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No Bull is a Pre-Workout manufactured by MuscleMeds. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +323
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 5
  October 26, 2015

Hey SR crew. Torpi here. In my recent reviews I mentioned that not every supplement I purchased was a hit for me. There were of course some products, which were big miss and huge dissapointment in terms of their effectiveness. And in the last few months, the biggest let-down for me
was the "revolutionary" pump PWO, with "real" Nitric oxide, NO BULL from MuscleMeds. So lets get to it.

Ingredient Profile - 5/10
Pretty basic for a PWO. All ingredients are in a 4.332 mg prop blend. Thumbs down for that. The only ingredient which is disclosed is (according to MuscleMeds) the first "real Nitric Oxide molecule" called eNoxide. This bad boy should deliver "skin-splitting and muscle-tearing" pumps, which will blow up your mind....and to be honest, it delivered exactly what it said. Only in a different way I was expecting. Anyway, in prop blend you got your 3 types of creatine, BA + some energy and mood enhancing stims (nothing special really) and some trademarked delivery system, that MuscleMeds called DecaDrive. It consist of 3 ingredients - Decanoic acid+ PEG 8000 and PEG 3350. I done some reaserch on the ingredients in this "revolutionary" delivery sytem. And basically what I found, is that in the exact combination, they should help your body to absorb all the ingredients by osmoticly drowing water into your gastro-intestinal tract. However, about a week later I purchased No Bull I also found out (Oh God, how I wish I didnt) that these PEGs are primarily used as a main ingredients in many laxatives. And the case was solved

Taste - 5/10 - I had the Lemon ice flavour. It wasnt pleasant, but it also wasnt bad either. In my rating somewhere in the middle.

Mixability - 10/10 - no problems here

Dosing - 1-2 scoops depending on the lenght and difficulty of my sessions

Effectiveness - 1/10 - As a big fan of pump supplements, I was expecting big things from No Bull, especially from this "revolutionary" eNoxide ingredient. Unfortunatelly, these PWO was one of the biggest let downs for me. In terms of the effects, it did absolutelly nothing for me. No elevated energy, no endurance, no motivation, no increased vascularity and NO PUMPS....even at 3 scoops!!! However, the worst was that it almost destroyed my guts and gastro-intestinal system. Every time I took it, within 10-15 min. I got diarhea. No mather if I took 1 or more scoops, it was always the same. I took it 5 times in the row. Last time, it was before my biceps/triceps session and after my first working set, I had to run across whole gym to the toilet and almost poo my eyeballs out. After that I decided to throw this poo product into garbage.

Value - 5/10 - 40E for 40 serving is not bad. However, considering, that aside diarhea, it didnt provide me with anything even at 3 scoop dose....well it wasnt the best deal I made...

Side Effects - As I allready mentioned, everythime I took No Bull I got huge diarhea, no mather if I took 1 scoop or more. The scenario was always the same....

Conclusion - I was very dissapointed with No Bull. If it didnt get me those huge gastro-intestinal problems, I would maybe keep it as an all day drink supplement. But the sides were too intense...So if you have problems with your poop, look nowhere else. No Bull is exactly what will help you with your bull!
    • A Bit Pricey
    • Odd Taste
    • Huge Diarhea And Gastro-intestinal Issues
    • No Energy
    • No Endurance
    • No Motivation
    Rep: +37
    Trust: 50%
      April 15, 2013

    Taste/Mixability: 2(Fruit Punch)
    This in my opinion is what kills NO BULL.For the first couple tries the taste was tolerable, as I got further into the container I progressively hated the taste more and more until I had to chug a gulp then chase it with water! The taste was beyond disgusting, at one point I really debated just getting rid of it and just getting a different PWO. The taste was bitter, sour, chemical-like, and plan out nasty. For the mixability now, no matter how much water I used it always was a bit gritty.

    Ingredient Profile: 7
    The only thing that stopped me from giving NO BULL a higher rating is that NO BULL is a blend other than the 10mg of eNoxide. However with real nitric oxide and enough caffeine to allow sufficient energy to power through a workout was a nice balance in the dosing.

    Effectiveness: 8.5
    This is were NO BULL shined, after taking one scoop for the first two weeks and having decent pumps, I moved up to two scoops that made a clear difference in energy and pumps. I have never, in all my workouts had pumps like the ones NO BULL gave me and 3 scoops and I was the hulk!

    Value: 6
    I bought NO BULL on sale for 40 dollars for 40 servings, and after bumping up my dosage the container lasted me a little over a 4 weeks or 30 days. That is 1.33 a day for using this stuff! It is kinda iffy whether or not you should spend 1.33 a day for this but has it pros for great pumps.

    Overall: 7
    If the taste was better even decent this product would have gotten an 8 or 8.5 in my book but due to its high price and bad taste I choose that a 7 was more than fair.

    • Increased Energy
    • Builds Muscle
    • Great Pumps
    • Increased Strength/endurance
    • A Bit Pricey
    • Intolerable Taste
    Rep: +8
    Trust: 0%
      March 3, 2013

    This is my first time reviewing a product although I've relied on the reviews here several times before purchasing a product.

    I wanted to write my review on the No Bull product because, well frankly, it impressed me. I've taken a lot of other different pre-workout/NO products in the past...Gaspari Super Pump 250, Cellucor C4, BSN NO-Xplode, etc.

    I'm now half way through my second tub of No Bull, so figure about 40+ workouts, and really liking the results. What I found different about No Bull is it delivered better endurance, strength and sustained energy throughout the workouts. The previous products I had taken gave me the beta-alanine tingle, some stimulant energy and decent pumps (vasodialation) but none really seemed to stay with me through the workout or even throughout the day. No Bull does. I seemed to have a much better pump with No Bull than the others. The kind that make you feel the bodyparts you're working have ballooned up.

    Taste (8/10): I've taken the Fruit Punch flavor and the taste is good. Not gritty or any strange aftertaste.

    Effectiveness (9/10): Quite good. Excellent pump, strength and endurance. Pump seems to stay for prolonged periods after workout.

    Focus (7/10): Can't say as I noticed too much here different from other pre-workouts other than once I found I was liking it...I tended to want to workout harder/longer/more. Placebo effect.

    Value (9/10): I'm paying $35 on-line for about 30-35 doses. In my book way cheaper than a lot of others out there.

    Overall (9/10): I'm very impressed with this pre-workout. Much more so than many of the competitors' products. My only issue is nobody selling it locally anymore and I'm ordering on-line!
    • Increased Energy
    • Builds Muscle
    • Great Pumps
    • Increased Strength/endurance
      Rep: +13
      Trust: 15%
        January 16, 2013

      this is my first review
      I just finished no bull and i enjoyed it very much


      I bought mine at the vitaminshoppe for about 43 dollars and honesty it was not worth it. its one of those pwo's that says 40 servings but you end up getting 23 cause 1 scoop only works the first 4 or 5 workouts. if it was in the 30 dollar range it would be ok, but untill that day it gets a 5


      Enoxide works. simple as that. depending on your carb intake the hour before taking you can increase the pumps. i used waxymaize and no bull about 35 mins before workout and i got fantastic pumps


      The ingredient mucuna pruriens is what drove the good time roll feeling i got but it wasn't the best tunnel vision i've had. i did feel good though so i wont downgrade it


      i had a few good gains on this, its not heavy on the stimulant side so i used it in conjunction with some hypertrophy/cardio traing, not really focusing on strength and my pump gains were nice. No side effects at all so maybe on sale ill get it again.

      overall i give it an 8, but if your reading this musclemeds,lower the price and you'll get a following i promise!
      • Increased Energy
      • Builds Muscle
      • Great Pumps
      • A Bit Pricey
      Rep: +1,178
      Trust: 100%
      TROOPer Level: 49
        January 15, 2013

      Alright SR its been awhile due to some computer issues and I have had this one sitting on the review shelf for awhile so here it goes. NO Bull is the latest PWO from Muscle Meds and is basically the replacement product for Code Red. It features their Deca Drive Delivery(dont know what it is) and as we all know it doesnt have REAL Nitric Oxide.

      Ingredients per scoop:
      10mg eNoxide

      NO Bull Peak Performance Matrix: 4332mg
      Power-AMP Cre3-Beta-A:
      -Creatine Mono, Creatine Magnapower, Beta Alanine

      Sudden Impact Neurotrophic Energizers:
      -Glucoronolactone, caffeine, llex paraguariensis leaf extract, Mucana pruriens seed extract(60% l-Dopa), DL-phenylalanine, vinpocetine, huperzine (5% blend)

      Dosing: Real simple 1-2 scoops with 4-8oz of water 20-30 minutes prior.

      Taste: 7/10
      I had the fruit punch flavor and it was kind of weird. It taste like a sugar free fruit punch jelly bean and I dont really like jelly beans. Its not the best taste but the taste is tolerable

      Mixability: 10/10
      This product mixed great. I never had any little pieces left or anything like that it was always smooth like water.

      Effectiveness: 9/10
      This product gave me some good energy. I was not bouncing off the walls or anything like that but I was definitely more awake and alert after I drank it and it kept me energized through my entire workout.

      The only thing I can say about the pump is wow! The main ingredient for pump in this is MuscleMeds eNoxide which has a fairly decent review from the experts here and is part of the reason I bought NO Bull. When I say skin ripping pumps I mean it. Within the first few sets id have an extremely noticeable pump, I would appear more vascular, and Id be feeling solid and Id feel like that for the next few hours. This is by far the best pump product I have ever used. I also found that I had a better pump when I mixed in a little pixie stick or smartie roll with it.

      When I took this I was fairly focused on what I was doing in the gym, rarely was I distracted by what was going on around me. The focus isnt as good as Jack3d Micro or Craze but out of all the PWO I have used which is a lot, this one is in the top 6.

      Side Effects: 10/10
      No sides while using this at all

      Value: 7/10
      This product can get a little pricey. I got my container on the pre sale so I got it for 32$ with shipping. My second container I got on gold card for 40$. Its not the cheapest thing around but it is a darn good PWO.

      Stacked this with:
      GNC MegaMan Sport
      GNC Triple strength fish oil
      ON Creatine
      ON Gold Standard Whey
      Cellucor Cor Performance BCAA

      Overall this is probably the best product that MuscleMeds/MHP currently makes. This is a very good PWO and if youre looking for a pump product this is definitely a good one to try and I would recommend it to anyone who asked about it.

      • Skin Ripping Pumps!
      • Increased Energy
      • Builds Muscle
      • A Bit Pricey
      • Odd Taste

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