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Amino Build Next Gen Energized Reviews

By: MuscleTech

Amino Build Next Gen Energized is an Energized BCAA Supplement manufactured by MuscleTech. It provides both BCAAs and stimulants to help keep you awake, energized and your muscles fed.
(Out of 10, after 1 review)


  June 5, 2018

  • Some Good Ingredients At 2 Scoops
  • Decent Taste
  • Often Found On Sale
  • Futuristic Looking Label
  • Only 15 Servings Per Tub For Clinical Dosages
  • Limited Effects On DOMS
  • Limited Energy
  • Runs Out Fast

Quick Summary

A BCAA product from MuscleTech with some added caffeine to it. Unfortunately the effects from this product were miniscule and with a heavy competition on the market, this product runs the risk of being left behind. For effective dosages you also need to take 2 scoops which in turn will make this tub run out fast.


Hey SR. It's time for another review and today we are taking a shot at Muscletech Amino Build Next Gen Energized. I saw this available on the (new) Bounty program so I took a pounce at it since I had recently bought it. BCAAs are essential supplement products for most of us and certainly for people involved in bodybuilding and other sports. BCAAs cover a wide variety of areas, all necessary for muscle building and recovery. Some use them preworkout, some as intra supplements, and others for post workout supplementation. Muscletech emphasises pre and intra use of this, although I used it as a post workout supplement and on non training days for two reasons;

1. I'm basically a non responder to BCAA supplementation intra workout. Some people say that they get a ton of energy while drinking BCAAs during their work outs. I don't negate their experiences, but say; good for you! It simply doesn't work for me however. Why not? I don't know, but years of experience verify this as a fact for me personally.
2. This particular supplement lacks ingredients that I personally would like to have IF I should have used it as an intra workout. Some citrulline or AAKG would have been nice here.

Alright, so with that said, I will review this product from a post workout perspective mainly, and from its use on non training days with emphasis on recovery.

Ingredient Profile

Per 2 scoop serving you get;

Calories 50
Total carbs 2 g (of which sugars 0 g)
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCL) 10 mg (500 % of your daily allowance)
Vitamin B12 12 mcg (200 % of your daily allowance)
Sodium 150 mg (6 % of your daily allowance)
Potassium 36 mg (1 % of your daily allowance)

2:1:1 BCAA Matrix

Leucine (micronized) 4 g
Isoleucine (micronized) 2 g
Valine (micronized) 2 g

Cell Volumizing and Recovery Complex

Taurine 1 g
L-Glutamine 1 g
L-Alanine 1 g

Strength-Enhancing Compound

Betaine Anhydrous 2.5 g

Electrolyte Blend

Sodium Chloride 360 mg
Coconut water 100 mg
Watermelon juice 100 mg
Dipotassium phosphate 80 mg

Energy Enhancer

Caffeine (as Coffea robusta bean) 100 mg

You have some B-vitamins in here for natural energy production and to help with protein synthesis. Dosages are good, so that's nice. BCAAs in the 2 scoop serving are in good dosages as well with the ubiquitous 2:1:1 ratio. Most people know what BCAAs are, but in short they kick start protein synthesis (muscle growth) and provide you with the benefits of increased muscle repair and recovery. They may also help to reduce DOMS. The cell volumizing and recovery complex is sketchy; glutamine is sometimes touted by some as a muscle building compound, but no scientific evidence exists in verifying that ( 5 g is the common dose, but we have here only 1 g per 2 scoops. For me, this becomes a filler ingredient. The same goes with alanine, which is a non essential amino acid that primarily has effects on blood sugar release. How this has anything to do with cell volumizing and recovery is beyond me. A filler perhaps? 1 g seems like a small dose, but no scientific validation exists as of yet concerning clinical dosages and for what purposes exactly. Taurine is a solid ingredient though; it is often used for power output, energy and muscle volumization. 1 g is however a scant dose for those purposes. I would like to see at least 2 g here. The most relevant ingredient here is betaine in a 2.5 g dose. It is often used for increased strength and power out put, but nothing is yet conclusive scientifically as to its effects. Some studies indicate that doses between 2-3 g daily can affect strength and power out put.

The rest of the ingredients are the electrolyte blend and the 100 mg caffeine dose. Coconut water has really skyrocketed as a supplement ingredient and it has almost got the character of a huge scientific discovery, something that will forever change the supplement industry. Yeah, right. 100 mg is by the way a low dose. Will it do anything for recovery or for keeping the work out up? The caffeine dose here is a low one, and equivalent to a regular cup of coffee (usually containing between 80-120 mg of caffeine depending on how strong you brew it). Okay, so I like the idea of having a bit of caffeine added here, but that is depending on how you use this supplement. If you take a preworkout with say 400 mg caffeine before your work out, then adding another 100 mg intra wouldn't perhaps be the best thing, unless you are very stim tolerant. Therefore, using this as an intra kind of falls flat to the ground with that factor in mind. However, if you take a pre that is lighter on its caffeine contents, then it will probably be just fine adding this one. But all that is personal of course. I will discuss the energy aspect in the Effectiveness section.


This comes in four flavors, fruit punch, orange pineapple cooler, concord grape and blue raspberry. I had the fruit punch and it was a pretty standardized fruit punch taste, nothing out of the ordinary, but definitely not bad either. If you have tried many supplements with this flavor you pretty much know what to expect. Mixability was good, a little bit of fine residue remains but nothing worth complaining about. Dosing, however, is something to complain about. As usual with Muscletech they state on the tub that it contains 30 servings. And yes it does, if you use 1 scoop of this at a time. But 1 scoop would be pretty worthless, because all ingredients would be severely under dosed and hardly of any use in connection with a hard workout. So you have to go with 2 scoops which in turn provide you with 15 actual servings per tub. This is an issue with this supplement and it affects foremost value on it.


This wasn't all that effective for me unfortunately. Both as a post workout supplement and as a DOMS reducer it had limited effects. First, let's start out with the energy aspect. As such it didn't really provide me with anything substantial, neither post workout or on non training days. Even after having taken high caffeine preworkouts such as Mr Hyde NitroX the 100 mg caffeine from Amino Build Energized just didn't add much. Im pretty stim tolerant so that might explain it Also, on non training days I downed this either before or after lunch in order to get that little extra pick me up, but it really didn't pick me up much... Maybe a little... Frankly, this is the time where I personally think that those 100 mg of caffeine would have been useful, not so much post workout, but it didn't deliver much.

What about DOMS then? Strangely enough, it didn't do much in that area either. The 2 scoop dose should add some to the recovery aspect, and maybe it did in small way, but nothing that was super noteworthy. A light effect on DOMS I could possibly detect, but not in the way other similar products have helped me. So, regarding effectiveness I was a bit disappointed with this product, although the content isn't really that bad. BCAAs perform without obvious effects as well, such as preserving muscle tissue, so that will have to be taken into account of course.


Value is so so. You can find this right about everywhere and every now and then on sale, so that's something positive at least. On you pay $ 24.99 for 30 servings which comes out to $ 0.83 per serving. Not bad. Unfortunately, this isn't 30 servings, but in reality 15 because you have to double scoop to get clinical dosages. So you are really paying closer to $ 1.70 per serving, which definitely is not good when you consider the competition. To need 2 scoops in order to get the same amount of leucine as you can get with 1 scoop from other brands really diminish value I think. The caffeine in it should not demand a higher price either since you can basically buy caffeine pills dirt cheap and add that on your own to other BCAAs without the caffeine addition.

Side Effects



This product didn't do much for me either in the energy or in the recovery department. I felt a small effect, but nothing major. I want to make it clear that I'm not bashing this product, it has some nice features and it might do wonders for other persons. That I don't deny. But for me personally, it just didn't cut it as a BCAA supplement that on top of things calls itself "Energized". But if you are trying to avoid strong preworkouts and just are in need of that little extra during your workouts, maybe this will help you out. We all react differently and I don't consider myself as a "measuring stick" for everyone else. Therefore I will not give it an "angry face" here either. Some things are good with it, such as frequent BOGOs and other deals, but I will continue to look for other BCAA products.
  • Fruit Punch Splash : 7/10

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