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NitroTech Casein Gold Reviews

By: MuscleTech


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NitroTech Casein Gold is a Casein Protein Powder manufactured by MuscleTech. It utilizes the slowest digesting form of protein. Often used for a time released version of protein, it will help increase muscle recovery and strength.
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  December 18, 2017

  • No Fillers
  • Good Value
  • Builds Muscle
  • Strong Macro Profile
  • Thickness Appealing To Some
  • Satisfies Hunger
  • Versatile
  • Transparent Label
  • Slight Bloat
  • May Require More Than 1 Scoop To Take Full Advantage Of A Slow Releasing Protein
  • Bad Taste


Hi guys, I have always been a fan of muscle tech, their advertising was what drew me to them in the first place, mostly hype but it has a place in my heart i guess lol. I was looking for a low carb, slow releasing protein and as luck would have it, it was a buy 2 get one free deal on

Ingredient Profile

Clearly mt has disguised this as a micellar protein, which it clearly ain't. We know that micellar casein is a superior slow digesting champ and expensive too. As we see it micellar casein is not the primary source of protein this blend but the very last - how bout making it a real 100% micellar protein, not a disguised blend. But hey they have left the bogus claims behind this time and any filler ie. Maltodextrin - which makes it appealing to everyone.

Per 32g scoop you get:
24g protein
0.5g fat
110 cals
2g carbs

I am rather impressed!


I bought the supreme chocolate flavor...meh is the best way to describe the taste, it was anything but supreme, it was milky and artificially sweet - I have never liked mt protein flavoring in the nitro tech range, they need to sort it out. If any of you have ever had micellar casein then you will know what a stand out flavor tastes like! Rich and dark... If MT can make this taste like phase 8 choc it would make it alot more appealing, its hard drinking sludge that isn't so pleasant on the taste buds at all.


Thick af simply. Its quite a nightmare without ample water like with any caseinate it will be thick but this was very thick which was reassurance that this was a good ass slow protein. Just plan to have extra water or a tap nearby. To any one thinking a small shaker will suffice - I say goodluck to you and rest in piece to your shaker lol. And this claim about a mouthfeel experience? Lol a good casein will have the same feel on the mouth, lol.


I used 1 scoop prior to sleeping, if i didn't reach a respectable protein target i would hit a double scoop. Great thing is that it really curbs hunger so if if i fast for real long it works real good. Casein has been shown to effective post workout along with whey protein and also serves as a good meal replacement anytime.


Again gauging effectiveness in a protein isnt easy and it will be abrupt. I managed to gauge this rather easily as i just finished off my cellucor casein, basically i felt better recovery ensued compared to not having it. I never felt hungry af waking up which can be the case for sodium caseinate or even whey - i would wake up with a sore stomach as such strange as it may sound. I felt satisfied waking up, even longer sleeps were just as satisfying. There is something about a quality casein blend that excites and yes its no pure micellar casein but it was impossible to tell the difference. Like with most wheys one cannot tell the difference, if any. One thing to note is a slight bloat, but to be fair its quite a thick drink. But fortunately no gas or upset stomach occurred.


For the first time in a while this is quite cost effective, I got it on special but even without the special its good value basically a 5lb equates to 71 servings which can be 71 days of this so over a 2 month supply. But realistically one needs to use it more often to take full advantage of a slow release protein.

Side Effects

Slight bloat.


For the first time in a while here is a mt product I would buy again! Apart from misleading micellar casein on the label and the not so pleasant taste and possible lack of innovation for taste - its rather top notch. Keeps you feeling full and makes you recover that bit extra, the use of casein cannot be overlooked as it is extremely versatile worthwhile! this is everything you want from a slow release protein, not to mention a premium brand making a must have (well for me) product for a reasonable price. Nice move muscletech, in the right direction!

Shout out to Clipper for motivating me to do this review!
  • Supreme chocolate: 6/10


  • MarsheS
    Rep: +1,532
    December 19, 2017 - Last Edited: 2017-12-19 00:07:29

    Nice review Fridge but next time please say the name of the other protein sources included, I had to click the product and click a store to find the nutrition facts so I could read it also has Milk Protein Isolate and Calcium Caseinate. I know you uploaded the picture but I can't read the other protein sources.

    IMO, It would have been better if it only had Milk Protein Isolate and Micellar Casein but yea, it sounds like a good product, it has more servings than others. Nice review, it was easy and fun to read. MuscleTech makes a lot of exaggerated claims but at the end of the day, if you're an informed consumer, you will know how to take advantage and find some great deals (like the one you did) for MuscleTech, they always have good deals around the web, people are just too lazy to find them ;)

    Rep: +820
    December 19, 2017

    MarsheS thanks for the feedback bro - i will definitely keep it in mind next time. I should have done it, and true that there is normally good deals on on MT. The exaggerated claims are nostalgic for me back when Jay Cutler, Gustavo Badell and Darren Charles etc were sponsored by them, outrageous but back then they were thinking put of the box now atleast its non fiction more or less

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