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Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen Reviews

By: MuscleTech

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by MuscleTech. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.
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  May 12, 2018

  • Good Focus
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Not Really A Thermo

Quick Summary

A strong stimulate blend.
Great energy and focus.
Hunger suppression.
Still not a miracle pill.


Born in the south, I love my soul food and cool brew's. But that catches up with me fast these days at my age. Finding a good hunger suppressor and possible thermogenesis is something that can almost be a staple at times ha.

Ingredient Profile

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 50
Amount per serving
Green Coffee Blend 400mg
Green Coffee Blend [consisting of standardized Green coffee bean extract (as Coffea canephora robusta), supplying 45% chlorogenic acids and Green coffee bean extract (as Coffea canephora robusta)]
Caffeine Anhydrous 290mg
Coleus extract (as Coleus forskholii) (root) 100mg
Supplying forskolin
Blue skullcap extract (as Scutellaria lateriflora) (root) 75mg
Yohimbe extract (as Pausinystalia yohimbe) (bark) 40mg
Supplying yohimbine
Ophiopogon extract (as Ophiopogon japonicus) (root) 25mg
Supplying polysaccharides
Guayusa (as Ilex guayusa) (leaf) 20mg
Now if you notice this is pretty strong with 290mg of caffeine, green coffee blend, and yohimbe. The blue skullcap is something I had not heard of and it turns out it helps to calm and increase focus.


2 pills easy to swallow. Taken about hr before the biggest meals of the day.
I took these just before breakfast and lunch time on occasion.


Well the stimulates are strong.. really caught me off guard the first few times I tried these. The hunger suppression was very strong the first week on this. I would just have to eat because I knew I would be sick if I didn't. After the first week they did not hit me as hard. One of the best features on these though I feel are the focus I got from it. I noticed I tended to just really get going at work and was mentally sharp almost all day , which is really saying something in my case. ha.
Now I did lose some midsection size while on these not so much weight, but I did look a bit leaner. I do feel this is possibly from this stuff and its hunger suppression. But I was also eating a bit cleaner than normal and eating more greens.
Again I feel this is almost suited best for a good energy booster and mental focus.


Cheap. Really cheap I feel. 100 cap bottle is 18 bucks at supplement geeks.

Side Effects

If taken late can cause restless nights.


Muscletech was the brand to beat years ago. Then something happened and they got the crap beat out of them. Now they are kinda coming out with a few decent products. I just have one question do we really need over 15 different fat burners from one brand?


  • dmf8625
    Rep: +2,024
    May 13, 2018

    The only ingredient that could possibly cause thermogenesis is the caffeine yet the brand advertises "Ultra-Amplified Thermogenesis". Just another Muscletech/Hydroxycut promise that is questionable, at best.

  • bzyczek
    Rep: +1,739
    May 13, 2018

    Ur conclusion seems to be about the company and not the product ...

  • mhseaver670
    Rep: +6,694
    May 13, 2018

    I guess it kinda was but like I said in the effectiveness. I feel it was best suited for energy and focus. That is was the best conclusion I good give for this.

  • DaSlaya
    Rep: +2,968
    May 13, 2018

    Please add an "Of" in your title before "the" its killing my OCD. Blue skullcap seems interesting, any recommendations on dosage? Glad to see someone else take the hydroxycut leap, yeah to answer your conclusion question.....NO!!!! lol!

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