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Neurocore Reviews

By: MuscleTech

  September 21, 2013

  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Discloses All Ingredients & Amounts Per Serving
  • Personally I Didnt Crash
  • Built A Tolerance
  • Will Keep You Up All Night If You Take It Late
  • Doesn't Mix Well
Took this product over a month, didn't get the scoop size. Had more than 50 scoops (in a 45 scoops container), using the scoop full. Think the way they measure it is like a "heaping scoop" or something similar.

Need to say sometimes I also took Astravar 2.0 with this PW.

Value: 10. Got it on a BOGO on BB. It was a good deal.

Profile: 8. Good profile, but I think it should have more L-Citruline and Beta-Alanine per scoop. The stims are ok IMHO.
And the labe is full disclosed, always a good stuff.

Taste: 7. Grape.
Mix: 5. Need to shake well to get all stuff gone, but when you do this it will foam a lot.

Effectiveness: 8. You need 3 scoops to get things really going. Sometimes I took 2 scoops + Astravar 2.0 and could feel the tingles like if it was 3 scoops. 3 scoops + Astravar were the best for me, but c'mon, it was "2 pre-workouts".

Energy/Focus: 8. Pushed me at the gym, this part was very good.
Pump: 7. Pumps came easier and lasted longer. Just 3 or 4 times I got tremendous pumps, out of 30 times...
Endurance: 9. Added more weight and sometimes more reps to my sets.

Cons: 3. Sometimes was agitated after my training, kind of 45-60 minutes after it.

Overall: 8.5

I liked it and I have another container and will use in the near future. Wish I had a scale to measure how much I was taking per scoop, think next time I'll focus on using the container on 15-20 workouts to max the effects.

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