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MyoBuild Reviews

By: MuscleTech

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MyoBuild is a Post-Workout Protein Supplement manufactured by MuscleTech. It is designed to feed the muscles with protein, carbs and amino acids immedaitely following a workout to assist in muscle recovery and growth.

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  July 12, 2012

  • Enhanced Recovery
  • Awesome Taste
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Good Value
  • Slight Cramping Duing Jogs
being older than most who i have seen posting reviews on here, i began taking supplements again to help off-set some of the effects of my age as i continue to work out. those of us around my age know how much harder recovery has become, how much easier it is to get injurred and how it is harder to post gains from working out.

i started looking for a good, non-creatine containing, recovery supplement and started with GNC Amp Amplified Wheybolic Extreme about a year and a half ago. i started feeling better and saw some slight gains/benefits and then GNC jacked the price through the roof. go figure.

feeling much better overall and posting some positive gains with Wheybolic, i decided to step it up a bit and didn't rule out a creatine mix for a recovery supplement. i took Mybuild on a whim when i saw the huge price increase at GNC and since i had already been taking Muscletech Nanostim and liked the results, so moving to Myobuild wasn't a huge stretch.

i can't cite my "stats" here since i don't measure, but i am 6'2"/230 with a 35" waist and i wear a 46-48 long suit just for dimensions. my routine is designed (after years of various goals) to provide some strength gains and weight control. i don't lift for pure strength/power any longer. my routine is more medium weight with higher rep and tempo. i cycled the Myobuild with AI Testopro and Nanostim plus an EAS protein shake.

ok, the Myobuild taste is excellent all in all. it isn't as sweet as a grape juice, etc, which is good. what else can i say.

i did retain some water weight which i didn't enjoy (from the creatine i assume), but i absolutely had a larger, more sustained pump. it had been about 10 years since i took anything with creatine and i had forgotten the effects. i also had a noticeable strength increase. i don't "max out" any longer and i am sorry i can't be more quantitative on the increases.

my soreness/recovery was as good or better than with the Wheybolic Extreme. i cycled off of Myobuild after 8 weeks use and went back to just the Wheybolic for a month. my soreness/recovery was more difficult and noticeable during that month.

i don't do a huge amount of aerobics/running (i had a knee replacement), but i did notice some slight cramping in my calves during the occasional light 2 mile jog. again, i attribute that to the creatine because i had the same issues years ago when i was heavily into creatine supplements. however, that was minor.

all in all, i absolutely made gains in my workout routine (i am sorry i was more anecdotal and not as quantitative as many would like) while taking Myobuild. it worked very well in minimizing my soreness and shortening my recovery time. that is a complicated way of saying that i didn't feel as much an old man and could workout more frequently before needing a rest day. i have recently had to go to a 2 day on with rest day but while using the listed combination, i had many 3-4 days before "needing" a rest day. for you young guys, getting older sucks.

i know that some of what i was feeling/gaining may have been attributed to the Testopro and/or Nanostim, and maybe even a placebo effect, but i think not. bottom line is, i felt strongly and confident enough in Mybuilds positive effect on me that i spent the money (and not from GNC) to start a new cycle while recommending this to others.

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