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Platinum Pure CLA Reviews

By: MuscleTech

Platinum Pure CLA is an Essential Fatty Acid manufactured by MuscleTech. It contains fats that must be obtained through diet. They serve a wide array of critical roles including cardiovascular, mental and joint health.
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  April 13, 2018

  • Leaning Out
  • Lose Some Fat
  • Questionable Purity

Quick Summary

Easy and cheap stim free supplement, somewhat effective. Curious about other CLA products that actually state purity


As most people, I believe I could lose some fat on my belly. Formerly played football/soccer a lot and had a fat percentage of just under 10%. After some nasty injuries had to give that up. Since then mostly dependent on the gym (weights). Cardio isnt't what is used to be. Due to more extensive weight training and less cardio I gained some weight, sad to say not all muscle. I went from to 175 to 200 lbs, (which is not all that bad, because I'm 1.95m (6.4 feet). my fat percentage had taken a plunge to just under 20%. I decided to give CLA a try after reading some interesting articles and by the fact my wife refers to me as muffin top nowadays.

Ingredient Profile

Not much in the ingredient profile, its CLA. This fatty acid is naturally found in meat and dairy products, but cannot be produced in the body, somewhat similar to omega 6. CLA is made through process that converts the linoleic acid of safflowers into conjugated linoleic acid. FYI, safflower is sort of a thistle. When thinking about it, its really ironical that you take a fatty supplement to lose fat. Some evidence supports the assumption that CLA can preserve lean mass during fat loss.
After usage, I noticed research is somewhat divided on the effectiveness in fat loss in humans. The summary on is mostly negative and suggests TTA is a better alternative. I had t look up TTA and understand its banned by the FDA. Read some nasty user experiences about cramps from people using TTA. CLA is safe when it comes to side effects. The research on the effectives is somewhat divided, Minor effects in lean mass and fat loss seem proven. When going through some research summaries, most are quite positive in contrary of the summary on For those interested, there a summary of tons of CLA research at
Muscletech platinum contains 800mg per serving . The optimal dosage is in the range of 3,200-6,400 grams a day. Platinum CLA suggests taking 3 servings a day, that's 2,700 grams and well below the recommended effective dosage. This dosage recommendation is really dependent on the purity and assumes that "70% of the product by weight is comprised of one of the two main active isomers, cis-9 trans-11 (c9t11) and trans-10 cis-12 (t10c12)". That's really technical, but is read this as 70% purity. The label on platinum states that the products contains these two isomers, but that's all. Other reputable brands; Allmax, NOW state the amount or percentage of mentioned isomers, Muscletech does not. When not mentioned this does make you wonder. Actually, Muscletech states that their CLA is derived from 100% pure safflower seed oil, which is really misleading. This says nothing about the actual CLA. I could squeeze a safflower with my bare hands and state its CLA made from 100% pure safflower.
I found there are some patented CLA compounds that contain a certain amount of purity; Clarinol, CLA-80 en Tonalin with approximately 80%. I even saw Allmax has CLA-95 (95%) which is fairly new. Muscletech Next gen; Hydroxycut Elite contains the same CLA-95. I'm not sure if it's just me but it looks like Muscletech is putting more effort in effective ingredients in more recent products.


Quite large pills, but seen bigger. The contain a fatty acid, but there's no aftertaste.


I did notice some minor leaning out effects. My stomach flattened out a bit and my fat percentage showed a (minor) decline after two bottles of CLA. Of course a disclaimer for healthy nutrition and a decent amount of exercise. CLA is no magic potion, nothing is. Without changing my routine or diet a noticed a small effect.


It's a basic ingredient, so Muscletech Platinum CLA is not that expensive. It retails for around 16 dollars. Allstarhealth currently sells at 11.99 That's 11.99for 90 servings, but three a day are suggested by Muscletech, so thats a 30 day supply. And then there's still the question if that is enough. The recommended clinical dosage is at least 500mg more, and that's at a purity of 70%, where the purity of Muscletech CLA is unknown.
As with most Muscletech products, they are more or less on a permanent BOGO. Compared to the possible benefits and compared to other products aimed at fat loss that's cheap. Although this is the first CLA product I tried, I have a hunch that other brands provide more purity. Muscletech's reputation plays a role in this hunch, but the fact that the purity & is not mentioned kind of says it all in my honest opinion.

Side Effects

None mentioned


Muscletech platinum CLA is a nice product for a nice price. I believe CLA actually is effective, but I am curious about other products that claim a certain amount of purity. With Muscletech the purity - and inherent effectiveness- remains debatable. I would rather pay a few dollars more and buy the real deal. On a positive note: Muscletech next gen products contain CLA-95. It seems like they are upping their game.

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