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Detoxn8 Questions

By: Musclewerks

Rep: +1,861

HEY SR- Anyone have headaches while on this?

June 6, 2016

I have noticed some side effects- both desired and unwanted, but have this nagging headache...and unsure if anyone could attribute it to this supplement?? I will not say it is or is not from this until I am finished and have a few days off to compare, but curious if anyone had this too...

thanks ya'll


Rep: +3,789
Posted June 6, 2016

Hey Sam, I have been on this product since received last week and upped to 2 caps per day. I have not experienced any headaches so far.
Rep: +8,113
Posted June 7, 2016

I just posted a review of the product. Throughout my usage I never experienced any headaches.

Are you staying hydrated?
Rep: +1,445
Posted June 8, 2016

No headaches for me either sammy. Hope you feel better!
Rep: +1,861
Posted June 27, 2016

I gave myself plenty of time off to see what I could attribute to this product and what not. I don't think it was from the Detoxn8.
Thanks guys!
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