 days at one and a half servings. I am guess this is to ease your body into the cleanse and not have you crapping your pants right off the bat.

I won't go into the nitty gritty of the ingredients but they include probiotics, senna leaf, cascara extract, peppermint extract, fennel seed, papaya,, fenugreek, ginger, and triphala. All are known or purported digestive aids, cleansers, laxative aids, ect. All in all I couldn't see any ingredient not of use and I don't really know enough about the ingredient dosages to determine if they are properly dosed or not.


No problems taking these medium sized pills.


The first few days I was wondering...Am I pooping more? Sometimes yes sometimes no. But as the days went on it was apparent that pooping was much easier, not a chore at all. I was afraid of runny poops or not being able to wait but while this helped make me a multi event pooper it didn't have me running to the bathroom or make it any more gross than pooping already is. Within the first two weeks I had dropped a shocking 8 pounds.

This however is where it plateaued. Not necessarily a bad thing, but your body only has so many toxins to cleanse. Bowel movements and weight stayed the same and I let it run its course. I believe it helped not only with bloating, but gas as well. It was a very pleasant month for my wife whether she knew it or not because things have certainly picked back up since I finished. All in all, I was happy with what this product offered. Its not a miracle weight loss product like a lot if people think detoxes are. I think it cleared the way for my body to function optimally like a cleanse is supposed to. No outrageous claims, it was a cleanse and it worked.


The cheapest I have seen this is 34.99. Not a bad price for a month cleanse. Other juice cleanses and other fancy cleanses can run you a hell of a lot more for similar results.

Side Effects



Again, this isn't going to be a miracle weight loss product. But if you are looking to kickstart your weight loss with a cleanse and go in lean and unbloated to let you metabolism and digestion run optimally, this will get you system feeling great and help you lose a few pounds of the crap to get you started.


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