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NitroTech Whey+Isolate Gold Reviews

By: MuscleTech


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NitroTech Whey+Isolate Gold is a Whey Protein Powder manufactured by MuscleTech. It is a dairy based protein that supports lean muscle gain by suppling additional protein to recovering muscles, which can also improve fat loss.
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  October 13, 2018

  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Boring Flavor
  • A Lot Of Puffery

Quick Summary

I got two tubs, one vanilla and one strawberry. The vanilla tasted like vanilla, but the strawberry was fake tasting to me. It's a good budget whey isolate, but if you want a home run on flavor, look elsewhere.


I'm a powerlifter who recently started running (just did my first 10k this morning). I am for 1g/lb bodyweight in protein, and have 1-2 scoops of whey every day (usually one shake and one protein + greek yogurt).

I saw this product on BOGO, and decided to grab a couple of tubs as I was low on whey isolate at the time. I've had MT's protein before, and their flavoring was pretty good.

This time, though, I was a bit underwhelmed.

Ingredient Profile

This is a whey isolate product using whey peptides and whey protein isolate. Some of the protein is whey protein isolate 97%, but the label doesn't say how much. The whey is cold-filtered which is better than ion-exchanged.

One scoop gives us 130 calories, 2g fat, 2g carbs (2g sugar), and 25g protein. Each scoop has 2.6g Leucine and 5.6g BCAAs.


The vanilla tasted like vanilla, 7.5/10. There weren't any interesting undertones or other tastes present. For example, Mexican Vanilla is a bit spicy. French vanilla is made with egg yolks, so you get a custardy flavor. There was nothing like that here. Just plain vanilla, which made it a good base for smoothies, but on its own was not very interesting.

The strawberry was artificial tasting to me, more like a strawberry flavored candy than an actual strawberry, 6.5/10. I find this is often the case when it comes to strawberry flavored proteins. I have yet to find one that does it for me (and it may not exist tbh)

Both flavors mixed pretty well in a shaker, minimal clumping but a little foam at the top. They made decently thick shakes and mixed in well with yogurt and oatmeal.

I used 1 scoop at a time. The scoopers were a bit large. I used a food scale to make sure I got 1 serving.


This protein was reasonably effective for me. A shake would keep me satiated for 2-3 hours, which for me is pretty good for only 130 calories (up to 210 if I used milk instead of water).

My recovery while using it was fine. There wasn't anything special to report (positively or negatively), and my diet is pretty good.

MT makes a lot of claims with this product (both on the tub and on their website). E.g., that is the "most pure whey" or "make gains like you have never experienced." This is just puffery. It doesn't mean anything.


I got two tubs for $35, which comes out to less than $9/lb ($.65/serving). To put this in perspective, many whey protein isolates are $1-1.3/serving. Honestly, I was a bit nervous getting a WPI this cheap, but there are a few other brands that can match MT's pricing, so the price was not completely absurd.

Side Effects



For the money, this was a pretty good product, but the flavors were nothing special and there's nothing here that will build you muscle faster than any other whey. If you need whey on the cheap, this is a good buy. If you're willing to pay for "mouth-watering flavor" then save your pennies for a more premium product.
  • Vanilla Bean: 7/10
  • Strawberry: 6/10

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