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Push10 has been reported as discontinued.

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Push10 Reviews

By: MuscleTech

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Push10 is a Stimulant Free Pre-Workout manufactured by MuscleTech. It can increase muscle performance, endurance and blood flow without the use of stiimulants. It promotes an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

Push10 has been reported as discontinued.

Check out the top-ranked products in Pre-Workout > Stimulant Free


Only 3 Reviews - Waiting for more trustworthy reviews


  October 17, 2013

    • Inconsistent Performance Benefits
    • Bad Taste
    • Lumps While Mixing
    This is my first review, so please don't be harsh in comments :)

    So, I live in India and have been training for a few years now. Not a professional, I train coz I love to lift weights, see some improvement & feel good about being 35 n looking 27-28 years

    I have tried quite a few supplements & have pre-workouts regularly, and the main reason is I train after my work hours. Work in IT field, so by the time I return home, I have no energy left to go n lift, n pre-workouts "wake me up", plus the pumps are good.

    In India, they sell lots of fake products, so I get mine imported from Canada, my sister lives there, n she knows nothing about supplements, hence the odd flavors she sends.. lol

    She went to GNC shop n the rep recommended to try Push 10, she sent me 2 packs, as it was 50% off on second one on buying one. Along with it she sent NanoVapor by MuscleTech. 1 stim free and 1 with Stimulant based pre workout. (2 packs each)

    I started with Stim free one. Let me tell you about the brands I have tried in past. Gaspari Super Pump 250, Gaspari Super Pump Maxx, Nutrex Hemo Rage, Jack3d, MusclePharm Assault, and I might be forgetting one or two :P

    Of all these SuperPump 250 was the best, except I couldnt sleep till 3-4 am. So I had it only 2-3 times a week, but still results were awesome coz I trained pretty hard on it. Hemo Rage n Assault were ok, like not bad. Jack3d was good too, but seriously it affected my libido, I talked to a few guys in gym n they complained the same, probably coz it had that 1,3 Diameth something back then. M not a technical person, but yeah I could feel the difference when i was off

    Back to Push10, sorry for the long story..


    It tastes AWFUL!! I have 2 bottles of Water Melon flavor, Finished one, thanks Sis!!
    I cannot emphasize how bad it tastes, I thought I would get used to it, but I was wrong, every evening when I had it, I had goosebumps n shivers, but yeah that "woke me up".. not like Go on n Tear through weights, but like oh damn!! what have i drank!! so when I say bad, trust me its bad, coz I have had all these supplements, not all taste good, but then you drink them n forget it, for this one, the memory of taste lingers on..thus I was compelled to warn my fellow weight lifting brethren who might like to conduct some research before buying..

    Lots of lumps float on top, so I mix it once, let it lie down for a while, then mix again, does the trick.


    Nothing dramatic, or rather nothing. Some days I workout good, some days I dont feel like lifting weights at all, never happened the same with any other pre workout before, i mean a cup of black coffee gave much better results. I have finished one pack, I am afraid to open other one, I might sell it off to someone n buy something else instead.


    I wont buy this product again. I order it at expensive price from Canada, pay extra for shipping, n get no results at all. So yeah, no more Push 10 for me. I hope NanoVapor is better, I will post about it when I have gone through it.
    & I promise it would be shorter review . :P

      September 6, 2013

    • Huge Beta-alanine Tingles
    • Bad Taste
    Before I start the review I want to say this is not something I purchased, I was the grand prize winner of a contest that MuscleTech and had awhile ago where I won three bottles of this, three bottles of Amino Build, three 2lb bottles of Anabolic Halo, and two 5lb containers of Phase8 and if it wasn't for this I would never have tried this.

    This is the first Stim Free Preworkout that I have ever tried, with that in mind, I'm really not impressed one bit. My take on preworkouts are, if its a stimulant based preworkout it will give you a surge of energy, make you feel powerful and ready to lift hard. Stimulant free preworkouts are not that in-your-face energy, its more subtle, its a nice long steady flow of energy. Im either dead wrong on the stim-free versions or this was just an awful product. Lets get into the detail on this.

    Claims: cssrss already went into detail about their claims but I gotta mention this as well for my own words on the matter.

    "Immediate 10.5% increase in strength"

    "Increase muscle endurance by 21%"

    "Best in class taste"

    Excuse me while I die of laughter. On all accounts this is just beyond ridiculous and utterly hilarious. With claims like this I should be smiling with every serving of this being happy that I'm drinking something that "tastes better than any other pre workout on the market.", afterwards I would be at the gym hitting new personal records every time while enjoying a gym session that lasts 21% longer because my endurance is so much higher that I can put in more sets and reps. Lets get into why this is so funny.

    Taste 2/10 With a claim that states "Best-in-class Taste. PUSH10 was flavored by one of the worlds top flavoring houses by flavoring experts in order to taste better than any other pre workout on the market" and the fact its stimulant free I was expecting this to be pretty awesome, boy was I stupid. These so called experts in flavoring need to be fired and punished severely for screwing up this bad. The flavor I had was Fruit Punch, it took some real inner strength to choke this down, and worse, its not a small 4oz shot like a lot of other PWOs, 8oz is what you have to endure per half scoop. Unfortunately I cant think of a way to even describe the taste other than disgusting and its such a strong flavor too, nothing I tried could drown out that awful taste.

    I tried several flavors of Gatorade/Powerade to get a better flavor including Grape, Strawberry, Cherry Glacier, pretty much most of the flavors of regular and even the Zero calorie ones. Best way I found to take it was mixing it with 8oz of Fruit Punch Powerade or Gatorade. Only Pro to the taste of this is that there is no aftertaste when mixed with something other than water.

    Mixability 6/10 It has some issues mixing, lots of grit hang onto the side after mixing and small clumps of some ingredient sink to the bottom as well, a lot like most BCAA products although the clumps didn't happen all the time.

    Effectiveness 3/10 As mentioned in other pwo reviews, I tend to have a hard time sleeping, on days that I get very little or zero sleep I like to take a pwo to give me a boost. The first time I took this was one of those days, and while it did make me feel a bit more awake and alert, I could easily have just gone back to bed. On workout days I felt taking this alone did add a TINY bit to my lasting energy but not enough to give this even a mediocre score as I was dragging my butt around the gym like a zombie.

    The Beta-Alanine however was definitely present while using this stuff. I find it a bit odd that some products will have a decent amount of BA and I can really feel it running through my body while others will have a large amount and I will barely feel it. This only having 1.6g per half scoop I gotta admit I could REALLY feel it, which was a big plus in the gym, a full scoop had my skin crawling.

    Profile 7/10 It's got the right ingredients for it being a stimulant free preworkout but in my opinion something that is stimulant free that is trying to claim longer endurance should have a few other ingredients like BCAA for example, but maybe that's just me

    1 serving consists of half a scoop

    Calories 50
    Total Carbohydrates 7g
    Sugars 0g
    Calcium 210mg
    Sodium 70mg
    GAKIC 5.6g (Arginine 3g, Ketoisocaproic acid calcium 1.6g, Glycine 1g)

    Waxy Maize 4.4g
    Beta-alanine 1.6g

    Value 3/10 Looking at the top of the page for the Lowest Prices for PUSH10 at the time of posting this the prices range from $26 to $60, I really hope no one ever pays almost double than what even GNC is charging. On Amazon it is $26 for a bottle that has 32 half scoop servings and you will probably use a full scoop like I did. The price at half a scoop isn't bad and if this worked well I would gladly give it a higher score but that's clearly not the case for me.

    Bottom line: I can definitely see the benefit of adding this to a stimulant based preworkout, but as a standalone preworkout, MAYBE to someone who is overly sensitive to stimulants or is trying to get away from stimulants for awhile, but I just don't see myself recommending anyone, ever.

      May 31, 2013

    • When It Did Work
    • It Worked Well
    • Inconsistent Performance Benefits
    • Bad Taste
    Looks like someone is up to their old tricks again, Oh Muscle-Tech when will you learn?

    Hey SR Members! Well it looks like I'll be the first to review the latest Muscle-Tech "Non-Stim" Preworkout, Push 10. After abstaining from anything from this company I decided a few months back to give in and buy Creacore. I had an amazing experience with that creatine supp, so when it came time to invest in a non-stim product, I said why not give Push 10 the good 'ol college try?

    -Product Claims

    MT goes into great detail about all the research and backing of the benefits of Push 10's constituents. Research supported claims of...



    "ENHANCE TRAINING PERFORMANCE" *based on B-alanine

    These are some hefty claims, especially considering the key word "immediate". Sure it is marketing, but I definitely was excited to see what a 21% increase in strength would feel like!

    -Ingredients 9/10

    Calories 100
    Total Carbohydrates 14g
    Sugars 0g
    Calcium 420mg
    Sodium 140mg

    GAKIC® 11.2g
    Arginine (As Arginine HCl) 6g
    Ketoisocaproic Acid Calcium 3.2g
    Glycine 2g
    Waxy Maize 8.8g
    Beta-Alanine (As Carnosyn®) 3.2g

    Big points go to the full disclosure here! Push 10 is definitely geared toward ameliorating the negative effects of muscle endurance from acidic ph environments (Beta-Alanine) as well as increasing a NO pump. I was however curious as to the small amount of waxy maize. Perhaps to increase absorption by insulin? Nowhere on the bottle does it say to take this with or without a meal. Either way, the ingredients list is solid in theory

    Taste/Mix 5/10

    Shaker bottle or not, this is a clumpy dust ball of a drink. And the fruit punch was very synthetic with a bitter aftertaste. No Bueno.

    Value: 9/10

    I purchased this on as a BOGO. Split this difference with a friend and was only out about $15. Not bad with a promotion.

    Effect: 5/10

    I ran this product almost every day I lifted. I did notice an increase in strength seriously about 60% of the time. It was inconsistent, although the full dose of beta alanine gave me tingles like crazy! I admit that I was very happy with the product when it did work. Who knows if it was a 25% increase in strength, but there were days when I was piling on the weights. For example, coming back from a shoulder injury, I was able to put up about 50lbs heavier on my shoulder press. Doesn't sound like much, but after experiencing some atrophy in my delts from recovery, this was impressive. Sadly, most days it was like I forced myself to down a drink made from the fruit of a chemical tree just for the sake of masochism.

    Focus 0/10

    No focus here. Granted there isn't any valine or other amino's that would enhance a "Stim Free" PWO.

    Side Effects 8/10

    Some water retention and bloating around the midsection. This was annoying b/c of how you generally feel like carrying around some extra fluid for the day. This happened every time with me, even with adequate water intake. Typical of a glycine/NO product.

    Overall 6/10

    Well they got me. In the end it was nothing more than a re-packaged supp with good ingredients that was inconsistent with its results. Amazing some times, barely noticeable most of the time. I recommend grabbing something else with the similar ingredients (Gakic) and having a go at it instead of picking up Push 10.

    However I do have to give props when it came to the benefits during a semi fasted (no PWO meal) lifting session; the performance benefits were noticeable during some of those sessions.

    MT should rethink this product. Add in some BCAA's for focus and endurance, change the taste, and maybe add some creatine HCL (*ahem, CreaCore!") I am always for a stim free PWO, and there is much to be had in regards to a solid product. The search continues!

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