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Hydroxycut Lean X Reviews

By: MuscleTech

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  May 20, 2018

  • Some Appetite Suppressing
  • Some Elevation Of Mood
  • Digestion Aid
  • Long Run Needed
  • Not Extremely Effective

Quick Summary

Some benefits as a non stim fat burner, but short run.


Hey SR, here today to review MuscleTech's non stim fat burner called LeanX. Over the past year or so, I've had the opportunity to try some really nice non stim fat burners. What I look for in a non stim fat burners is really to help the most where cutting sucks, an elevation of mood, a thermogenic effect, appetite suppressant, and a little boost in metabolism. Here's how LeanX did for me.

Ingredient Profile

This has some pluses and minuses. First, it's fully disclosed and transparent so thank you to MuscleTech for that. Also, it has some proven ingredients and some unique ones. We have some Carnitine, Choline, and Cayenne which you see a lot in non stim fat burners. Then some unique ones with Robusta Coffee, Dill, Lion's mane, etc. A lot of these are herbs designed to help with overall health and metabolism. After researching some, a lot of these are on the very low side of doses for effectiveness which is disappointing. Also, I really like to see Green Tea in non stim fat burners as that is probably the most proven ingredient for weight loss in the non stim world, so I think that's a big miss. Overall though, I was ready to give this a shot with some new and old ingredients.


No taste or mixability, easy to swallow pills. Dosing is two pills, twice a day, before your largest meals. I took this before lunch and dinner. Not the hardest protocol, not the easiest either. Also of note, it says best results after 60 days of use, and at this dose you get a little over 3 weeks of use from a bottle.


Mediocre. I felt a slight decrease in hunger and a slight elevation in mood. I did not feel a thermogenic effect at all. I did not lose weight at an increased rate either while my diet and exercise plan stayed consistent. One thing that may be a plus for this product however, is that it may aid in digestion? This does contain a lot of natural herbs and frequently after taking this before a meal I would have some regular bowel movements that were very easy to pass. On a low carb diet this is a pretty good positive, as sometimes that it not the case. However, this may just be a side benefit but not really productive for the supplements main purpose. Overall, this was no where near as effective as other non stim fat burners I have taken that really ahve produced a thermogenic effect, nootropic boost, and appetite suppressant.


On the surface, this really doesn't look too bad. $20, but at the full serving you get a little over three weeks. When the product says you see the best results at 60 days, you'd have to buy multiple bottles. Bodybuilding is having a buy one get one free which helps a lot though, but that can disappear anytime. Since I view non-stim fat burners as an extra even while I'm cutting, it makes it tough. I do think it's fairly priced though.

Side Effects

Some softer stool.


Overall, I think this is a mediocre product that's pretty fairly priced. It may provide some results after an extended run, but there's better options out there.

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