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Nitro-Tech 100% Whey Gold Reviews

By: MuscleTech

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  January 20, 2018


I've been going to the GYM for 9+ years now, started out the weakest skinniest kid, and have gained a lot of size and strength over the years. I've been buying my protein at Costco (cytosport whey protein, which I've also reviewed) for a cheaper price for more servings, but decided to give this product a shot since they had a promotion on it at I've gotten huge results using the protein I was already on, but decided to switch it up. This product is good, but nothing special.

Ingredient Profile

120 Calories
2G of fat (1G sat fat)
Cholesterol 65 mg
Carbs 2G (2G sugars)
Protein 24G
Calcium 100mg
Iron 0.6 MG
Sodium 150 mg

Lets take a look at the Amino's in this product, which in typical muscletech fashion, this product lists the Amino's on a BAR GRAPH CHART, which really annoyed me.. instead of just flat out saying "this product has 2.5G of this Amino, you have to look on a small bar graph and try to figure out the amount for each serving!

5.5 Grams of BCAA's - (bar graph)

Leucine - just over 2.5G
Isoleucine - just under 1.5G
Valine - just over 1.25 G

Essential Amino Acids (I'll estimate these as best as I can with this chart)

Histidine - 400 MG
tryptophan - 300MG
Lysine 2.1G
Threonine 1.6G
Phenylalanine 750mg
methionine 500mg

Non essential amino acid profile

Arginine 550mg
Cysteine 500mg
Tyrosine 675mg
Proline 1.3G
Glutamine and Precursor 4G
Aspartic Acid 2.5G
Serine 1G
Glycine 400mg
alanine 1.1G


I bought the double rich chocolate flavor - it tasted okay, nothing really better or worse than other whey proteins I've used. Serving size is 1 (33G) scoop - directions says to mix in 6 oz of water, I mix it in 10-12 oz of water.. It mixes well, no issues with that for me. I use a blender bottle.


This is as effective as what a whey protein is supposed to do. It helps supplement my diet with additional protein and Amino Acids to help me recover after my workouts.. This product didn't yield me any better or worse gains or performance than with other whey protein products.

This product calls itself WHEY GOLD, and I will say it is dosed alittle bit less in every single category than the whey protein that I've been using before it, which costs less than this one. That factored into my rating for "effectiveness" and why I rated it alittle bit lower in that category.


I bought this as a promotion (on 2 containers 2.24 LBs each , ("approx." 62 servings total) for $34.20.. so I bought 4.5 LBs for $34.20. Today this product sells 1 container of "approx. 31" servings for $28.99.

4.5LBs and "approx." 62 servings for $34.20 is a good value.

This product is happy to announce on the label that it's now giving 10% free as it's a new bonus size. So the previous size was 2 LBs and now it's 2.24 pounds as part of the extra 10%. I did the math on that, and the extra 10% amounts to 3 additional servings. The container claims it has "approx. 31 servings" but I did the math, and it actually has 30.21 servings, but typical muscletech fashion to round that number to the nearest whole number, when they should really just call it 30 servings, because that's really what you're getting - 30 full servings, with enough left over for 1/4th of a serving.

Side Effects

None to report.


This is a good product, but doesn't take home the GOLD, or even silver or bronze in my book. I bought 2 containers of it for $34.20 as part of a promotion, but if there wasn't a promotion, and I wasn't looking to try a different whey protein, then I'd have no use for this product. It is an inferior product to the whey protein that I was already using before this. Prior to this I've been using "Cyto Sports" 100% Whey at 75 servings (6LBs for $40), and this product is dosed alittle bit less in every single category including protein, than cyto sport's whey protein.

And a few things about the company, "MuscleTech" and their dishonesty, are present on this container, which annoyed me even more with muscletech.

As I've state earlier, it has 30.21 servings in it, but muscletech has the nerve to round that upwards and claim it has "approx. 31" servings per container, when it's not even close to 31. They have to announce on the bottle that they are now giving 10% free for the same price, when doing that simply only makes this product less of an over priced rip off than it already was.

Cyto sports whey protein lists in detail the exact amount of every amino acid in it's profile so for example for 1 amino acid it will say "1,635 mg", where as NirtoTech Whey Gold's label has a bar graph on it, so instead of just telling you how much on an amino is in it, you have the look at the line and try to figure out - okay it's just passed 2G but a good amount under the 2.5 line so how much is really in it.

I'll end this off by saying - this wouldn't be 1 of my 1st choices of whey proteins to use, muscletech isn't really the best company so I tend to avoid them and only buy their products when there's a really good promotion going. I'd only buy this product and recommend it when there's a good promotion going, like the one I used to buy it.
  • Double Rich Chocolate: 7/10


  • MarsheS
    Rep: +1,532
    January 21, 2018

    Oh God... I can't resist, let's start:

    1. Are you REALLY complaining about MuscleTech and calling them dishonest saying it has 31 servings instead of "30.21"?? O__O wtf!? Where did you get that 30.21 number from? And when you tell me where you got that number from, assuming it's correct, if I put "approx.31" and it has 30.21, that number is inside the "approximately". So I don't know why the drama here.

    2. The number of servings depend on the flavor but the difference is not even relevant to mention.

    3. Who the hell looks at other aminos apart from BCAA and Glutamine? Good job for Cytosport for their transparency on the amino acid profile but MuscleTech also puts it.

    4. You review a protein supplement but you don't even mention the protein sources. Wtf!? What type of Whey Protein this product has? Which tells me your intention wasn't to explain this product, more to criticize it. Well, I'll tell you, don't worry. This has hydrolyzed whey peptides (you know how expensive this is?), Whey Isolate, Whey Isolate 97% and Whey Concentrate. See the difference between this product and your Cytosport Whey, which only has Isolate and Concentrate? Far more Concentrate than this.

    5. How about the filtration method? Nothing mentioned either. Your review is long but incomplete about the basic stuff. No Protein sources, no filtration methods used, your price analysis is a little bit incomplete. Whey Gold uses micro-filtration and ultra-filtration methods. They are top quality methods. I wasn't able to find which methods Cytosport whey uses to get their protein, which probably means they use Ion-Exchange. I assume it's Ion-Exchange because they don't say it, because of the protein amount (Ion-Exchange usually has more g of protein) and because of its price. Ion-Exchange is a low quality filtration method and cheaper than Micro-filtration and Ultra-Filtration.

    6. So now we know Whey Gold uses better forms of Whey Protein than Cytosport Whey and Whey Gold also has better filtration methods than CytoSport's Whey. So now we can talk about the Value. I understand when naive people who don't know about MuscleTech products come and talk about their prices. But I know you know their products and how they ALWAYS (underline this word) have promos for their products. I couldn't find CytoSport Whey for $40 like you say. I'm not saying it's false, it's out of stock at Costco and they don't put the price there. Let's assume your $40 is true. Whey Gold is usually on BUY 2 GET 1 FREE. So That's $57 for each 5.5lb x 2 = $114 divided by 3 to find the total amount I'll pay per unit = $38 for every unit of 5.5lbs. Whoever pays $57 for this product, is an idiot. My brother bought this like 2 months ago for that price and yes I called him an idiot. In fact, whoever pays full price for ANY MuscleTech product is an idiot and YOU know it because you've seen it with MuscleTech Creactor. It works like that with any of their products.

    7. And to conclude, my opinion about the Taste. It's not "average", Double Rich Chocolate has a great taste. The Vanilla one is average but I love the Chocolate one. Just my opinion, the points above are not opinions, they are facts.

    8. I kind of understand all this lack of information though. Some of the protein reviews here at SR have been... dissapointing. Your review just entered that category. Sorry but thumbs down until you fix it.

  • mjtuf1
    Rep: +483
    January 21, 2018

    @MarsheS -

    Okay, before I get into detail and school you on this product in question, let me say to you again, as I've said countless times, I rate products and judge them based on my performance and improvements in the gym vs. price.. maybe because you workout at home, you don't understand this, but as a guy going to the gym and adding ALOT to my lifts over time using 1 product, there's no possible way my performance could have been any better than what it was, by using a more expensive product. My gains while using cytosports whey protein were as good as it gets, and wouldn't of been any better had I paid more money for a more expensive product. If Cytosports such a bad product, how did my bench press, squats, standing ohp, deadlifts, etc.. all triple and more while using it?

    And because Muscletech claims on the label their product "uses a superior cold microfiltration process to guarantee higher quality whey protein" you take that as fact? How do you know how Muscletech really processes their product, are you there?

    Now lets get into it:

    Nitrotech Whey Gold:
    - both a concentrate and isolate
    - has 65mg cholesterol vs. 40mg of cholesterol in cyto sport whey
    - contains SOY
    - has 24G of protein in a 33G serving scoop, vs. 27 G in a 36G scoop of cyto sport (protein content can be lowered during processing, well these 2 have about the same protein content, cyto sport being slightly more with a slithgly bigger serving size)
    - This product contains artificial flavors/ sweeteners. While both products are nearly identical, this product contains slightly more artificial flavoring than cyto sport's whey.

    This is a supplementreview website, I felt my review was long enough people might not want to read the whole thing, but apparently you felt it was necessary for me to get into the whole chemistry to the supplement and make the already long review even longer.

    No I can't tell you the sources of protein for either as they both don't say, and while cyto sport's product claims it's of high quality I can't tell you if it's processed the same way, but I can tell you, for a product YOU claim it's much higher quality because the people who make it say so - This product that's such high quality, is higher in cholesterol, lower in every BCAA, and has slightly more artificial flavoring in it than cyto sport's whey.

    So yes, this product in my opinion, is an inferior product. BOTH WHEY products are PROCESSED, BOTH have bad stuff in them. Muscletech's product was less transparent because of it's bar graph instead of listing the amount of each Amino.

    And yes, MuscleTech is the same company, whose BCAA product boldly claims it will increase strength 40%.

    Stop believing everything the company that wants your business tells you. I could care less if they claim it's processed better.. it still has the same negatives and more of them (soy, cholesterol, artificial flavoring) than cyto sports whey, for less of the good stuff (protein, BCAA's) and at a higher price.

    The Costco near me has cyto sports whey for $40 at 75 servings, and the next time I buy it I'll screen shot the receipt if you don't believe me.

  • MarsheS
    Rep: +1,532
    January 22, 2018

    Wtf does me lifting at home has to do with "top performance"? Have you seen the equipment I have at home? No you don't. I have more than 500lbs at home. How much you have at home?
    Oh wait, you go to a gym and use machines and feel superior. And I don't need machine help either (I use machines though). I'm not telling you that Cytosports Whey is a bad product. Infact, I said "Nice review" to your Cytosports Whey review because I agreed with your words there. I also didn't say you would have gotten better results at the gym with Whey Gold, I don't give a damn about your results.

    MuscleTech clearly explains how they use micro-filtration and ultra-filtration, the reason of why they use it and what they removed with their filtration process. If you have proof they are lying about their filtration methods, prove it. But don't come here accusing them of something you don't know a damn about because you clearly don't know anything about Ion Exchange, Ultra-filtration, micro-filtration, etc.

    And no, both proteins don't have "Whey Concentrate and Isolate". I'll repeat: Cytosport Whey has Whey Isolate and Whey Concentrate. Whey Gold has 1. Whey PEPTIDES (you know what are whey peptides?) 2. Whey Isolate 3. Whey Isolate 97% (you know what is this?) 4. Whey Concentrate. It's NOT the same, it's very far from being the same. If you make a review about Protein, the FIRST thing you have to do is tell us the protein sources. "This Protein has Whey Concentrate and Whey Isolate", something like that. You tell us it has 24g of Protein. What type of Protein? Plant Protein? Casein? Chicken? Egg? Fish? Whey? What forms of Whey?

    ALL Whey products are processed lol. Whey comes from Milk. Whey is a type of Protein that comes from Milk. To get Whey Protein, you have to process it. It's obvious. The key thing here is which method the brand uses to process the Whey. That's very important, in terms of QUALITY and in terms of PRICE.

    I just proved that Whey Gold has superior forms of Whey and better filtration methods. That guarantees the 24 grams of protein will be digested adequately by the body. The 27 grams of the Cytosport Whey, considering they came from Ion Exchange (or else they would have said it was different), will be digested not the best way. I'm not saying you will get better results with Whey Gold. But the quality is without a doubt, on Whey Gold's side. If you want to keep buying Cytosport, I don't care. I would also buy it for $40, no problems, I think that protein can help me reach my daily protein intake. But I just proved to you that you can get a top quality protein for less money. It's your problem if you want to continue with Cytosports.

    Oh and before ending, where's my answer of where you got the "30.21" servings??

    Clueless about test boosters, clueless about proteins. What's next?

  • mjtuf1
    Rep: +483
    January 22, 2018

    @MarsheS - yes I understand how the processing works and not sure at the moment which method cytosport uses but to accuse them of using ion without having any knowledge is pointless...

    So you have a squat rack and power rack at home ??? I have a bench and 350 pounds at home, but choose to go to gym for a squat rack, standing ohp, ohh yea and to not be alone in my apartment tryna bench a new 300+ lb pr with no spotter.

    Muscletechs nitro whey gold has whey peptides and also states its whey concentrate and isolate on it. The bottle doesnt state if the cows are grass fed or whatever else etc..

    My opinion is muscletechs whey gold isnt worth the extra money over cytosports whey.

    And with test boosters...I have blood labs PROVING they didnt work...and 2nd off, common sense - otc test boosters arent banned substances in sports!!! If they worked in the slightest bit why would a guy get suspended for using a ped and losing millions of $, when he can just buy DAA???? They are crap and Dont work! Altering hormones is very complex, not something some product you buy at gnc is going to do !!!

  • mjtuf1
    Rep: +483
    January 24, 2018

    @MarsheS - cytosport whey also uses cold temperature microfiltration process..just spoke to the company. Thankyou

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